Do Beats Headphones Work With PS5?

The new PS5 comes with quite a few console updates, most of which are for the better. One of the more annoying updates is that hooking up different headsets and headphones is a bit more difficult, if not impossible. You may be wondering if you can hook your Beats headphones up to your new Play Station. 

Beats headphones do work with the ps5 ; you will be able to connect your beats headphones to your ps5 quite easily through a wired connection via the ps5 controller’s audio jack; however, you will need a Bluetooth adapter to connect beats to your ps5 through a wireless connection. Still, both options connect with the PS5 and sound pretty good too. 

To find out more about using Beats headphones with your PS5, keep reading. In this article, we talk about how to hook up your Beats with a PS5, the quality of sound with this method, and some other headphones that are specifically made for the PS5. Let’s get started. 

Can You Use Beats Headphone with a PS5? 

Yes. You can use Beats headphones with a PS5. However, you can’t just connect or hook the headphones as easily as you could with past console generations. For this reason, you will need to know the updated version or how to connect your Beats to the PS5. 

How to Use Beats Headphones with a PS5 

Beats headphones come in both wired and wireless options. Depending on the model you select, there are two ways that you can hook the headphones up to your PS5. Let’s check out how to do this based on whether your Beats headphones are wired or wireless. 

How to Use Wired Beats Headphones 

Connecting wired headphones – Beats or other – to your PS5 is really easy. You can simply connect the headphones to the audio jack located at the back of the controller, or you can hook them up to an audio jack on your TV. It is as simple as that. The quality should be very clear, and you don’t have to worry about your headphone dying during a game. 

How to Use Wireless Beats Headphones 

Connecting wireless Beats headphones is a bit more difficult than the wired options. For many game consoles, you could simply connect them via Bluetooth connectivity. This is not an option for the PS5 or any other Sony console. However, Bluetooth headphones do work if you have the right gadget. 

First of all, you will need to buy a Bluetooth adapter and transmitter gadget. You will plug this device into your TV or monitor. From there, the Bluetooth headphones will connect in the pairing mode. You can get some pretty affordable Bluetooth transmitters from Amazon or on other locations online. 

If you are having trouble finding a Bluetooth adapter, look for USB adapters instead. These are the same items that are called different names. 

Why Do You Need an Adapter? 

The new PS5 console is designed to create a more entertaining playing system. As a result, the console lost a few parts that are common on most consoles, including older generation Play Stations. Not to mention, Play Stations as a whole lack the capabilities of some brand (for a reason). 

Most relevantly, Sony’s consoles are not able to connect to Bluetooth directly. If you have true wireless headphones, like Beats, you will need a way to get around this problem. The adapter is the tool for avoiding this problem entirely. 

How it works is that the adapter plugs into the console or controller, much like wired headphones. However, the connection does not have a wire. Instead, the end of the USB insert or head jack insert is a Bluetooth adapter. It allows your headphones to connect, even with your PS5.   

Do Beats Headphones Sound Good on the PS5? 

Obviously, sound quality is a subjective matter, but most people agree that Beats headphones sound good on a PS5. As for wired Beats, the sound quality will sound about the same as if you were to use the audio jack on previous generations of the Play Station. 

The wireless option has great sound quality as well. In fact, multiple users on Reddit claim that the sound quality of wireless Beats with a  Bluetooth adapter has just as good of sound quality as the headsets specifically designed for the PS5, if not better. 

So, you do not have to worry about the sound quality being poor when you use Beats with your PS5. Since both the Play Station and Beats are made with superior technology, the sound should be phenomenal, despite the fact that Beats are not specifically made for the PS5. 

What Headphones are Best for the PS5? 

Beats are some of the best headphones around, making them a great choice for your PS5. If you already have Beats, there is no point to buy another set. Even if you have wireless Beats, a Bluetooth adapter is way more affordable than new headphones. 

If you are looking for the best sound quality, the PS5 headset is the best. Because it is specifically designed for the PS5, it provides an optimum sound quality that you can’t get from any other headset, even other impressive brands. 

The SteelSeries Arctics 7P is another great option. These wireless headphones have a great sound quality and great battery life. Not to mention, the headset is highly durable. The downside of the PS5 and SteelSeries Headphones is that they are expensive. Once again, we would recommend sticking with your Beats instead of wasting a lot of money.   

Final Thoughts 

Even though the PS5 is not suited for regular Bluetooth connections or many other headphones, you can use Beats headphones if you have the right parts. Wired headphones don’t require new parts. Just plug them into the controller. As for a wireless set, you will need an adapter. 

Even though buying a Bluetooth adapter may sound like a hassle, it is well worth the cost, especially considering the cost of another headset. The headsets made specifically for the PS5 will have the best sound quality and usability, but Beats headphones are a great alternative! 

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