How to Fix Powerbeats Pro Not Charging

Wireless earbuds have changed our daily lives . Carrying around extra electronics while exercising, focusing on work, or using music to just relax is a thing of the past. That’s why it can be extremely frustrating if your Powerbeats Pro is not charging properly.

Here’s our guide on what exactly to do if your Powerbeats isn’t taking a much-needed charge. 

What to Do If You Can’t Charge the Powerbeats Pro

Having your Powerbeats Pro not charge is a pain. Fixing it is not. There are several approaches to take if you’re having a charging issue, including cleaning the device, double-checking the power source you’re using, emptying the battery, and doing a forced restart or factory reset.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the potential charging fixes for your Powerbeats Pro.

Adjust Your Earbuds When Putting Them In The Case

The main reason most Powerbeats Pro users find their earbuds to be out of charge, even if it was in the case “charging” the entire day, is because your earbuds were not placed on the charging magnet.

One of the issues most users noticed about the POwer beats pro is even when you place them carefully in the charging magnet, what often happens is either they seem to be placed correctly but arent or when you close the case, one of the earbuds earhook will pull the other earbud out of place thus making them not rest correctly in the charging case.

So here’s what you need to do:

Method #1 Adjust the ear hooks

  • Adjust the ear hooks of both your earbuds to ensure they dont interfere with the other.
  • close the case.
  • Now open your phone to check if they’re charging.

Method #2 Plugin the charging case and press down on your earbuds

  • plug in your charger to your charging case.
  • Press down hard on your earbuds until you hear a click
  • close the case
  • Open your phone & check if they’re charging

method #3 Licking Your Earbuds

Although this is not our favorite method, we want to give you every piece of information to get your earbuds working again. Most users with his issue found that licking their earbuds was an effective solution for keeping them properly placed in the magnetic charging pins.

Make sure to check your device (phone, tablet..etc.) to see if they’re actually charging after trying these methods.

Device Cleaning 

Launched in 2019 by Apple, the Powerbeats Pro remains an impressively advanced feat of technology.

But it’s not infallible. One reason why your Powerbeats Pro may not be charging adequately is accidental exposure to something that may cause it to short-circuit, which will shut down the charging capabilities. 

The Powerbeats Pro may be water-resistant, but it definitely is not waterproof. If it comes in contact with liquid, either let it dry naturally, use a cloth to remove moisture, and then put it in some dry rice for a few days or up to a week and clean it again with a soft-bristle brush before attempting to charge it until it has a full battery again.

There is another charging approach to consider when you try this fix: emptying the battery. After a few weeks, try to charge it to the full battery again and turn it on. This may work as a temporary patch for a charging issue.

Check on Power Source

The Powerbeats Pro can also charge via some form of electrical outlet, so the problem may lie with the power source instead of your device. Trying charging something else using the power source you charge your Powerbeats Pro on to check if it’s working.

Similarly, the device’s charger may have a defect and need to be replaced. Before taking that approach, use another Powerbeats-specific charger to see if it powers up your device.

Update Your Device

Like your computer, the Powerbeats Pro needs to be occasionally updated. If it’s not charging, there may be an issue with a firmware level housing a corrupted file even with automatic updates through Apple.

Manually update your Powerbeats Pro by installing the Beats Updater app, connecting your device, and plugging in the charging case. If the latest firmware is not up to date, you can click on the needed update.

Restart or Reset 

Try a force restart. For the Powerbeats Pro, simply place the earbuds in an open case , press and hold down the system button until there is a red and white flashing LED light, and release the button.

If there are still charging issues, you may need to reset it back to its factory default settings.

If the update fails, press and hold down the volume down and power button at the same time until a flashing light appears. Hold down the power button for four seconds. 

That will take you to the device’s discovery mode. Go into its settings, choose Bluetooth, select Powerbeats and pair it again to a device. If you have trouble pairing the device at this stage, try another forced restart.

Forget and Pair It Again

Sometimes, simply pairing the Powerbeats Pro to your device again may resolve a charging issue. Open settings, pick Bluetooth, find the “I” icon, tap it and then confirm “forget this device.”

Restart your device, and pair it again with your Powerbeats pro. You should then be able to see if it is charging properly.

Get Some Help

The last resort may be reaching out for customer service support. There may be an option to replace your Powerbeats battery under a warranty. Contact your local Apple store with any questions or to set up an appointment in person. You may also be able to request a repair online and send your device out for a fix.

Other Powerbeats Pro Charging Questions:

Can One Earbud Charge When the Other Cannot?

Yes, and it’s somewhat common. The best fixes, in this case, would be “forgetting” and turning the Powerbeats off and on again, resetting it, or updating firmware. You can also try turning off the automatic ear detection feature and either keep it off or turn it back on. Cleaning the case may also help you get both earbuds to charge properly at the same time

How Long Should My Powerbeats Pro Hold a Charge?

When using the charging case, there should be more than 24 hours of playback available through your Powerbeats Pro. Out of the charging case, earbuds should give you up to 9 hours of consistent playback. The device’s fast fuel feature nets you 1 ½ hours of playback after just five minutes of charging and 4 ½ hours following 15 minutes of charging. 

How Can I Know My Powerbeats Pro Charging Status?

If you pair your Powerbeats Pro to another device, such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, the device should also display the battery level when the buds are in the case and hold the Powerbeats Pro close to your device. You can also see the charge status through the official Beats app on your smartphone.

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