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How to Take off Oculus Quest 2 Straps

The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best virtual reality machines out there, and for a very good reason. However, that does not mean that it is perfect, as everyone is going to have differing tastes and preferences. One such area where this comes in is the head straps, which not only may not be to the user’s preference, but can also be a nuisance for storage purposes.

If you want to take off the Oculus Quest 2’s straps, look for the plastic bits at the front of each side of the strap. You will see a thicker piece of plastic with a black horizontal line that’s a part of the headset itself; grab the thinner part attached to it, and gently pull it off on each side. Next, pop off the front faceplate, and then unstrap the Velcro and pull it through.

But how do you put it back together? How durable are they? And if you want a replacement strap, how would you go about that?

How to Take off Oculus Quest 2 Straps

In order to take the Oculus Quest 2 straps off, grab the plastic bit at the front of the strap on each side (not the plastic bit with the horizontal black line), and gently remove them. Then, remove the faceplate, unstrap the Velcro, and pull it through the slot.

Once you are ready to put the strap on, essentially do what you did, but in reverse order. Slide it through the slot you slid it out of, snap each end of the strap on the sides of the headset, and reattach the faceplate. You should now be good to go!

Why should I take off my Oculus Quest 2 straps?

There are a variety of reasons why you would want to take off your Oculus Quest 2 straps. For one, the straps will eventually get dirty, and since the straps are white, they are much more likely to show any dirt or grime that gets on them. Taking them off is the safest way to clean them without potentially putting your Oculus Quest 2 at risk of water damage from the process.

Another thing that causes people to want to remove their Oculus Quest 2 straps is if they are damaged in some way. If this is the case, taking them off is highly recommended, as the damage could get worse, and cause the headset to fall off at some point. This, of course, would cause damage to the most important component of the device, so don’t let the problem worsen.

Do I need the straps to enjoy the Oculus Quest 2?

There have been virtual reality machines that function without a strap; instead, they can be mounted, and thus allow you to look into them. Yet, unless there is an aftermarket mount that can hold the Oculus Quest 2 on its own, you require some form of strap to properly use your Oculus Quest 2. Even if you could, we doubt it would be very comfortable to use it like this.

How easy are Oculus Quest 2 straps to break?

We would not say that Oculus Quest 2 straps are especially easy to break, but they are by far from the most durable things in the world. This is especially true when you compare it to its predecessor, the Oculus Quest, which had a more durable head strap that seemed to be made with better materials. Thus, users may find that they need to replace their Oculus Quest 2 head straps more frequently.

The issue regarding durability gets even worse when one considers Oculus’ Elite Strap, which comes with an extra battery to extend your Oculus’ battery life.

While this may seem pretty appealing, there are significant complaints regarding the durability of this accessory, with some people experiencing the head straps breaking after less than a year of use. While Oculus noted that only a small percentage of users, they still made the effort to extend the Elite Strap’s one-year warranty to a two-year warranty.

How to adjust your Oculus Quest 2 straps to make it fit comfortably

Not all heads are shaped the same, and as such, adjusting the Oculus Quest 2’s straps is important to make the fit as comfortable as possible. Whether the headset is too loose and is at risk of slipping off, or too tight and is thus making you uncomfortable, neither is an ideal experience.

In order to adjust the strap tightness to your liking, you need to hold one or both of the plastic bits on the strap to allow them to be adjusted. From this point, you may loosen or tighten it however you wish.

Can I get aftermarket straps for my Oculus Quest 2?

Because the Oculus Quest 2 straps are not particularly durable, or in case they have already become damaged in some way, one might wonder if there are aftermarket straps for their Oculus Quest 2. Thankfully there are, but you should be careful to be discerning, as not all Oculus-compatible straps are made equal. As we discussed earlier, the Elite straps have a concerning issue with durability, so if you’re looking for aftermarket straps, consider other alternatives first.

When picking your ideal head straps, make sure you pick ones that have adequate support around the back of your head, and ones that fit firmly in the front. A solid strap is a good way for you to be able to play VR for a longer period of time without experiencing strain. One good example of aftermarket Oculus Quest 2 straps is from Kiwi Design, which is both more comfortable than the Elite Strap, and because it allows for better angling, people who use glasses with the Oculus Quest 2 are more able to do so comfortably.

Is the Elite Strap worth it?

While we have noted some issues brought up with the durability of the Elite Strap and potential issues with discomfort, we would not say that the Elite Strap is a bad product. There are a lot of benefits to getting it, such as the additional battery pack.

Not only does the battery pack allow for a more convenient way to extend the Oculus Quest 2’s battery life, but it also provides a weight at the back of the headset, helping keep the headset from slipping forward and disrupting your experience.

If you do notice any evidence of damage with your Elite Strap, however, stop using it immediately, remove the straps as advised, and send it in for repairs. 

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