Fix Powerbeats Pro Only One Earbud Working

One f the most popular truly wireless earbuds in the market currently is the Powerbeats Pro. However, like most true wireless earbuds, you may run into the occasional pairing or charging issue, which results in only one earbud working.

But don’t panic just yet; sometimes, the fix can be fairly simple; here are a few methods on how to solve the problem. We also spent days surveying users and our readers for what worked for them. Let’s dive in!

How To Fix Powerbeats Pro Only One Earbud Working:

Forget & Turn Off Bluetooth On Previously Paired Devices

The first thing you would want to do is to disconnect and “forget” your Powebeats Pro Bluetooth on any previously paired devices. A device that has been previously paired to your Powerbeats pro may try to maintain a connection with your Powerbeats Pro & may cause interference issues when trying to pair to a different device.

Reset Your Powerbeats Pro

The most common solution to this problem is to reset your device.

  1. Place the earbuds in the case
  2. Open the lid of the case
  3. Press and hold the system button for 15 seconds until the LED light flashes red & white
  4. Release the button
  5. Your device will continue to flash white, indicating the device has been reset.
  6. Now re-pair your Powerbeats Pro to your device.

This should solve the issue, but if this didn’t work for you, move on to the next step.

Update Your Firmware

The next step is to ensure your firmware is updated on both your Powerbeats pro & the device you’re trying to connect it to.

If you’re using an Apple device, your Powerbeats Pro should update automatically. Still, there may be instances where the update may be delayed, so it’s best to check if your device is up to date and manually update if your device isn’t using the current version.

you can do this on an IOS device by:

  1. pairing your Powerbeats Pro to your device
  2. Go to Settings > General > About
  3. Scroll down and select your Powerbeats Pro
  4. You will then be able to see your firmware version.

If you’re using your Powerbeats Pro with an android device, then you will need to download the Beats app for Android from the Google Play Store to check your firmware status.

If your firmware is not up to date, then you can manually update it through the Beats Updater App.

You will need a computer/ laptop for this, both mac and windows will do.

  1. Install the Beats Updater App
  2. follow the instructions on the screen
  3. Plugin your device’s charging case through a lighting cable
  4. If your device is not currently updated to the latest firmware, you will be able to update it here manually

Turn Off Automatic Ear Detection

Sometimes certain built-in features can cause one earbud to have connection problems with your device. A major feature that is known to cause this issue is automatic ear detection.

Automatic ear detection detects whether or not your earbuds are in your ear in order to pause/ play your music. Here’s how to turn off this feature in an IOS device:

  • Go to your Settings app.
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Click on the “i” icon next to Powebeats Pro
  • Toggle automatic ear detection off.

Clean PowerBeats & Case

There may be instances where the Powerbeats Pro isn’t pairing or charging properly because it isn’t correctly positioned in the charging case when pairing; this can be due to dirt in the case or earbuds. Additionally, sweat in the case of earbuds can cause issues with pairing and charging. To ensure the issue isn’t due to sweat or dirt, you’ll want to clean both the charging case and earbuds and make sure the earbuds are completely dry when back in the case.

  • Remove the earbuds from the case.
  • Clean the charging contacts on your device by using a cotton swab lightly dampened with warm water
  • Clean the charging pins of the case with a lint-free cloth slightly dampened with warm water.
  • And finally, use a dry lint-free cloth to clean the rest of the Powerbeats pro and case.

A Few Other Methods Which Worked For Some Users & Our Readers:

We reached out to users who had similar issues as well as some of our readers to see what solved their issue. Here’s what they had to say.

Press Down on the Earbud that Doesn’t Charge While in The case

One of our readers fixed found a solution to this issue by simply pressing down on the earbud that doesn’t charge; before doing this, you will need to plug in the charger to the case.

Drain The Battery

One user solved this issue by draining the battery of both the case and earbuds then recharging it again.

Slightly Move Earbuds While In The Case

One user says she solved her issue by sliding the main screen of her IOS device to the right to display the battery levels of the Powerbeats pro, then open the Powerbeats Pro charging case. You should now see the case on your device’s screen s well as view each earbuds battery percentage individually. While in the charging case, your Powerbeats Pro should both individually show a ‘bolt of lightning’ icon next to each of them to indicate the device is charging.

If you don’t see a lighting icon next to one of them, then slightly move that earbud around while still in the charging case until it displays the ‘bolt of lightning’ image on the screen. When both earbuds display the lighting icon, carefully close the lid, and it should be working.

Dry Your PowerBeats Pro

One of our readers says sweat in her case was causing the issue. All she needed to do was dry off the earbuds and the connectors, and that resolved her issue.

Pair & Disconnect Your Powerbeats Pro With a Previously Paired Device

One of our readers says what solved his issue was to connect his Powerbeats Pro to a previously connected device then disconnect from the device. Put the earbuds back into the case and reset the Powerbeats Pro. Now reconnect it to the new device.

Use a Different Charging Device for your Powbeats Pro

One user found that simply charging his Powerbeats Pro on a different device solved the issue. So if you were previously charging your device on a wall outlet, try charging it on your PC.

Pair To a Different Device and wait 5 minutes Before Reconnecting

One user says he fixed his issue by unpairing his Powerbeats Pro from his device, turning his device’s Bluetooth off, placing them in the charging case, connecting it to a different device such as a PC, and waiting for 5 minutes before pairing them back to your original device.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, this seems to be a common problem among Powerbeats Pro users, but one or a few of these methods should work. If none of these methods seemed to work for you, then the next step is to reach out to Apple for a replacement. If your warranty is still valid & they confirm that the earbuds are, in fact, damaged, then they should send you a replacement. I hope this helped!

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