Can You Connect Stealth 600 to a Phone?

While offering a unique hearing experience to its users with its cutting-edge innovative design, the Stealth 600 is an assertive piece of equipment that offers you pleasant audio with its improved sound design concept.

Although it is not possible to connect your Stealth 600 headphones to your phone with Bluetooth, you can eliminate this problem with a small trick. You can easily pair your Stealth 600 headset with your phone by getting a type-c USB connector that comes with your phone and plugging the USB Bluetooth dongle into your type-c adapter.

With its enhanced frequency band and panoramic sound panning that invites you to experience realistic sound, this PS gaming headset will make you feel like you are in a different world. 

The detail of the effects and the wideness of the dynamic sound bandwidth will allow you to hear even the smallest detail and make you feel as if you are in the game.  Also the Superhuman Hearing feature and different ambient equalizers, the Stealth 600 gives all kinds of users the opportunity to experience unique gameplay.

Stealth 600 Headphone Features

With its full-length feature that covers your ears, it completely cuts out the outside sounds and isolates the sound inside, allowing for full concentration.

It provides a wireless sound experience for the Xbox and Playstation. The detachable cable is almost breakable, attaching and detaching with ease.

The Stealth 600 offers an impressive 15 hours of uninterrupted gaming pleasure with a full charge, although some users report getting 21 hours of gameplay if the sound is kept low.

With its anti-sweat coating, the Stealth 600 provides comfort to the user during long-term use. It eliminates factors such as slipping or coming off or skin irritation caused by sweat.

And thanks to the passive noise reducer, the gain level of the sounds coming from the outside is instantly reduced.

With its built-in microphone, it provides the opportunity to communicate with other users during the game, and with the USB-c adapter, you can experience this unique sound from your phone.

How Do I Update My Stealth 600 Headset?

Plug your Stealth 600 headset into any available USB port of your computer, the AudioHub program will automatically recognize your headset and list the available updates. If there is a necessary update, you can update your headset here with one click.

What is Superhuman Hearing on Stealth 600?

Stealth Superhuman Hearing is a sound enhancement application that picks up the smallest of sounds such as magazine flipping, footsteps, and breathing sounds, making gameplay more realistic and immersive.

The Superhuman Hearing technique, which is thought to increase the player’s performance by one hundred percent, allows the player to recognize the dangers and warnings that they may encounter during the game.

Stealth 600 headphones are often preferred in gaming tournaments around the world is that they use this feature in their headphones.  the Superhuman Hearing feature increases reaction speeds and accuracy.

Call Of Duty, Apex Legends, and Fortnite players benefit greatly from this feature.

What Does the Mode Button Do On the Stealth 600?

The mode button on the upper part of the headset provides game volume control, while the lower part allows you to turn the chat volume up and down. 

The mode button located at the bottom of the sound section allows you to switch between the 4 internal equalizer settings installed in the earphones, and the built-in equalizer has been designed for a deeper and more qualified noise control in various atmospheres. 

Developed using different EQ techniques, these equalizer presets help the user hear incredible detail and really get inside the game.

While the EQ mode plays a role in making the sounds more bright and flat to the user, it makes the players feel like they are in the real world with its improved signal processing techniques.

How Fast Do Stealth 600 Headsets Charge?

Your Stealth 600 headphones will be fully charged in 4-5 hours if the charging port is plugged into a 2 amp socket. 

The Stealth 600 has an average of 15 hours of game time after one charge, but if you plan on storing your headphones away for longer than a day you should unplug them from the charging port to save battery life.

How Long Do Stealth 600 Last?

As a result of rigorous testing, the Stealth 600s have a battery life of approximately 15-16 hours with a full charge but will need to be replaced entirely every four to five years.

Since a high decibel volume will consume more energy, if you use the sound of your headphones at lower decibels, the battery life will last longer, and the lifespan of your headphones will increase overall.

This is very normal for headphones. While even the best performing headsets can last a long time, headphones, in general, should be replaced every half-decade or so, depends on how often you use them.

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