How to Charge MacBook Air without Charger

When you are going out and about, there are a lot of things you have to consider about the kinds of things you take with you. However, perhaps the most important thing to consider is how heavy the things you’re carrying are. That’s one of the best things about the subject of today’s article: the MacBook Air. Despite being as capable and fast as it is, this device weighs only 2.8 pounds. Perhaps not quite as light as air, but certainly up there in terms of closeness. One problem, however, is when you take your MacBook Air with you and forget your charger. What are you supposed to do then?

You can use a variety of alternate options, including a replacement cord, an adapter to allow charging with a Windows PC, and/or a well-reviewed power bank that allows you to use your MacBook Air for longer.

But what is the best way to charge a MacBook Air in a pinch? And how can you get your original cord replaced if you have lost it?

How to Charge MacBook Air without Charger

If you misplace your MacBook Air charger, or simply leave it behind when you go on a trip, you might feel somewhat anxious that you will not be able to use your device until you find the original cord. Thankfully, there are more options than just waiting, as other types of chargers can be used to charge your MacBook Air. One option you may want to consider is buying an adapter cord plus a regular USB-C or USB-3 charging cord. By using this adapter, you have the benefit of being able to plug into more devices to charge. You can also purchase a brick charger with USB ports to plug into a wall.

Another good option to charge your MacBook Air is to purchase a power bank. This is a great tool that you should have had in the first place, but if you are able to buy it at a store, it is a solid pick. While you have to do an initial charge of your power bank, once the bank is actually charged, it serves essentially as an additional battery, meaning that you can go that much more time without having to plug your MacBook Air into an outlet again. So, even if you do remember your MacBook Air’s charger, getting a power bank would be a good idea anyway. However, when picking out a good power bank, make sure that you read reviews, as a bad power bank can be really bad.

Can you get your original MacBook Air cord replaced?

If you wind up losing your MacBook Air charger altogether, a valid question is whether you can even get the original charger replaced in the first place. There are multiple ways you can do this, but the most common way to do so would be to buy a replacement. You can elect to buy a first-party replacement, or you can opt to buy a third-party replacement instead. This could also be the perfect opportunity to upgrade your MacBook Air’s charging cord. One upgrade you could opt to do is to get a longer charging cord than the original one. This makes you that much more able to use your MacBook Air comfortably.

Are power banks safe to use with a MacBook Air?

While power banks are a popular tool to keep your battery charged for longer, that does not mean that all power banks are good to use, or even safe. Indeed, you should be wary of a very cheap power bank, as a power bank with a low price may indicate that the quality of the power bank is also low. Granted, this is not a strict rule, but you should still steer clear of these kinds of power banks. When shopping for power banks, look up reviews on multiple websites, making sure to check positive, mixed, and negative reviews alike.

Companies sometimes try to pad their reviews by paying people or encouraging them to leave positive reviews, or even making fake accounts to inflate the scores. Thus, you should make sure to look at the content of the positive reviews to see whether they are legitimate reviews or not. Things to look out for include a number of reviews with similar comments, similar grammar, and/or a lot of accounts that have few to no other reviews on their account.

If you use a cheap power bank, you may run the risk of causing damage to any devices you plug into it, or even worse, causing damage if the power bank causes burns or even exploding. You won’t likely have to worry about this in most cases, but the cheaper you go with buying a power bank, the more you run the risk of being exposed to a faulty power bank.

What are ways I can keep my battery life up for longer on MacBook Air?

When you’re running off of a battery instead of having a charger to keep your MacBook Air going, you are probably wondering about what things you can do to preserve your battery until you are able to charge it again. When you’re using your MacBook Air, make sure that you put it into battery saver mode. This helps take strain off of your MacBook’s battery life. Keeping your brightness lower also helps slow battery drain.

Additionally, try to avoid doing too much on your MacBook Air that will accelerate the battery drain. Things you can do on your MacBook Air that are particularly battery intensive include doing video chat on programs and websites like Zoom, watching videos on YouTube, watching streams, and playing video games (especially online ones).

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