Do Beats Headphones Need To Be Charged?

There is no worse feeling than being in a middle of a song, tv show, movie, or youtube video and then having your headphones cut right off simply because it ran out of charge. If you’re considering getting yourself a new pair of Beats headphones, then you’re probably wondering whether or not Beats headphones need to be charged.

Beats headphones do need to be charged in order to be used wirelessly. However, it does not need to be charged when listening through a wired connection since a wired connection does not require any battery whatsoever in order to operate.

Let’s take a look at your beats headphones work with a wireless & wired connection; we will also reveal a few things you probably didn’t know about beats headphones. Let’s dive in!

Do Beats Headphones Need To Be Charged?

If you are using your beats through a wired connection, you will not need to charge your headphones since a wired connection will not require any battery at all. However, you will need to charge your beast when using it through a wireless connection. Beats headphones take around 2 hours to charge completely from 0% charge. Beats headphones last anywhere from 30 to 40 hours on a single charge; a fast 5-minute charge can last up to 3 hours of charge.

Charging your beats headphones is quite simple; simply plug in the charging cable to your headphones and the other end to a power outlet, and your headphones indicator lights should start blinking orange; once the light turns green & stops blinking, your headphones are fully charged.

Wired VS Wireless Whats better?

Since all Beats wireless headphonmes have the option to be listened to through both a wired and wireless connection you get the best of both connections, both wired & wireless connections have its pros & cons but having the option to alternatate between them will enhance your listening experience depending on your needs.

For example, a Bluetooth connection is the better option for working out or doing any outdoor activity. The reason being that it provides a longer connection range and will not restrict movement during crucial moments. However, when it comes to your listening experience, a wired connection is far greater as wired connections offer a more stable connection instead of a wireless one that will experience the occasional audio latency. This is great for playing games or during conference calls when you need a stable connection at all times. Additionally, a wired connection offers more convenience as they don’t require any battery whatsoever, meaning if your headphones run out of battery, you can easily pop in your cable and continue listening to your favorite content without needing to charge them at all.

Should I Charge My Beats Before First Use?

The truth is it doesn’t really matter. The reason why manufacturers recommend charging your device before use is to kick-start what’s referred to as the calibration process; this helps your device learn how its battery operates. However, most batteries nowadays are already self-calibrating, so charge your device before use isn’t really necessary.

Can You Overcharge Wireless Headphones?

No Beats headphones will immediately stop charging once your headphones reach 100% charge, so this removes the risk of overcharging or damaging your headphones in anyway. So leaving your headphones plugged-in for long periods will not affect the headphones whatsoever.

Are Beats Headphones Noise Canceling?

As of yet, only the Beats Solo Pro & Beats Studio 3 are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation. Whereas the Beats Solo3, Beats EP, PowerBeats, & Power Beats Pro only feature Noise Isolation.

Noise isolation reduces external noise from entering your headphones through additional padding. At the same time, Active Noise Cancelation does this digitally by using additional microphones to detect external noise from entering your headphones and filtering them out.

How Far Do Beats Headphones Reach?

Beats headphones can reach up to 30 meters before cutting out. This is, however, dependant on your device’s Bluetooth version as well as your environment. If connected to a Bluetooth 5 device, you can expect a range of f 30-20 meters. However, if you are connected to a Bluetooth 4 device, the range will be around a 10-meter distance or less. Additionally, your environment can impact the stability of your connection & distance. This is due to interference or objects reducing the connection stability.

Does Beats Have a Microphone?

Yes, Beats headphones are equipped with a microphone. This will allow you to use it for calls, gaming, video recordings, & conference calls. The microphone’s quality will be enhanced when Active Noise Cancellation is activated as it will pick up your voice more accurately while blocking out external sounds. Thus, the Beats Solo Pro & Beats Studio 3 feature the best microphones as they are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation features.

Are Beats Headphones Waterproof?

No beats headphones are not waterproof or sweatproof, nor are they water or sweat resistant. This means that you should avoid exposing your headphones to water or sweat, especially on any openings on the headphones.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, you will only need to charge your beats headphones if you use them wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection; if you are using it with a wired connection, it will not need any charge whatsoever. This allows you to listen to your favorite content without worry that your headphones will cut off since you will be able to easily connect your headphones with a wire if you do run out of battery.

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