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How to Clean Oculus Quest 2 Lenses Correctly

No matter what Oculus device you own, it’s important to make sure that you keep it maintained to the best of your ability. With the Oculus Quest 2, you want to ensure that your lenses are kept in good shape, as anything that affects them negatively impacts your user experience. That said, if you don’t know the right way to do it, that can be easier said than done.

When cleaning your Oculus Quest 2’s lenses, be sure to use a dry optical lens micro-fiber cloth, and do not use any form of liquid or chemicals in the process. With the cloth, start from the center of the lens, and wipe in a circular motion outwards. Double-check whether the lenses are clear, and if not, try again until the issue is resolved.

There are other things to consider when it comes to your lenses, both in terms of cleaning and maintaining them, however. If you are still in need of assistance, read on.

How to clean Oculus Quest 2 lenses

Using a dry microfiber cloth, start rubbing the lenses from the inner part of the lens, and wiping them outward in a circular motion. By doing it this way, you are less likely to leave streaks on your lenses, making whatever’s wrong with the lenses worse. Make 100 percent sure that you do not use any liquids (water or otherwise) or chemical cleaners.

The reason why you shouldn’t use anything more than a dry microfiber cloth is because it may affect the warranty of your Oculus Quest 2. This is because water and chemical cleaners can cause damage to the headset itself if not done carefully or responsibly, which makes sense. Generally, keep fluids away from the device, and you should be okay in that respect.

When choosing which microfiber cloth to use to clean your lenses, it is not exactly a Sophie’s Choice or anything; any that you find should be adequate, so don’t fret.

How often should I clean my Oculus Quest 2 lenses?

How often you clean your Oculus Quest 2 lenses usually depends on how often you use them. For example, if you keep the Oculus Quest 2 stored a lot of the time, and only bring it out every once in a blue moon, you don’t have to worry about it. Yet, if you use it regularly, consider inspecting and wiping the lenses once a week (or more often if needed).

How to keep my Oculus Quest 2 lenses from fogging up

One issue often faced by VR headset users (Oculus and others) is their lenses becoming fogged up. You may wipe the fogginess free, but after only a minute, they fog up again. The problem is typically to do with a difference in temperature.

Your Oculus Quest 2 may be relatively cool when left idle, and when you take it out to use, the increased level of heat causes condensation to form. Letting it adjust to the temperature change first is ideal. Another example of something that could cause this to happen is using your Oculus Quest 2 right away after showering.

Why can’t I see well through my Oculus Quest 2 lenses?

Usually, if your vision is blurry or smeared when using your Oculus Quest 2, it is because they have fogged up, or got something on them. Depending on the cause, the solution will be easier or more difficult.

If, for instance, something sticky got on your lenses, cleaning that up would be a more difficult task, and may require the use of a slightly damp cloth to deal with. Do note, however, that any damage that results from that sticky mess, or using water to clean it up, will likely cause your warranty to be voided. Do this at your own risk.

How to keep my Oculus Quest 2 lenses from getting scratched

Where your lenses fogging up or getting dirty is a relatively small issue, a scratch is significantly worse, as fixing it requires extra steps. Either way, the most effective way to avoid scratches from occurring is, first, to ensure they have proper storage. Keep it in said storage whenever it is not in use to prevent any accidental scratching.

When in use, make sure that the Oculus Quest 2 is securely placed, and either take off any eyewear, or wear a spacer to avoid the glasses from coming into contact and potentially scratching the lenses.

Can glasses hurt Oculus Quest 2 lenses, or vice versa?

This is a perfectly valid concern to have, as people often wear their glasses when using virtual reality devices. However, not all glasses can be worn, depending on how large they are. The frames must be no wider than 5.59 inches (142mm), and no taller than 1.96 inches (50mm) in height.

The Oculus Quest 2 actually comes with an accessory designed to address the potential risk of scratching the lens with your glasses, or vice versa, which is accomplished by creating a spacing. Unfortunately, these glasses spacers are very hit or miss, with some users saying that their glasses wind up scratching the lenses anyway. If you want to use your Oculus Quest 2 with your glasses on, consider looking into a third-party spacer, though be sure to read up on reviews, just in case they have the same issue.

What do I do if my Oculus Quest 2 lenses get scratched?

In the event that your Oculus Quest 2 lenses become scratched, there are a lot of methods that you can employ to attempt a repair, although none are actually advised for Oculus devices. It’s important to note, however, that not all suggestions are a good idea, or even effective.

For example, toothpaste is commonly brought up as an idea, but in truth, it is liable to make the problem even worse. Plus, a lot of lens fixing lifehacks require you to use things, like water, that may void your warranty if it causes further damages. Honestly, so long as you’re careful, you shouldn’t need to worry about repairing a scratch in the first place.

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