Why is My Sony Headphones Or Sony Earbuds So Quiet?

There’s no worse feeling than listening to your device on full volume and still not being able to hear your content clearly.

 So why is your Sony headphones or earbuds so quiet?

The most common reason for your Sony headphones or earbuds to be so quiet is that your device’s internal volume may need to be adjusted to a higher volume level; this can be done through the Sony Connect app. An alternative solution is to reset your device.

Now let’s walk you through the process step by step. Let’s dive in!

Why Are My Sony Earbuds so Quiet?

1. Increase your device’s internal volume through the Sony Connect App

Apart from adjusting your earbuds volume through your phone, PC…etc. You can adjust the Sony earbud’s own volume through the Connect app. To do this:

  • Open the Sony Connect App on your device
  • Click on the Status tab
  • Now adjust the slider to your preferred volume level.

Alternatively, you can assign volume control to one of your earbud’s touch sensors from the Sony Connect app. Here’s how:

  • Ensure your device is connected to your phone
  • Open the Connect app and navigate to the System tab
  • Click on the gear icon and select Change the touch sensor function
  • now set up one of your earbuds sensors for volume control

All you would need to do is tap on your assigned earbud once to increase the volume. Pressing and holding the sensor will reduce the volume.

2. Increase Your Earbuds Equalizer

If your earbuds still aren’t as loud as you want them to be, you can increase the equalizer settings. Note that Some users found increasing the equalizer settings improved their volume while others felt their sound sounded a bit distorted. Either way, you can always change the settings back to their original default.

  • Open your Sony Connect App
  • Select the Sound tab
  • tap on the drop-down menu on the equalizer menu
  • increase all frequencies by sliding the slider upwards
  • increase the base dial on the bottom by sliding the slider to the right.

WF-1000XM3s have their own volume setting, and you can adjust it with

3. Reset or Initialize Your Earbuds

Resetting your device will still keep your device’s pairing information as well as other saved settings. However, initializing your device will restore the factory setting and thus deletes all your pairing information.

If your earbuds volume still seems to be quite low, the next step is to reset your earbuds.

We will be explaining how to reset the WF-1000XM4 model. But here is Sony’s user official documentation on how to reset each model of earbuds:

Here’s how to reset your earbuds: (WF-1000XM4 )

  • Keep one earbud in the case and close the lid.
  • Plug in your charger into your charging case.
  • open and close the lid of your charging case more than five times within a 20 second period. (This should cause the LED to flash red).
  • Now, wait for the LED to flash green four times, indicating that your earbuds are now reset.

Here’s how to initialize your earbuds:

Keep in mind that initializing your earbuds will restore factory settings and thus delete all pairing info and history. Also, it’s important to note that after initializing your earbuds, you should “forget” your earbuds from your previously connected device and re-pair them. Additionally, in order to initialize your device, your case should have sufficient battery life.

let’s begin:

  • place both earbuds in the charging case
  • while both earbuds are in the case, hold the touch sensors on both earbuds until the red LED flashes, then release. (this should take about 10 seconds)
  • Your device’s LED will then flash a green light four times indicating that initialization is complete.

Why Are My Sony Headphones so Quiet?

1. Increase your device’s internal volume through the Sony Connect App

For certain SOny headphones, increasing your device’s internal volume is set to swiping vertically on the outer side of the right earcup. If this doesn’t seem to work, then you have two options. If you have a device with a software version that is 2.02 or more, then you’ll be able to set assign your headphones volume control to “tap device’s earcup”.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to utilize this option if you’re device is less than 2.02.

Your next option is to use method #2, which is to simply adjust your device’s internal volume through the app itself.

If you haven’t assigned volume control to your headphones, you can do it through the Sony Connect APP. Here’s how:

Method #1 assigned volume control to your headphones (Requires software version 2.02 or above)

  • open the Connect App
  • Now tap on the gear (settings) icon right at the bottom of where it says Change the Touch Sensor Function.
  • Select the Left tab, click on Ambient Sound Control, -> Set the option to Volume Control
  • Now select Done to confirm changes.
  • You will now be able to adjust your Headphone’s internal volume by tapping on the left earcup.

If you’re using headphones with a software version that is less than 2.02, then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to utilize this method—your best option is to adjust the volume directly from the app.

Here’s how:

method #2 adjust the device’s volume manually through the app

  • Install/open the Sont connect app
  • Select Now playing
  • tap on the drop-down menu and adjust the volume slider to your preferred volume level.

And that’s it! Your device’s internal volume should now be increased.

2. Reset or Initialize your Headphones

Resetting your device will save your device’s previously connected devices history. Whereas initializing will restore it to its factory settings, thus deleting all saved devices and settings from your headphones.

Keep in mind that resetting your headphones vary depending on what type of headphones you use. We’ll be using one of Sony’s most popular headphones, the WH-1000xm4, as a demonstration. However, below is Sony’s user manual for each version of headphones; simply select your headphones -> select web manual -> How to reset your headphones.

How to Reset your headphones: (WH-1000xm4):

  • Plug in the charging cable to your headphones, Press both the power button and the Custom button at the same time.

Your device should now be reset.

If this causes any issues after resetting, you’ll be able to solve the problem by initializing your device. Here’s how:

  • Disconnect your headphones from the charger
  • Press and hold the Power button and Custom button for 7-10 seconds

Your device will then flash blue four times, indicating your headphones are initialized.

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