What is RS on Xbox Controller? 

There are a number of different functions on the Xbox controller, and while the layout is not looking to reinvent the wheel, you can expect to find all the mainstays of a good gaming controller as part of it. The Xbox controller is designed to maximize its appeal to as many people without sacrificing quality, as well as ensuring that it can easily be connected to both Xbox and PC devices. However, despite its relative simplicity, it may take some time to figure out the name of the different functions on the controller and what they do. For example, what is RS on an Xbox controller?

Where the Xbox has the R1 and R2 buttons located on the top-right side of the controller, the RS button is a part of the right stick, and can be used by pushing the right stick in until it makes a clicking sound. This is often used to control things to do with the game’s camera.

But why isn’t RS working on my Xbox controller? How long have clickable analog sticks been a thing? And is there an accompanying LS function on the Xbox controller?

What is RS on Xbox Controller?

Depending on the type of Xbox controller you are talking about, the answer may be different. For example, the last three console computers – the Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 – all feature controllers with clickable sticks in them. However, the original Xbox controller, nicknamed the Duke, did not have this function built into it. It was only first implemented with the Xbox 360 controller.

With the three later Xbox controllers, the RS function can be used by pushing the stick in (as opposed to down) until you hear the controller make a clicking noise. When you hear this click, you can either continue holding it in, or let go, depending on what you were trying to achieve.

Is there an LS function on an Xbox controller?

Since the Xbox controller’s right joystick has a corresponding left joystick, it begs the question: is there also an LS function on your Xbox controller? Thankfully, the RS function is not being left alone. Much like with the RS button, the LS button can be activated by pushing the stick in until you hear a clicking noise. Because the left stick is used for moving your character around often, especially if it is a newer 3D game, functions that are often tied to clicking the left stick are usually based around movement. For example, pushing and holding the stick while you move forward can cause you to sprint, while in other games, clicking the LS button will cause your character to either crouch or stand up.

What is the first controller to use clickable joysticks?

While the Xbox brand is not the first to feature clickable joysticks, it is one of the earliest adopters of it. At the very least, it certainly beat Nintendo to the bunch by half a decade. However, the true progenitor of this function comes in the form of Sony, which implemented the RS and LS functionality into their devices, starting with their third attempt at an analog controller for the original PlayStation – namely, the DualShock. This controller would go on to define multiple aspects of the PlayStation line of controllers, including their clickable sticks (known as L3 and R3), as well as the DualShock naming convention (which was recently bucked by Sony with the PS5’s DualSense controller).

What does RS do on an Xbox controller?

Now that we have established where the RS function can be found on the Xbox controller and how to do it, we think it is important that we discuss what exactly is the point of the RS function in the first place. Typically, the right stick, whether it be on a PlayStation controller or an Xbox controller, is meant to be used to control the camera, at least in a lot of 3D games. Thus, a lot of designers thought to map certain functions to the right stick that relates to the camera.

One example of how designers do this is that they allow you to “snap” the camera back behind your character by pushing the stick in. This allows you to more quickly maneuver your camera left to right. It may not seem like much, but in a fast-paced 3D action game, the half a second it takes to merely rotate the camera can be the difference between life and death. Another function the RS button often has tied to it is the ability to affect targeting. For instance, if there is a lock-on mechanic in a game, pushing the right stick in may allow you to not just lock onto an enemy target, but also cycle through enemy targets.

Can you disable RS on your Xbox controller?

Recently, the Xbox Series S|X line of consoles added the ability to remap the buttons on your controller, including RS. This may not be the most ideal solution, but you can, for instance, map the RS function to a different button ,and put something less useful and less intrusive in its spot.

To do this, go to the My games & apps section, and then select the option to remap RS. The big downside of this option, however, is the fact that it changes it for every game, meaning that if the RS function in another game does not bother you, you would have to reenable RS for that game.

Another option would be to look at button remapping settings on a game-by-game basis. Button remapping is becoming significantly more common in games, and it has only become more and more robust. Check to see whether the game you are playing has this function. Another bonus is that, if there’s a button that does not have any function, you can swap it with the RS function without any trouble.

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