How To Fix Jlab Earbuds One Side Not Working?

Jlab earbuds are quality earbuds, and everyone loves them. That said, there are issues that can sometimes occur where you find that your earbuds are not working on one side. Typically, it is going to be the left side, as the right earbud actually establishes the direct connection. 

For our example, we’ll use one of the most popular models, the Jlab Jbudz Air V2, so that you can get an idea of the troubleshooting involved. 

Steps between the different models may occasionally differ, but we’re aiming to provide some general information which should help with most models. That said, if the outlined steps do not appear to work with your current model, you may also access some troubleshooting tips directly through Jlabs by selecting your model on their website at

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Let’s start with the most common reasons why this Jlabs earbuds aren’t working on one side. 

Possible reasons why your Jlab earbuds are not working on one side 

This issue is not uncommon as it is generally a matter of setup or configuration. The good news is that if this is the case, you have some easy steps which you can follow that might get your earbuds back in action in record time. Below are the most common reasons for the issue which you are currently experiencing: 

  • First-time setup may have been run incorrectly 
  • Your Jlab earbuds need to be manually reset 
  • They need to be reconnected to Bluetooth  
  • It could be actual damage to the earbuds 

We’ll elaborate on each of these possibilities and give you some instructions to follow so that you can narrow down the issue from home and take the appropriate steps. Let’s get started with the first-time setup! 

First time setup may have been run incorrectly 

When you use your earbuds for the first time, some steps need to be followed to the letter in order for them to be subsequently used. Let’s review these steps so that we can rule out any problems from the initial setup. 

Preparing for autoconnection 

The first thing that we need to do is to ready the earbuds so that they are enabled for autoconnection. The steps that you need to perform are as follows: 

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  • With your earbuds powered off, press down and hold them to turn them on, pressing for 3 seconds. 
  • Watch for them to light up, and you should see a solid white light on your left earbud, while the right one should be flashing white. 

If we see the proper lights, then let’s go ahead and try our next step. 

Synchronizing with Bluetooth 

We will want to select ‘Jlab Buds Air’ from your device’s Bluetooth settings, and we should hear a voice state ‘Bluetooth connected.’ You should see your earbuds flash white at this time to confirm this connection. Test to see if you can hear from both earbuds and if not, then let’s proceed to the next steps. 

Your Jlab earbuds need to be manually reset 

Sometimes when one earbud is working, then a manual reset of the earbuds needs to be performed. We can do this with the following steps: 

  • On your device’s Bluetooth settings, select to forget the ‘Jbuds Air’ earbuds listing. 
  • Place your earbuds in the charging case, leaving the case open 
  • Beginning with one of your earbuds first, you should tap the button 4 times. We should see blue lights blinking 4 times before turning a solid blue. 
  • Repeat this for your other earbud. 
  • Remove your earbuds from the charging case, being sure to keep them separated at least 2 inches from each other. Your left earbud should soon flash a solid white, while the right will be blinking in blue and white. 

If you see these lights as described, we’ll next need to reconnect the earbuds to Bluetooth. 

They need to be reconnected to Bluetooth 

Since we already chose to forget the Jlab entry in your device’s Bluetooth settings, all we need to do at this point is to re-pair the devices. Go into your Bluetooth settings with Bluetooth enabled, and we should have a new Jlab entry for you to select. Select this to re-pair the devices and see if this has fixed the issue. If it is not, 

It could be actual damage to the earbuds 

While these are robust earbuds, any electronics may be damaged, and some common things to consider in such a case are these 3 issues: 

  • Dropping or crushing damage 
  • Used in extreme humidity, heat, or cold 
  • Earbuds were cleaned and placed in the case without drying. 

Some final words on your Jlab Earbuds 

If none of these steps appears to have resolved your issue, then be sure to check the updated manual information for your specific Jlab earbuds model at Here you may find troubleshooting information that will be model-specific and, in some cases, presented in video form to help you along. 

We hope that these steps resolve the issue. However, if you are still having trouble with 1 earbud not working, then you may check the upper left of the Jlab page highlighted ‘support.’ This will allow you to register to Jlab’s support to see if further options are available for your earbuds. 

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