Can Stealth 600 Connect to PS5?

Stealth 600 headsets have been a professional choice among avid gamers for years. Produced by Turtle Beach, Stealth headsets offer comfort and enhanced audio quality that keeps you playing for longer.

Stealth gaming headsets are compatible with ps5. The headsets offer the player a significant audio advantage over other headsets for consoles and plan to continue delivering definitive sound quality to gamers who upgrade to the new ps5 console.

Stealth 600 is one of the most popular wireless headsets for Playstation and Xbox players. They are ranked among the best headsets for gaming in 2021, and the release of the new Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 has really gotten gamers talking.

This article will update you on all things Stealth, and what to expect from the headset when paired with the new ps5.

How Does Stealth 600 work on ps5?

PlayStation has made the new console more accessible for veteran players. That means that you don’t have to replace all of your accessories to enjoy the new console, and the older wireless headsets should work absolutely fine so long as they adhere to the basic setup.

Once you fire up your console and turn on your wireless headphones, they should connect effortlessly and automatically readjust all the internal settings to direct sounds to the headphones. However, if your headphones are connecting but you’re not experiencing that Stealth Quality Sound, try the following steps to correct that issue.

How to manually set up your Stealth 600 Headset to PlayStation 5:

  1. Plug the mic boom into the headphones and plug the entire headset into the aux port in the controller.
  2. Got to the display screen in your ps5 player profile and select ‘Settings’
  3. Find the ‘Sound’ option and select ‘Audio Output’ then ‘Output Device’
  4. Select ‘Headset Connected to Controller’ for ‘Output Device
  5. In the submenu, change ‘Output to headphones’ to ‘All Audio’

When you get to the volume control menu, the output should be showing as ‘Volume Control (headphones)’.

Is It Still Worth Buying a Newer Headset?

Well, we are not ones to tell you how to spend your money, but the Stealth 600 comes top of the list when it comes to audio gaming submersion.

Featuring a ProSpecs glasses relief system and four audio presets, the Stealth Turtle Beach 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset is the newest and most flash member of the Stealth headset family.

Top Features

Enhanced Comfort

The headset comes with a ProGlass Relief system – which in layman’s terms means that the earpads are far softer and more comfortable than your regular headset. They allow for glasses to be worn more comfortably and still maintain a decent audible seal.

Easy Control Options

As expected from dedicated gaming headphones, the controls are right there on the set. While this may initially make the headsets appear more cluttered, it offers the gamer more practical accessibility to the audible control options. 

You’ll find the power, volume, mic, and mode buttons at the back of the left headphone. The manufacturer made all controls easy to find so you can spend less time fumbling around with your ears and more time with your hands on the controller. 

Stealth 600 has always been about adding quality to your gaming time, not aesthetics. 

Battery Life

Then, of course, there is one of the most important aspects behind audio quality – battery life. Dead batteries in the middle of co-op combat is an unfortunate reality of wireless headsets.

The Turtle Beach Stealth Gen 2 boasts 15 hours of uninterrupted playback on a single charge. However, those who have used it reported the headset lasting over 21 hours and even longer when the volume is kept low. 

It also has a quick recharge speed. After a few hours in the charging port, you’ll be back online with a fully charged headset.


Stealth 600s are a quality headphone and a good investment for console gaming. With solid built-in mic features, it doesn’t let you down during co-op, and the extended battery life delivers dynamic sound quality for longer periods – which means more immersion and longer gaming sessions for you.

The easy controls make volume control and switching modes a walk in the park. If you already own a pair of Stealth 600 headphones, then it is likely you know the control like the back of your hand, no need to relearn the basic fundamentals of a newer set, freeing you to jump right into action uninterrupted.

Setting up your Stealth 600 to ps5 is fairly straightforward and simple. The headphones should automatically pair. However, manual overrides can allow you to do this within your profile if necessary. 

Playstation has made gaming more accessible by allowing players to carry older equipment over to new consoles. The increased sound definition produced by the ps5’s newer and more advanced processors places players right in the center of the game by adding deeper and realistic sound quality to your gaming environment.

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