Does Google Home Mini Have To Be Plugged In?

Iv owned the google mini for a while now and one of the most asked questions I get is does the google home mini has to be plugged into work?

The google home mini does have to be plugged into a power supply at all times to operate as there is no battery pack.

Although being the tech lover that I am I went on a mission to find an answer to this problem and found a couple of solutions to make your google home mini completely wireless. Which means you will be able to take it wherever you want!

How to make Your Google Home Wireless

Battery Base

The first solution is the battery base by myriann. The Battery Base is made specifically for google home mini. The base contains a 5200 mAh battery which charges at 5 volts/2A which covers the requirements of google home mini.

The Battery base comes with an inner magnetic base that attaches to the google home mini to keep it stabilized. The Base contains micro-USB cable that’s connected to the google home mini and just like that your google home mini becomes completely wireless. The battery base lasts around 10 hours until it needs to be charged again. You will still be able to charge it while the google home mini is still connected to it.

KIWI design

Next up is Kiwi design a similar type of product to the battery base it’s quite easy to install & remove. It contains four LED lights to that display battery power. comes with 7800mAh battery which lasts around 12 hours. It does a perfect job of making your google home completely portable.


The final option is using a power bank a power bank will do the job just fine. The only issue may be holding a power bank with a dangling wire but other than that it works just fine.

Things You Can Do With A Portable Google Home Mini

Use it when working out

You can take the google home mini & listen to music or podcast while you work out in your garage, garden. You can also ask google home to time your rest in between sets. You can also ask google home mini what exercises are good for certain areas your training such as upper chest or triceps, this will allow you to mix up your training and throw in some new exercises each week. You can also ask Google for stretching routines and let google time your stretches or even do a nice yoga session.

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Once you’re done you can ask google for recipes of whatever you craving.

Listen to podcasts while in the shower

Another awesome thing you can do is bring it to the bathroom while you take a shower and listen to some podcasts or learn something new while you’re literally taking a shower awesome right?! You can ask google questions you would like to know or setup your whole week’s calendar while taking a shower.

Take It Out by The Patio

You can use it while you outside at the patio with friends & play some trivia games. Or if you have a pool you can simply ask Google to set a timer and time your laps, you will be the next Michael Phelps in no time.

The possibilities are endless there are so many incredible creative ways of making the most out of your google mini.

Google Home Mini Key Features

Control your smart home

Currently, google assistants can work with around 1500 smart products. This allows you to ask google to make you a cup of coffee in the morning open your smart blinds, activate your smart hoover as well as adjust the temperature.

Make Calls

By simply talking to google home it will be able to identify you from your voice and access your own contacts so you can simply ask it to call steve and it will make the call & if someone else asks it to call steve it will identify their voice and call another “steve” in their own contact list. You can even use this feature to find your phone if you lost it. Simply ask Google to call your phone.

Set up daily routines

Google has a feature called routines which allows you to automate various tasks all at once by saying a word of your choice. for example if you just woke up you can select a word, for example, ‘im awake’ & google can turn off the light open the blinds, turn on the kettle, activate the toaster & work your smart hoover all at the same time.

Ask it to remember stuff

If you casually come up with an idea for an app you can tell google “remember my music app idea on…”, then you can simply ask it what’s my app idea.

 Set reminders

You can set reminders like let google remind you that you have an appointment at 2:pm or let google remind you to go for a run four times a week at 8:am.

Related Questions

Can I still control my Home devices when I’m not home?

Yes, by using the google home app you will be able to control your google home mini from wherever you are, simply type or speak any command.

Can Google and other brands of smart speakers interact and work together? 

Yes, there are certain brands that do work with google & respond to the same commands and can be added to speaker groups, control lights, and much more.

although there are certain smart speakers that don’t work with Google Assistant like Amazon Echo and Apple Siri.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it the google home mini must be plugged in at all times but there are ways to make it portable as mentioned above. Making it portable just makes it more convenient and can add some beneficial aspects to your day such as learning something new while taking a shower. There are endless capabilities to the google home mini and having a portable one makes it so your day is as efficient& productive as possible.

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