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How do I Fix My Ecobee Black Screen? 

A thermostat is a useful piece of technology , and implementing smart features has only made it more useful in turn. Smart thermostats, like the Ecobee, are able to do quite a lot to control your temperature, and when to change temperature.

However, much like all technology, your Ecobee thermostat may have some difficulties, including the Ecobee’s screen going completely black. But how do you fix your Ecobee thermostat having a black screen?

If your Ecobee has a black screen, make sure it has power. If it does not, there are multiple reasons why this may be, including automatically powering down, a power failure, or improper installation. However, it could also be a defect or other damage to the thermostat.

But how do you fix these things? And is there any way to address the issues if you cannot get them resolved?

How do I Fix My Ecobee Black Screen?

The Ecobee thermostat’s screen brightness is lowered

It is possible that, rather than not being able to show any display, the Ecobee’s screen brightness has been reduced. To fix this, you can adjust it in the Ecobee app.

To do this, go to Main Menu, and select Settings. Next, go to Preferences, and then go to Screen Brightness. Adjust this value to your ideal brightness level.

The Ecobee thermostat shut down to avoid overheating

The Ecobee thermostat is designed to automatically power off in case of certain situations. For example, if the temperature gets too hot for the thermostat to handle, it will shut itself down in order to avoid possible heat damage.

If the thermostat is allowed to operate for too long in too hot of weather, it may cause the device to have its longevity and reliability reduced by a pretty significant margin.

To avoid this kind of shutdown in the future, make sure that your Ecobee thermostat is kept in a relatively climate-controlled area. For instance, do not keep it in the warmest room in the house.

Condensation caused the Ecobee thermostat to shut down

Much like with Ecobee overheating, if there is too much condensation in the room, your Ecobee thermostat may power off so as to avoid your thermostat possibly becoming damaged as a result.

After all, the water from the condensation could potentially cause damage to the electronics found in the unit.

One possible way for condensation to make contact with your Ecobee thermostat is due to being dripped on by your air conditioner. As a preventative measure, make sure that the Ecobee thermostat is not positioned in such a way as to get wet with this drip.

The Ecobee thermostat is out due to a breaker or power failure

This one may be more obvious, depending on the circumstances of how and why the Ecobee thermostat’s screen has turned black.

For instance, if other devices appear to have no power, especially if they are plugged in near where the Ecobee thermostat is plugged in, this may suggest that it was an overall power failure in your home, as opposed to a problem with the Ecobee itself.

To fix this issue, you may have to deal with issues bigger than just your Ecobee thermostat.

For example, to fix your breaker not working, you would need to go to your house’s breaker box and flip any of the switches that are not working off, and then switch them back on. In doing so, your Ecobee thermostat’s monitor should work properly.

One or more cords are missing or damaged

Another possible issue with your Ecobee thermostat is that it is simply not plugged in. Double check that the power cable is securely inserted into both the Ecobee and the power source.

Additionally, make sure that the cable is not damaged in any way. Additionally, the C wire – a common wire found in Wi-Fi thermostats may be damaged or disconnected. Either reconnect the C wire, or replace it with one of the multiple replacement C wires often included with Wi-Fi thermostats like Ecobee.

Additionally, certain models of the Ecobee thermostat may have their own specific issues that need to be addressed. For instance, if your Ecobee is an Ecobee3 or Ecobee4 model, you may need to fiddle with the wiring some.

The installation of the Ecobee thermostat was done incorrectly

This kind of scenario is most likely to occur only at the very beginning of your use of the Ecobee, and if the black screen was a problem immediately.

The Ecobee thermostat, thankfully, is not a difficult device to install, and can be done by most people. Additionally, it is a simple process, which means that whatever mistake was made is probably a small one that can be easily fixed by doing the process over again.

Your Ecobee thermostat is damaged or defective

If your Ecobee thermostat has suddenly gone to a black screen, or if the screen has never worked, this may suggest that the thermostat is defective or damaged, and thus needs to be repaired or replaced.

What do I do if my Ecobee’s screen still does not work?

If you have tried the above-mentioned fixes to your Ecobee thermostat’s screen not functioning, the next best idea would be to contact Ecobee customer support.

Hopefully, the customer service representative will be able to troubleshoot your specific issues. If even the customer service representative, however, is not able to figure out how to fix the problem, you may have to look into getting it replaced or repaired.

Whether you get it replaced or repaired, the process may be ultimately less painful if the thermostat is still under warranty.

A warranty typically lasts for one year in length, and will usually offer coverage only in the event that the issue is due to a defect rather than user error. However, if you got an extended warranty, you may be able to extend either the length of the warranty, or allow for more types of damage to be covered.

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