How to Connect Your Turtle Beach Headset To Your Phone?

Can you connect your Turtle Beach headset to your phone? Yes, you can connect your Turtle Beach headsets to both your iPhone and Android devices.

And it’s pretty easy too. We’ll go over how to do both in this article. 

Let’s dive right in. 

Connect Turtle Beach To Your Phone: How To Guide

The Turtle Beach headphones are designed to be used on gaming consoles like Xbox One and the PS4 and PS5. 

But they are perfectly functional Bluetooth connectable headsets that can pair to any smartphone. 

This feature allows you to put down your gaming controllers and make phone calls, listen to music, and do anything you’d typically do with earbuds, only you get to continue using your excellent Turtle Beach headset. 

*Something to note: the Bluetooth pairing on Turtle Beach headsets is separate from the way it connects to gaming consoles. Turtle Beach headsets connect to consols via wireless. Bluetooth enables connection to smartphones and other supported devices only. 

Step One for Connecting Turtle Beach to Phone

You will first need to ensure your device is within range of your Turtle Beach headset. About 10 feet is fine. 

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Now press and hold onto the Bluetooth button. This button is located by the mic on the headset. 

You’ll hear a voice prompt saying, “Bluetooth Pairing.”

Now, what you do next depends on whether you have an iPhone or an Android

We’ll go over both. 

Connecting Turtle Beach Headset to Apple iPhone

Open the settings option from the main screen of iOS. 

Head to the Bluetooth section, which should be right beneath WiFi at the top. 

Enable your Bluetooth by switching on the Bluetooth. You will see all the devices below that are discoverable. Simply tap on the desired device. Your Turtle Beach will be listed under its model number, like Stealth 600 or Stealth 700.

This completes the pairing to your iPhone.  

Connecting Turtle Beach Headset to Android Phones

From the main screen on your Android phone, click on the APP’s button. Now look for the Setting gear icon and head to Bluetooth. It’s right next to WiFi at the top. 

Enable your Bluetooth by turning the switch on and wait a few moments for the connectable devices to appear below. 

Select the device you want. It will appear as the model number of your Turtle Beach headset. For example, Stealth 600 or 700


Can I connect Turtle Beach Stealth 600 and 700 to my phone?

Yes, you can. Use the steps above for both models, and you’ll be able to connect to any phone via Bluetooth. 

How do I make my Turtle Beach headset discoverable by my phone?

Turn on the Bluetooth button which you’ll find on the headset near the mic. Hold the button until you hear a voice say, “Bluetooth Pairing.” This puts your Turtle Beach headset into discoverable mode, and you’re ready to connect to your device with Bluetooth. 

Why won’t my Turtle Beach headset connect to my phone?

There are a few reasons why. The most common are pairing issues. To fix a pairing problem, power off the headset and the Bluetooth on your device. Then, power the Turtle Beach headset back on and press the Bluetooth button. Now turn on the Bluetooth on your device. They should pair. 

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 and Stealth 700 Gen2 Headset Hard Reset/Update

Sometimes your Turtle Beach headset will not be responding or connecting to your phone with Bluetooth. This happens especially after you’ve had it for a while or haven’t done a needed firmware update. 

To solve this, you can do two things. The first is to do a hard reset of your headset. The second is to update the headset’s firmware. Let’s take a look at how to do both of those things. 

  1. Hard Reset: To do a hard reset of your Turtle Beach Stealth cold the connect/mode buttons for twenty-second. These buttons are right by the volume and Bluetooth controls. Don’t release the buttons early! 
  2. Hard Reset Complete: this should do a hard reset, and if you press the Power button, you should find your issue cleared up. 

If that doesn’t help, you might need to do a firmware update. Here’s how to do that. 

  1. Apply Firmware Update: If you’re stuck in an unresponsive red-light state, simply plug your headset into your computer via USB and turn it on. The Audio Hub will be able to detect your headset and begin the update process from there. 
  2. Firmware Update Complete: the firmware update happens automatically, prompting you to plug your headset into your computer. It should prevent any of these issues from arising in the future. Remember to check for updates frequently. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these tips have helped you connect your Turtle Beach headset to your phone and troubleshoot any issues that come up along the way. 

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