Do Jlab Earbuds or Headphones Work With PS4/PS5? Read on to find out

Do JLab earbuds work with PS4/PS5 ?

Although Bluetooth headphones are not natively supported on PS4/PS5 , there are a few workarounds you can try. The main problem is that PS4 and PS5 do not have the correct Bluetooth profiles installed, and there is no way to install them. This means you’ll need a dongle or a Bluetooth adapter in order to pair your JLab device with your PS4/PS5. 

We’ll go over all that and more in this article. 

There used to be a time when smartphone companies gave you free headphones when you bought their products. But nearly everyone has ditched the corded phone, and top-of-the-line wireless earbuds like JLab are the name of the game. 

Too bad gaming systems don’t offer native support for the likes of these excellent Bluetooth headphones. Luckily there are a few workarounds you can use so you can still use your JLabs for gaming. 

Connecting Jlab headphones to PS4

Unfortunately, Sony could make things a little easier on its customers by allowing native support for the best earbud brands like JLab. But as of now, neither the PS4 nor the PS5 allows you to hook up your earbuds from their Bluetooth settings.

But there is a reasonably inexpensive way to solve this problem. You’ll want to get a BWT (Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter). These usually come with a USB plug that you slot into the console’s controller spot. This enables your JLabs to pair with your PS4/PS5.

You can find Bluetooth transmitters in a variety of sizes and brands, and they work with a variety of types of earbuds. It’s as easy as plugging your corded earphones into your Playstation controller and getting audio that way. 

How to connect JLab Bluetooth headphones to PS4

If you have a dongle, pairing your JLab Bluetooth headphones is easy. Simply follow these steps to connect:

  1. Place your transmitter USB into the USB spot on the PlayStation
  2. Press both of the buttons on your JLab earbuds to put them into pairing mode. 
  3. Go to the PS4/5 settings and select the JLab earbud option in the Bluetooth menu. 
  4. Enjoy Hi-Fi audio with no cords while you’re gaming. 

Connecting your JLab Bluetooth headphones to PS5

The PS5 is a fantastic new console, but it’d be made even better if Sony offered native support for wireless earbuds like JLab. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and the PS4’s limitation continues with the new generation. 

But luckily, the exact same solutions are available to JLab users with the PS5 as the PS4. All you need is a Bluetooth adapter to plug into your PS5’s USB spot. This allows you to pair your wireless earbuds via the settings’ Bluetooth menu. 

Adapters that plug into your TV’s audio output are also available, and this may or may not work with PS5 audio. It will certainly not work with something like in-game chat. In that case, you need an audio connection directly into the PlayStation. But it should work receiving audio from the game to your JLab’s. 

Connect JLab to PS4/5 via Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter

Bluetooth transmitters or adapters or dongles (they go by several names) are simply devices you plug into an audio or USB slot. They allow you to turn any device you plug it in into a Bluetooth transmitter. 

You can buy them for your car; you can buy them for your stereo, computer, or gaming device.  

There are, of course, wireless headsets that do natively work with Playstation controls. But these are designed specifically for use with gaming devices. You can check for yourself if your gaming console can receive the BT signal from your JLabs. Most likely, it will not. 

To do this, go to the DualShock 4 or DualShock 5 menu. From there, do the following:

Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices. 

Ensure your JLabs are in pairing mode. If you don’t see your JLabs listed there, they are not supported

Decent Bluetooth transmitters retail for about 50 USD, depending on the quality and range you are looking for. You can keep 

Steps for Connecting JLab headphones to PS4/PS5

How do you get your JLab Bluetooth headphones connected to your Playstation console? Simple. There are four steps to connecting your BT transmitter. 

Before you begin, one thing to note is that your JLabs should be disconnected from everything else they are tethered to. So go to your phone and remove your JLabs from there and your computer. Simply turning off the BT on that device will disconnect them. 

Now you’re ready to follow the steps to connecting your JLabs to your Playstation:

  1. Plug the dongle of your BT transmitter into the USB port of the PS4 or PS5
  2. Switch your dongle into pairing mode if it does not have automatic pairing. 
  3. Put your JLab’s into your ears. Press and hold the pairing buttons on both ear pads to put them into pairing mode. 
  4. Your Playstation consul will ask you to confirm your connection. 

That’s your JLab earbuds now fully connected to your PS4 or PS5. It is a shame Sony doesn’t make this support native. Many users would love this feature.

Why PS4/PS5 does not support JLab earbuds

JLab Bluetooth earbuds do not connect with PlayStation products because they do not have the proper BT drivers installed.

PS4 users have long been frustrated by this lack of compatibility. And now that this issue persists in the PS5, the only way to connect earbuds like JLabs is via a wireless Bluetooth transmitter. 

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