How to Delete Screenshots on MacBook

We all have to admit that using the screenshot function is a lot simpler than downloading files or writing down information. Luckily, you can use screenshots for a wide variety of uses without much effort. The problem comes when you want to locate and delete screenshots, as it can be a bit confusing if you’ve never done it before.

To delete a screenshot on a MacBook, you will need to locate the folder where the screenshots are being saved. Once you find the folder, you can drag selected icons to the Trash. After that, you can right-click the Trash or Recycle bin and Empty the bin to delete the screenshot permanently.

We understand that this may not be clear enough for some people, and that’s okay! Below, we’ll help guide you through the whole process so that you can easily delete screenshots on your MacBook with minimal effort.

How to Locate Screenshot Save Location

The default save location for screenshots will be the Desktop folder. The Desktop is the computer’s main screen. It can be viewed by looking at your background or by opening up the Finder app and locating the “Desktop” folder. Once there, you can view any saved screenshots and delete or organize them.

What if You Can’t See Screenshots on the Desktop?

In the case that your computer isn’t saving the screenshots to the Desktop, you may have to check what folder you selected to save screenshots automatically. To do this, you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Open the Screenshot App

To open the screenshot app, you will need to press the keys Shift+Command+5. Once you do this, it will open the Screenshot App or the Advanced Screenshot menu. After it opens, click on the Options button.

Step 2: Locate “Save to” Drop-Down Menu

Look for the Save to option and click on it. From there, you can see where the default setting is for the screenshots. If it isn’t the Desktop, then you can either click the drop-down menu and change it back or select a new folder.

How to Delete Your Saved Screenshots

Now that you know where your screenshots are located, you can now select which ones you want to delete. There are three easy ways you can delete screenshots from a folder. Below, we’ll list the different methods.

Drag Icons to Trash

Open the folder where the screenshots are located and click on the icons. From there, hold down the mouse button and drag the selected icon, and hover over the Trash bin icon. After that, let go of the button, and there should be an audible sound alerting you that the screenshot has been placed in the Trash.

If you want to move multiple screenshots in one go, you can highlight multiple icons in a folder. Once you do that, you can drag all of the highlighted screenshots and drop them into the trash icon. This will move all highlighted icons, so make sure to only select ones that you want to get rid of.

Right Click Screenshot Icons

The other option you can use is to right-click on an icon in the screenshot folder and select “Delete.” This will remove the icon from the folder and move it instantly to the trash bin. While some people prefer this method, it’s often more work when deleting a mass amount of screenshots.

Use Delete Shortkey

The fastest method to delete files on a MacBook is by using the hotkeys ⌘+Delete shortcut. You will need to press both keys at the same time and make sure that the selected icon is highlighted. Otherwise, it will delete whatever else is highlighted. 

Use a Screenshot Management Program

There are also a few programs that you can install onto your MacBook to help manage screenshots. These applications are often easy to use and can help keep your screenshots more organized. Some of these apps also come with tools to help edit and crop photos as needed. 

Below, we list a few popular screenshot management apps:

  • Skitch
  • Snagit
  • LightShot
  • Droplr
  • CleanShot X
  • Markup Hero
  • ScreenToLayers
  • Shottr

Delete Screenshots MacBook FAQs

Why Can’t I Delete Screenshots on Mac?

A screenshot can sometimes become stuck on the Desktop, and you will need to restart your device. To delete a screenshot, drag the icon to your Trash. Otherwise, click on the icon so that it’s highlighted and click the option+command+escape keys.

Where Do I Find My Screenshots on a MacBook Air?

Screenshots taken on a MacBook Air will be saved to the Mac’s Desktop folder. Unless you have chosen a different folder to save the screenshots in, the icons should appear on the Desktop. If you can not find your screenshots, then you can use the Finder app to browse through your computer’s folders to find them.

How Do I Permanently Delete Screenshots?

To permanently delete screenshots off your MacBook, you will need to move the icons to the Trash. From there, you will need to left-click on the trash icon and select Empty the Trash. A warning will pop up, and you will hear a sound play as the trash can is emptied.


Deleting a screenshot on a MacBook can be a bit confusing at first because the device doesn’t give you any warning as to where the screenshots are saved. However, with a bit of patience, you will be able to find the screenshots and will be able to delete them. If you don’t want your screenshots to fill up your Desktop, you can alternatively change your save location through the Command-Shift-5 Screenshot app.

We highly recommend doing this, as you can create a custom folder to view all the icons. Plus, you’ll be able to organize and mass delete screenshots at once, making it convenient. Hopefully, this has helped you learn how to delete screenshots on your MacBook device.

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