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Can You Charge Apple Watch With iPad Charger?

So, your Apple Watch battery is running low, and your iPad charger is the only charger you have on hand. Can you charge your Apple Watch with your iPad charger?

You can charge Apple Watch with an iPad charger. Apple themselves commented its 10W and the the12W USB Power Adapters can be used to charge the Apple Watch.

Let’s take a look at this in greater detail and answer a few questions you may have on the matter.

What Other Chargers Can Charge an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch originally came with the Magnetic charging cable (in earlier generations) or the current (Apple Watch Series 7) Magnetic Fast Charger USB-C Cable. You may also opt to purchase the MagSafe Duo Charger or the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock that Apple sells. That’s nice in all, but what other chargers out there can charge an Apple Watch?

  • The Newbery USB Wireless Charger – Compatible with the Apple watch series (1-6) and charges your watch in 2 to 3 hours.
  • The Mipow Apple Watch Charger – Apple Watch series (1-6) is compatible and is Apple MFi Certified.
  •  The OIFEN Apple Watch Wireless Magnetic Charger – Compatible with Apple watch series (1-6) with built-in safety guards.
  •  The Qi-Eu 4 in 1 Wireless Magnetic Charger – Compatibility with Apple Watch series (1-6), Qi-enabled phones, AirPods, and comes with four charging docs so you can capture all your items at once.

Can I Use My Apple Watch Charger to Charge other Devices?

No, the Apple Watch chargers cannot be used to charge any other Apple gadgets. Apple uses a proprietary communication protocol between the charger and the watch that only permits the Apple Watch charger to charge the Apple Watch.

Is My iPhone Charger Compatible With My Apple Watch Charger?

You can use the USB adaptor part of it, but the cable it connects to must be Apple Watch compatible.

How Can I Fast Charge My Apple Watch?

It seems the Apple Watch Series 7 is the only Apple Watch you can fast charge with, being it’s one of its unique features to be able to go from zero percent to 80 percent in just 45 minutes. Unlike previous Apple Watch models, the Series 7 does not come with a wall adapter; if you want to fast charge your device, you will need a USB-C power adapter with USB Power Delivery capability and a minimum power output of 5W. You can use a third-party power adapter to fast charge your Apple Watch Series 7 if you have one that can fast charge your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13.

Can I Still Use My Old Puck Charging Station?

You can, but it will do it at the same speed as the Series 6, which is 33 percent slower than the Series is capable of. You will need that new USB-C charging cable the new Series 7 Apple Watch comes with.

Can I Charge My Apple Watch Without a Charger?

So, say you are going about your day, you look down at your Apple Watch and see your low battery symbol appear. You don’t have your charger handy. Is there a way to charge your watch without a charger? In these latest models, no. Apple removed that little secret, but you can if you happen to have one of the earlier models.

When the first Apple Watch came out, people discovered a hidden and concealed port button on the Apple watch’s strap when the initial model was released. The watch’s bottom band is connected to this port. After removing it, the wearer will discover six-pin holes or connectors that appear worthless. However, the primary purpose of this port is to assist the experts who repair your watch if there is a problem allowing them to optimize or configure the software settings. In 2015, though, it was discovered that this port could do much more.

Called Reverse Strap Technology by Apple, you can pull out the strap, reverse it around, and it will connect into those six tiny pinholes and wirelessly charge your watch while you are wearing it. Not only that, but charge it at a much faster rate than on its original charger. This means you could charge your Apple Watch using the watch’s battery band while on the go. Pretty handy, but Apple removed this hidden function from its Apple Watches in 2017, citing potential overheating and electrical shock risks. So, if you got an Apple Watch model before 2017, check out if your watch has the Reverse Strap feature.

Final Thoughts

While you can charge your Apple Watch using your Apple iPad charger, the critical takeaway is making sure your charger is compatible with your device. A wrong incompatible charger can lead to malfunctions or damage to the device itself. Get to know your device and what it’s all about. If you require a new charger for whatever reason and want to opt outside the original dedicated charger into third-party chargers, you can pick the right compatible one.

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