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How to Reset Wyze Doorbell

Your Wyze doorbell is meant to be a source of security, but if you’re seeing connectivity issues or problems, you may need to reset it. There are different types of reset, and we’re going to go over all of them for you so that you find exactly what you need.

To factory reset on your Wyze doorbell you’ll need it connected to a power source. Then click the Reset button that is on the back of the doorbell. This clears the Wyze doorbell of all the settings and restores it back to factory settings. If you do this, it goes back to being just like it came in the box without any mods or customizations. 

While this is always going to work for resetting the doorbell, it’s probably not the most-wanted way to do it. Keep reading and we’ll take you through some more involved processes that still may be the best option over factory restoring your Wyze doorbell.

Resetting a Wyze Doorbell

This is our step-by-step guide to resetting your Wyze doorbell. After reset, you’ll need to set it up again, which we will also walk you through. Take the doorbell and press in on it at the same time you are pushing the doorbell upward to remove it from where the backplate is.

You’ll see the wiring and the setup button now. Press the setup button and hold it until you see a solid yellow light come on and then release the setup button until the light begins to flash. Now you have reset the Wyze doorbell and can move on to setting it up again.

How to Set Up a Wyze Doorbell

Setting up a Wyze doorbell can be done after reset or if you just need to make a new connection. To do this, go to the smartphone app and click on Home, then the plus (+), and then click “Add Device”.

Click on the camera you have and move to the Wyze doorbell section, and click Next. Install the doorbell and make sure that your doorbell has a flashing yellow light before pressing Next.

Click Ready to Connect and have it access your location should it ask. Scan the QR code and click Next. Click Next one more time after you see the solid blue (or purple) light.

Put the doorbell back on the wall plate and set up the chime setting for the last step of the process.

How to Pair Your Wyze Chime

Go to the app on the smartphone and click on the doorbell. Click the Setting icon and then choose Accessories and the plus (+) sign. Click Next.

Plus the chime into a power outlet, and under it press and hold the reset button. Keep hold until the blue light flashes and then you will click Finish.

This should pair your chime. If it doesn’t, go through the steps again. If it still does not, a reach out to Live Support may help get you back on track.

Power Cycling Your Wyze Doorbell

If you need to power cycle your doorbell but are unaware of how to do so, here is the step-by-step way to do so. First off, make sure you have the latest version of the Wyze app on your smartphone.

Power cycling the network – You will need to completely take the power cord off your router for at least 10 seconds and then plug the cord back into the router. After this network reboot, you should have cleared any of the congestion in the channel and you should have less input lag, which in turn will cause less trouble for the Wyze doorbell.

Power cycling the Wyze doorbell – You’ll need to flip the breaker on the doorbell and power it to the off spot. Just like power cycling the network, you’ll want to wait a full 10 seconds or more, then flip the breaker back to the one spot. This can help clear many of the problems that may arise with the doorbell.

Connectivity Issues with the Wyze Doorbell

Are you still having issues with your Wyze doorbell? It’s always a good idea to send a log to support if you are having problems. To do this, go to the Wyze app on the smartphone and click on your Wyze doorbell. Go to the Settings icon and choose Wyze Support.

Then, you’ll see “Submit a log”. Choose Doorbell and then connectivity issues. Sending an app log to live support can help determine what is happening with your Wyze doorbell and get you back to a fully functioning doorbell camera again. Live Support can help talk or walk you through other steps that may be needed to ensure you have a working setup.

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