Do Galaxy Buds Work With PS4 & PS5? (How To Pair)

Pretty much everyone has ditched their corded headphones for wireless by now. Even the big phone companies no longer give corded headphones away with their products. They give top-of-the-line wireless headphones. The Galaxy Buds are Samsung’s excellent wireless earbuds, and everyone wants to know how to hook them up to their PS4 or PS5.

Bluetooth headphones & earbuds aren’t natively supported on the ps4 or ps5 apart from PlayStation branded headphones. However, you will still be able to connect your Galaxy Buds to your PS4 or PS5 by using a Bluetooth adapter.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about connecting your Galaxy Buds and PS4/5’s in this article. Let’s dive in!

Connecting Galaxy Buds to PS4

When it comes to connecting your PS4 and your Galaxy Buds, Playstation could make things a little easier by offering native support. But they don’t, and the alternative is an easy workaround, so we won’t begrudge Sony too much. 

What you need to get is a Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter. This is a tiny USB plug that goes in the USB port of your TV or Playstation console. You pair it with your Galaxy Buds, and you are all set. 

How Do I Pair Them?

Pairing them is easy. Follow these steps:

  1.  Place the Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter in the USB slot.
  2. Make sure pairing is on if it does not have auto-pairing.
  3. Press both pads on your Galaxy Buds to put them in manual pairing mode.
  4. Enjoy high-def audio and zero chords while gaming!

Connecting Galaxy Buds to PS5

Playing games on the newly released PS5 could be more engaging if they offered native support for wireless earbuds like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds.

Unfortunately for gamers everywhere, that’s just not the case. There is no direct way to connect your Galaxy Buds to the PS5—a frustrating continuation of the PS4 limitation.

The same solution presents itself to the PS5 as it did to the PS4. You will need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter. This plugs into your PS5 USB slot and allows you to pair your Galaxy Buds with your gaming console.

You can also buy adapters that plug directly into your TV set’s audio output plug. You can purchase these at most electronic stores for under fifty dollars. 

What is a Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter?

Bluetooth Transmitters are devices that can plug into your PS4 or PS5 and hook up your Galaxy Buds or other wireless earbuds. 

Some wireless headphone sets do natively work with Playstation products but usually not earbuds. You can check if your PS4 or PS5 will pick up the signal on its own. To do this, simply go to the Dualshock 4 menu and go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices. 

From there, you can try pairing your Galaxy Buds. Do that by pressing the pairing button on the headphones. Make sure it is not connected to another device because that can sometimes cause issues. Unfortunately, it most likely will not work, and most of our research indicates others share this experience.

You can also use it on more than just PlayStation products. Bluetooth transmitters will also connect your Galaxy Buds to Xbox One. 

They retail between forty or fifty USD depending on the product, although there is some variety in the market and you can get reasonably cheap ones. 

Steps to Connecting Galaxy Buds to PS4/5

How do you go about connecting your Galaxy Buds to your PlayStation 4 or 5? Easy. Follow these simple steps with your Bluetooth transmitter, and you’ll be enjoying wireless audio in no time:

*Before connecting your Galaxy Buds to your PS4 or 5, ensure they are not connected to any other device. Simply turn off the Bluetooth on that device, and it should disconnect them. 

  1. Use the dongle on your Bluetooth adapter to plug onto your PS4 or PS5’s USB port. These are on your consols front. 
  2. If your dongle has a pairing mode, make sure it is switched on.
  3. Please take out your Galaxy Buds and put them in your ears. Press/hold both earbud’s touchpads, and you’ll begin hearing a sound. This indicates you are in manual pairing mode. 
  4. Your PlayStation 4 or 5 will then confirm that you want to make this connection.
  5. That’s it!

Now your Galaxy Buds are fully connected. You’ll be able to enjoy listening through some excellent earbuds while you game. Too bad PlayStation doesn’t make this a natively supported feature.  

Why Does PlayStation Not Support Galaxy Buds?

The reason why Galaxy Buds don’t connect to a PlayStation without a Bluetooth adapter is complicated and not entirely clear. 

PlayStation users have long been frustrated by the fact that the PlayStation offers Bluetooth connection (the controllers connect with Bluetooth), but seemingly no way to connect most wireless earphones except with a Bluetooth adapter dongle. 

Final Thoughts

So two great methods can enable you to connect your Galaxy earbuds to a PlayStation product (incidentally, this also works on PS3 consols as well using the same steps). 

The first is buying a Bluetooth adapter to fit into your PlayStation. Set it up, and pair it with your Galaxy Buds. 

The second is to buy an adapter that fits your TV and pairs the audio from the TV set to your Galaxy Buds. 

We hope this article answers your question and that Plantation will give us native 3rd party wireless headphone support one day because the days of corded headphones are leaving us. 

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