Why Are My JLab Earbuds So Quiet?

Many JLab earbuds sound too quiet to their users upon first listen, resulting in a less than ideal listening experience. If you are experiencing the same issue, it’s important to determine the cause of the issue to fix your earbuds accordingly.

If you notice that your JLab earbuds are too quiet, incorrect device settings, socket issues, poor connectivity, faulty earbuds, or hearing loss could be potential reasons for the issue. You will need to perform a series of tests to determine the cause for the quiet sound to fix the earbuds correctly .

For tips on figuring out what exactly is wrong with your JLab earbuds and how to fix them, read on.

Reasons Why Your JLab Earbuds Are Too Quiet:

If you notice that your JLab earbuds are too quiet, there are a couple of potential reasons behind the issue. The most common reasons for this issue are incorrect device settings, socket problems (wired headphones), and poor connectivity (wireless headphones), but faulty earbuds and hearing loss can be culprits as well.

Incorrect Device Settings

Easily the most common reason that JLab earbuds are too quiet is that the device you are listening on has incorrect device settings. Many people do not realize that your device can control and put limits or barriers on the sound quality or level of your earbuds. So, the earbuds will sound quiet, even if they are “turned up” all the way.

How to Determine If Your Device Settings Are to Blame:

Your device settings are most likely to blame if you try the earbuds on another device and they work perfectly fine. For best results, you might want to try a completely different device to ensure the second one doesn’t have the same device settings. For example, if you first try your earbuds on an iPhone, you might want to try an Android the second time.

Socket Issues

If you are listening to wired JLab earbuds, the socket and plug can be to blame. If there is dirt, debris, or even lint inside the socket, the earbuds might not connect to the device properly. The same is true if the socket feels loose around the earbud plug.

How to Determine If Socket Issues Are to Blame:

Socket issues are to blame if the plug feels either too loose or too tight. You could also look into the port to see if there are any obstructions.

Poor Connectivity

If you’re using wireless JLab earbuds, your device is connected through Bluetooth. If you are located in an area with poor connectivity, the sound may not come through as strongly. This is especially true if you are located in areas with a lot of metal or physical barriers like a wall.

How to Determine If Connectivity Is to Blame:

If you move closer to your device or move around the room and the sound increases, connectivity is likely to blame. However, if the sound is the same no matter where you go, connectivity is probably not an issue.

Faulty Earbuds

Occasionally, you can simply get a pair of dud JLab earbuds. Faulty earbuds cannot be fixed, unfortunately.

How to Determine If Earbuds Are to Blame:

If you tried listening to your earbuds using multiple devices, changing locations, and cleaning out the port without any success, the earbuds are likely to blame. There is no other way to determine this fact without trying out all other fixes first.

How To Fix JLab Earbuds That Are Quiet:

Once you determine what’s causing your JLab earphones to sound so quiet, you should fix them. After all, there’s no point in taking the time to discover the problem with your earbuds without improving the sound quality. Here are some ways to fix your JLab earbuds depending on the culprit:

Change Device Settings

If it appears that your device’s settings are causing the earbuds to sound too quiet, go to your device settings app. You will want to ensure that both the device volume and equalizer settings are correct. You should be able to do this by visiting your settings application and scrolling through sounds and haptics.

Clean Out the Socket

You can clean out your headphone jack or socket by using compressed air. You should be able to find a can of compressed air at Best Buy or some other similar store. Point the nozzle into the jack and gently dispense air into it.

Get Closer to Your Device

If connectivity is the issue and you notice you are far away from your device, try to listen to your wireless earbuds with your device close by. Put your device in your pocket, purse, or in the same room.

Get Away From Metal and Other Barriers

Although you might not be able to get away from all barriers, you can increase connectivity by stepping away from metal when possible. More so, placing your device closer to the earbuds will help connectivity, even if you are close to barriers that may obstruct the connection.

 Contact Customer Support  

If you try all of the above methods and the earbuds won’t get any louder on your or any other device, contact JLab customer support. They may have other tips, or they can help you reclaim a new set of earbuds that are not faulty.


Begin listening to your JLab earbuds with more clarity by determining why the earbuds won’t go up to maximum volume. Although incorrect device settings, socket issues, and poor connectivity are most likely the causes of your listening woes, you might have a dud or hearing loss to take care of.

No matter what you determine to be the cause of your faulty earbuds, act accordingly so that you can begin enjoying your music, videos, or podcasts more clearly.

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