Ring Chime vs. Chime Pro What’s The Difference?

After purchasing my first ring doorbell I forgot to purchase a chime then realized there were two different versions.

So what’s the difference between Ring Chime vs Chime Pro?

Ring Chime has the same functionality as chime pro except for the wifi extender & Alert Amplification.

Chime pro acts as a wifi extender if your ring device is quite far from your wifi router the signal might be weak thus reducing the time it will take your doorbell to alert you, chime pro will improve your performance by simply extending your wifi signal.

Ring Chime Vs Ring Chime Pro

The Ring Chime Pro contains Two main features that the ring chime does not the first is The Ring Chime pro acts as an amplifier for your alert sounds which means you will be able to hear your alerts more effectively if you chime is a far distance away.

The second feature The Chime Pro has which the chime does not is it acts as a wifi extender if your wifi is quite far away from your doorbell that can pose as a massive issue as you might get a delay when someone rings your doorbell.

The solution to that issue is the ring chime pro which simply extends your wifi. This allows you to place chime pro much further than the capacity of your wifi and will enhance the speed in which your doorbell will alert you if it sensed motion or if the doorbell was pressed.

Which One Should You Go For

Since they have the exact same features apart from the wifi extender and the amplifier all it comes down to is how far apart do you want to put your chime to your ring doorbell and how good wifi connection throughout the house?

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If you have a strong signal wifi connection throughout the house you can stick with the ring chime. Or if you arent thinking of placing you chime that far apart from your ring doorbell.

But if you want to be able to hear your doorbell alerts from far positions of the house and don’t have the best signal in those areas The Ring Chime Pro is the better option.

Comparison Table

ProductFeaturesShipping Weight & Dimensions
Ring ChimeMultiple alert tones
Volume Control, DND
Do not disturb mode
LED indicator

2.75 in. x 1.9 in x 1.4 in

10.6 ounces

Ring Chime ProBoosts Wi-Fi for Ring devices

Multiple alert tones

Volume control

Do not disturb mode
LED indicator

1.9 x 1 x 2.9 inches

9.6 ounces

Ring Chime Pro Setup & Installation

Plug your chime pro into a power outlet then open the ring app on your mobile device and click on Setup Device. Select chime pro, then simply follow the in-app instructions to complete the setup.

Once it’s connected to your wifi network ring creates its own extended network increasing the range you can connect ring devices.

Once you setup a ring doorbell the app will ask if you want to connect it to your ring chime pro network select yes and follow the rest of the in-app instructions to complete the setup.


How to use your chime snooze feature?

You will be able to disable audio alerts from the ring app for a preset of time.

I’ve just set up a Chime Pro. How do I connect it to my existing Ring products?

If you already have ring devices setup in your account you will be presented with a screen that asks you which of these other Ring products you’d like to connect to the Wi-Fi network extended by your Ring Chime Pro.

Final Thoughts

There you have it everything you need to know about the Ring Chime and the Ring Chime Pro. The main difference is that the Chime Pro contains the amplifier as well as the wifi extender. Which is beneficial for enhanced performance if you have a weak signal from your doorbell to the chime. The amplifier is also a good feature if you want to be able to hear the alerts throughout the house. Other than those two features ring chime has similar features which makes it a good choice if you don’t need an amplifier and if your wifi connection throughout the house is pretty solid.

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