How to Connect AirPods Max to PS5

There is nothing better than shutting off from the world by simply putting on your headphones activating Noise cancellation mode and playing your PS5 in peace. One of the most talked-about headphones at the moment is the Airpods Max, so if you decided to get yourself a pair of Airpods Max or are considering purchasing one, here’s what you need to do to connect it.

To connect your Airpods Max to your PS5 wirelessly you will need a Bluetooth adapter, which you can plug-in through the USB-C or USB-A port. Additionally, you will be able to connect your Airpods Max through a wired connection through the PS5 controller, you will need an Apple Lightning 3.5 mm Audio Cable for a wired connection.

Let’s now take a look at how to plug in your Airpods Max to your PS5, as well as how effective are the Airpods Max for gaming. Let’s dive in!

Connect Airpods Max to PS5

There are two methods you can use in order to connect your Airpods max to your PS5. The first is by using a Bluetooth adapter, this can be either a USB-C or USB-A adapter. In order to connect your adapter simply put both your headphones & the adapter in pairing mode, plug in the adapter to your PS5 and you will be good to go, it’s just that simple. You will be able to listen & use your Airpods Max microphone completely wirelessly.

The second method is to simply get an Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable and use your Airpods max wired. You will be able to do this by simply connecting the cable to your controller allowing you to use this for both listening and communicating through the Airpods Max microphone.

Additionally, using a wire is better when it comes to performance since you will not experience any latency issues which is typically found in wireless connections.

Are Airpods Max Good For Gaming?

It’s no secret that the Airpods Max is quite an expensive piece of equipment, however, with that premium price comes a fleet of high-quality features. This includes Active-noise cancellation, Transparency mode, a high-quality microphone, high-quality drivers, all designed to provide an immersive listening experience. Let’s take a look at how these features fair when it comes to gaming:

  • Sound Quality

One of the Airpods Max’s top-selling features is its sound-quality, Apple uses its own custom drivers to deliver high-quality sounds combined with its Active noise cancelation features which provide an immersive listening experience by effectively blocking out external noise.

Additionally, Apple has included transparency mode to these headphones which allow you to turn off Active noise cancellation & listen to your environment effectively.

  • Microphone Quality

The Airpods Max is equipped with eight total microphones, three are prioritized to simply pick up your voice while the rest focuses on blocking out external noise. The outward-facing microphones simply detect and filter out background noise which helps with sound quality as well as microphone quality. This allows the microphone to pick up your voice clearly effectively. Airpods Max microphone is definitely one of the best when it comes to over-the-ear headphones, just have a listen for yourself on the demonstration below (Skip to 4:46 for Airpods mic demonstration).

  • Connecting to your gaming system: 

Since most gaming consoles provide Bluetooth headphone connection, you will need a Bluetooth adapter if you do want to connect wirelessly, however, you will also be able to connect through a wired connection if you prefer a wired connection.

A wired connection is preferred when it comes to gaming since a wireless connection will never be as consistent as a wired connection due to latency which occasionally causes some delays. Since the Airpods max doesn’t come with a wire, you will need to purchase an Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable separately if you want a wired connection.

So, overall yes, the Airpods Max can make for a great gaming headset. The only real downside being the price, there are great gaming headsets that provide high-quality features that don’t cost as much, however, if you already own an Airpods Max and want headphones that can be good for gaming as well as other activities then you can’t go wrong with the Airpods Max.

How to Make Your Airpods Max The Ultimate Gaming Headphones

Best Bluetooth Adapters For Your PS5:

Avantree Leaf USB-A Bluetooth Adapter

First on the list, we have the Avantree leaf, this is a USB-A adapter with a simple plug & play setup. It’s designed to transmit audio signals up to 60ft/20m without any interference.

Creative BT-W3 Bluetooth 5.0 USB-C 

Next on the list, we have a USB-C adapter the Creative BT-W3 Adapter. The BT-W3 features 4 different Bluetooth codecs, an easy & simple plug & play setup, and the ability to communicate thanks to its integrated mic.

1Mii USB Bluetooth Adapter

Last but not least we have the 1Mii USB Bluetooth Adapter, this adapter features APTX low latency technology, reducing latency up to 80% for a more consistent experience. Additionally, this adapter requires no setup simply plug it in and enjoy the immersive experience.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! all you need to connect your Airpods Max to your PS5 is a Bluetooth adapter if you want a wireless connection or an Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable if you want a wired connection. Connecting your device to your PS5 can be done in a matter of seconds by simply pairing your Bluetooth adapter to your Airpods Max or simply connecting your wire to the controller & your good to go! now it’s time to put your Airpods Max to the test. Happy gaming!

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