Does Google Home Mini Have To Be Plugged In?

If you’re considering getting your hands on a brand new Google Home Mini device, then one of the questions you may be wondering is whether or not it can be used portably. As well as other questions relating to the Google Home Mini, so let’s get straight into it!

How to Make Your Google Home Wireless

Due to the fact that the Google home mini is not equipped with a battery pack, it does, unfortunately, need to be plugged into a power source at all times. However, there are a few ways in which you can turn the Google Home Mini into a portable device.

Battery Base

One solution would be to purchase a third-party battery base that’s specifically designed for the Google Home Mini. There are several models in the market that offer up to 10 hours + and are rechargeable. This allows you to keep your device on hand while moving around the house, allowing you to be reminded of tasks, set reminders, or ask your assistant to control certain aspects of your home.

While this is a great option, since these are third-party products, the quality of the product can vary significantly depending on the brand.

So it’s crucial that you read up on the reviews beforehand if you decide to purchase one online.

Power bank

Another option is to use a Power bank, all you would need here is a power bank with a Micro-USB cable, and you’ll then be able to use your device portably. 

Obviously, the downside to this is that you will have a large power bank dangling from your Google Home Mini device, and it isn’t as efficient as a Battery Base. However, it can be a good option if you already have a Power bank lying somewhere around your house.

Benefits to Using Your Google Home Mini as a Portable Device:

Take It Out by The Patio

The main benefit of using your Google Home Mini Portably is that you’ll be to use your device in areas that lack a power source. Such as your Patio. 

This will allow you to enjoy the various features the Google Home Mini has to offer while outside with friends & family.

Use it when working out

Another benefit of using it portably is the ability to utilize its feature when working out. One example of this is using your device to play music or Podcasts when doing a home workout in your Garage or Garden.

Additionally, you can also ask your device for workouts based on the muscle group you’re training. This will also allow you to mix up your training and throw in some new exercises each week.

Listen to podcasts or music while in the shower

Another interesting thing you’ll be able to do with a portable Google Home Mini is to use it while in the shower. This can be to listen to Podcasts, music, or start your day with some trivia. You can also set reminders, fill up your calendar, and much more.

Google Home Mini Key Features:

Control your smart home

Currently, google assistants can work with around 1500 smart products. This allows you to ask google to make you a cup of coffee in the morning, open your smart blinds, activate your smart hoover as well as adjust the temperature.

Make Calls

If you have several users in setup on your Google Home Mini, it will be able to identify the user based on your voice, allowing you access to your contacts and the ability to make calls on the spot.

Set up daily routines

Google routines allow you to automate various tasks all at once by setting them up and then activating them with a word of your choice. For example, you can set ‘im awake’ as a routine that can turn off the lights, open the blinds, turn on the kettle, activate the toaster & work your smart hoover all at the same time.

Ask it to remember stuff

If you tend to forget things pretty easily, then you’ll be able to ask Google to remember them for you. For example, you can say something like, “Hey Google, remember that my spare headphones are in the lower cabinet.” 

Set reminders

You can set reminders for several things, such as a reminder for an appointment or you can even let google remind you to go for a run four times a week at 8:am.

Related Questions

Can I still control my Home devices when I’m not home?

Yes, by using the google home app, you will be able to control your google home mini from wherever you are. Simply type or speak any command.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. The google home mini must be plugged in at all times, but there are ways to make it portable, as mentioned above. Making it portable just makes it more convenient and can add some beneficial aspects to your day, such as learning something new while taking a shower, using it in different parts of your home when working out…etc. There are endless capabilities, and overall it can help make your day as efficient & productive as possible.

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