MacBook Silver VS Space Grey – Here’s How to Pick

Purchasing a brand-new MacBook can be incredibly exciting. However, the process of choosing the right color can be quite daunting. While the color of a device may seem like a minor detail, it can actually have a significant impact on your daily usage.

While for some users, the decision between silver and space grey may be based purely on personal preference. For others, the decision may be more nuanced and may depend on factors such as the specific use case for the device, the professional setting in which it will be used, color durability, and much more.

The goal of this article is to guide you in establishing the key criteria for selecting the right color and shedding light on some crucial aspects that you may not have previously considered for both silver and space grey options. Let’s begin!

MacBook Silver VS Space Grey an Overview of Both Color Options

SilverSpace Grey
AestheticsA light, metallic hue, resembles polished metal. Classic, timeless, and refined look.Dark, neutral hue, that resembles the color of titanium. Offers a sleek, modern, and professional-looking finish that offers a sophisticated appearance.
Color ContrastsHigh color contrast between the silver, the slightly darker trackpad, and the black keyboard.Not a very high contrast between the space grey, the slightly darker trackpad, and the black keyboard.
Color DurabilityScratches, Smudges don’t appear as visible.More likely to show scratches, smudges, and fingerprints.
Light ReflectivenessHighly reflective in sunny or bright environments, increasing the potential for glare on the screen.The darker finish makes it less reflective, in brighter environments, reducing the potential for glare.

Color Contrasts & How it Impacts Viewing Experience

One thing you’ll want to think about before making a decision is the color contrast between both devices, as it can affect a severe impact on your viewing experience. For example, silver has an extremely high contrast between the bright silver chassis, the slightly darker trackpad, and the black keyboard. The high contrast makes the keyboard pop out more, making the keys more visible. Some users may find this more appealing, while others may find it harder to focus on the contents of the screen. 

The space grey’s darker tone blends in nicely with the black keyboard and slightly darker trackpad. While some users find this less distracting, others may find it to be perceived as dull and less vibrant.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference as well as the environments you choose to use your device. For example, silver may be better suited in low light environments as the high color contrast helps make the keyboard more visible. Whereas Space grey may be better suited in bright environments making the high color contrast less distracting.

Key takeaways:

  • Silver has high contrast, making the keyboard pop out more, but it may be distracting for some users.
  •  Space grey blends in with the black keyboard and darker trackpad, but may appear dull to some users.
  •  Silver may be better suited for low-light environments, while space grey may be better for bright environments.

How Different lighting Affect Space Grey & Silver

Next, you’ll want to take into account how different lighting can affect the perceived color of a space grey or silver MacBook.

This side-by-side comparison of the silver and space grey MacBooks in normal lighting versus bright lighting shows the impact lighting can have on the appearance of both colors.

In normal lighting, the color difference between the silver and space grey is more apparent, with the space grey having a darker and more subdued appearance. However, in bright lighting, the space grey can appear much lighter and almost indistinguishable from the silver, while the silver becomes more reflective and appears more metallic.

When it comes to using the device outdoors, the impact of lighting is even more significant. The image below shows how the space grey MacBook appears much lighter when exposed to sunlight, while the silver’s appearance is not affected as much.

It’s important to consider the different lighting conditions in which you will be using your MacBook and how that will impact its perceived color.

Key takeaways:

  • Space grey may appear lighter in brighter environments, making it similar to silver.
  •  Silver becomes more reflective and metallic in brighter environments.
  •  Outdoor lighting can also impact the perceived color of a MacBook.

Screen Visibility in Bright Environments

The next thing you’ll want to consider is the reflectiveness of the color in different lighting conditions.

In sunny or extremely bright environments, the reflective surface of the silver MacBook can cause light to bounce off the chassis and onto the screen, resulting in screen glare. This can also be noticeable if you’re working in an environment with overhead lighting, making it difficult to see the screen’s contents.

Additionally, the reflectiveness of the silver can also be an issue in dimmer environments. The reflective surface can cause the screen’s contents to reflect onto the chassis, which can be quite distracting.

As for the space grey, its darker tone makes it less reflective in bright or dim environments, reducing the possibility of screen glare or unwanted reflections. This can make it a better option for users who frequently work in a variety of lighting conditions, particularly those who work in extremely bright environments.

Key takeaways: 

  • The reflectiveness of the color can impact the viewing experience in different lighting conditions.
  •  Silver can cause screen glare and reflections in bright or dim environments.
  •  Space grey is less reflective, making it a better option for those working in a variety of lighting conditions.

Color Durability:

Color durability is another critical factor to consider when deciding between these two colors. It’s important to evaluate how well a particular color ages compared to others, including the durability of the color coating, and how visible scratches, smudges, and dents are on the device’s surface.

Color Coating

The space grey is a lot more susceptible to its color fading over time, especially in the palm rest areas after extensive use. While this hasn’t happened to me yet after owing a space grey laptop for three years, this has happened to a few colleagues.

Here’s an image of discoloration on the palm rest area on the Space Grey Macbook.

Smudges & Fingerprints

Smudges, oils, and fingerprints are more visible on the space grey than they are on the silver. This is primarily the case in bright and well-lit environments.


While scratches can be clearly visible on both colors, it seems to be more apparent on the space grey, as can be seen in the images below.

Which Color is More popular?

Currently, silver is the more popular option; it’s Apple’s iconic color, it has a classic, timeless look that appeals to most users. The bright, shiny finish can complement a variety of styles, and its silver finish tends to be less susceptible to showing scratches and wear than other color options, which keeps the MacBook looking new for longer.

Another factor that may contribute to its popularity is that it tends to blend in more easily with its surroundings, making it a versatile option for a range of environments, such as coffee shops & corporate offices. Ultimately, its popularity may be due to its ability to match well with most accessories and environments.

Is Apple Discontinuing Space Grey?

While there is no indication that Apple will be discontinuing its Space Grey option MacBooks anytime soon, Apple have disconnected space grey products in the past, namely their Space Grey magic mouse, magic trackpad, and keyboard. There are several reasons why Apple can decide to get rid of a color option.

One possible reason can be that Apple may be looking to refresh its product lineups and introduce new, updated designs. The company may choose to discontinue certain colors to create a new look and feel for its products. By offering new colors, Apple can differentiate its latest products from previous models and generate buzz around the updated designs.

Apple could also discontinue a color based on customer preferences and demand. While Space Grey has been a popular color option for Apple products, the company may have found that other colors are more in demand. And In order to reduce complexity, Apple may choose to discontinue colors that are not as popular and focus on those that are in higher demand.

Ultimately, it can be a combination of these factors or others that are not publicly known.

What Others are Saying About the MacBook Pro Silver and Space Grey

According to Screen Rant, “For most folks, Space Gray will likely be the color of choice. It’s nice and subdued, pairs well with the black keyboard, and just looks all-around fantastic. Space Gray’s been the go-to color for the Mac since the 12-inch MacBook launched in March 2015. Some folks like Space Gray because it’s darker and stealthier than silver. Other people prefer it because it’s generally considered the more modern choice. Whatever your reason for wanting a Space Gray Mac, it looks excellent on the 2021 MacBook Pro. Comparatively, silver is a great choice for anyone who wants that iconic MacBook aesthetic.”

imore states, “From a purely aesthetic perspective, you might want to make your choice solely on whether you want light or dark casing. Historically, black is the color for most electronics. Though Space Gray is not pure black, it’s the closest thing to it here. It’s also the newer of Apple’s two available color choices for the MacBook Pro. Meanwhile, silver is the closest thing to an iconic Apple color. It’s the hue also found on many iPads and iPhones over the years. Therefore, if you’d like a classic look, go with silver. Otherwise, Space Gray is for you.”

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