JLab EarBuds Not Pairing (Quick Fix)

JLab, founded in 2005, is an American consumer electronics company. They’re the number 1 manufacturer in wallet-friendly, truly wireless earbuds. While their product quality is exceptional, occasionally they will have issues pairing—this isn’t a problem exclusive to JLab—but there are some troubleshooting steps to try.

Bluetooth has always been a touchy communication protocol and if your JLab Earbuds aren’t pairing, it’s likely a matter of resetting the host device or the earbuds to get them synced and ready to go. 

Bluetooth is notoriously flaky, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Bluetooth has a poor range, is extremely vulnerable to interference, and is a massive leech on battery-powered devices. If your JLab earbuds won’t pair, it’s almost a certainty that Bluetooth is at fault.

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How To Reset Your JLab Earbuds

There are a few different brands within the JLab “family,” and each one has its reset procedure. Regardless of which JLab you own, you’ll first have to go into the host Bluetooth device—smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.—and “forget” the JLab earbuds.

  • JLab Air (Executive, Sport, and V2): Place both Earbuds back in the case. While they are in the case, tap one earbud quickly, four times and it will flash a blue light 3x. Do the same with the opposite earbud. Remove them from the case and, if done correctly, both buds will flash alternating white and blue lights, which means they are “discoverable” and ready to pair.
  • JLab Air V1: Make sure that both earbuds are turned off. Press and hold one earbud until it flashes white (approximately 15 seconds). Do the same with the second earbud. Now the earbuds will connect and the right earbud will flash blue and white (ready to pair.)
  • JLab Epic ANC: This works the same as the Executive, Sport, and V2, except you, will tap each earbud (while they’re in the case) 7x instead of 4x. Once you’ve tapped both earbuds, remove them from the case and they will each alternate blinking white and blue, ready to pair.

JLabs suggests that the process may take more than one effort and if three times doesn’t do the trick, contact JLab Customer Support for warranty coverage and possible exchange.

Once the JLab headphones are reset and ready to pair again, they should show up in whichever host device you are trying to pair them with. Alexa is a known, epic nightmare when it comes to pairing earbuds to Echo devices. If you’re attempting to do that, good luck.

JLab Earbuds Not Paired With Each Other

The troubleshooting steps for getting JLab earbuds to pair with each other are the same as the above instructions for getting them to pair to a host device. However, you can also try a few other things to see if you can get them to pair before you try resetting them.

  1. Turn both earbuds off and set them in the case cradle. Leave them in there for a full minute before powering them back on and taking them out. Hold them less than 2” apart and see if they’ll pair.
  2. Without turning them off, set them in their cradle for a full minute before taking them out again. Hold them less than 2” apart until they’ve successfully paired.
  3. Return the JLab earbuds to their case. Turn the Bluetooth off on the host device. Remove them from their case and hold them less than 2” apart. If they pair up, turn on the Bluetooth from the host device and see if they’ll pair. 
  4. Make sure that before you take the earbuds out of their case, you are away from other electronics or anything communicating with your host device or your WiFi router. 

When both devices have established a connection with each other, one will flash white and the other blue, so you’ll know they’ve successfully paired.

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Even the latest Bluetooth version 5.2 is subject to interference. Even WiFi, which has trouble penetrating plastic, metal, rubber, and masonry, has a better track record than Bluetooth when it comes to resisting interference. 

JLab Audio Dropping In And Out

Occasionally, you may have problems with the audio skipping or just dropping out completely. Nine times out of ten, this is a problem with interference or distance, so there’s a couple of things you can try to restore functionality. 

  • If you’re more than 20’ away from the host device, try moving closer. If it’s a smartphone, it’s best to keep it in your back pocket or at least within a few feet of your earbuds. 
  • If it’s still giving you problems, turn the Bluetooth off on your host device and turn it back on to restore the connection. It’s usually best to turn it off for a full minute before trying again.
  • Remove the JLab earbuds from your ears and place them back in the case. Turn the Bluetooth off on your host device and wait a full minute. Turn the Bluetooth back on and remove the earbuds from the case to try and reestablish a connection.
  • Reset the JLab earbuds as outlined above. You can also try turning off the host device and turning it back on before removing the earbuds again.

Audio dropping in and out isn’t an uncommon occurrence with Bluetooth devices. Generally speaking, you can solve the issue by moving closer to increase the power of the connection. 

However, Bluetooth can be silly sometimes. If the primary Bluetooth connection is with your right earbud and your smartphone is in your left pocket, you’d be surprised at how effective it often is to move the cell phone to your right pocket.

All Things Considered

JLab is no stranger to wireless earbud technology, and they have produced quality products for 16 years. 

If you’re experiencing issues pairing to a host device, the earbuds not pairing with each other, or audio skipping, it’s more likely a Bluetooth issue rather than the JLab earbuds.

The troubleshooting steps above will help you get your JLab earbuds working again and let you enjoy the value of truly wireless audio for years to come. 

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