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Ring Floodlight Pro Vs. Plus: The Power of Light

If you want a space to rent and have two options, which one would you prefer? A well-lit apartment with ring floodlights, fitted motion sensors, an in-built camera, or an apartment with no exterior lighting. I think we will all go for the well-lit as it gives a sense of security compared to the one without the lighting. This is where ring floodlights come in.

Ring floodlights are a step closer to you feeling safe in your house. Knowing you are well aware of your surroundings and are a notification away from knowing if someone is trespassing on your property gives a calming feeling even as you go about your day or sleep at night.

The peace of mind that accompanies the feeling of security is unexplainable. For most people, when you have a business, as you close and head home, the last thing you need to keep worrying about is the value of the goods inside and the losses you would incur if someone broke in and stole. In your home, we cannot underestimate the security of ring floodlights that light up in case of motion. Have you passed by home, and by the mere fact of you passing close, the lights shone brightly on you, and you startled? Imagine this has only happened because you are passing by. For someone coming in to steal from the premise, this will scare them. Will they take the risk knowing someone is watching their every move, not forgetting the two-way talk audio? 

Technology advancement continues to make these ring floodlights a more effective and favorable choice. Many of you who have purchased these pieces of equipment or are looking for floodlights have come across the ring floodlights. Ring continues to produce a line of smart lights which have come in handy for outdoor home security.

You may think you have seen everything with the ring floodlights, but there are more advanced options; ring floodlights plus and ring floodlights pro. Are you wondering which one to go for? We are here to help you understand the difference and guide you through decision-making.

Ring Floodlight Pro Vs. Plus:

With an in-depth look into the ring floodlights and what they offer, it is safe to say that both offer excellent security features. Their main similarities arise from the live view, the two-way talk feature, advanced motion detection, and privacy zones, and the apps are both easy to use.

Both offer full HD videos when we compare the video features, although the pro stands out with better clarity, color, and sharpness. 

With the two-way Talk, we can say this is a significant feature of the floodlights; however, in this case, the pro also stands out with a feature that includes audio+. This means that audio+ limits sound distortion, which is more apparent in this feature. The pro version also includes 3D motion detection with a bird’s eye view that helps determine exactly where the motion occurs.

 Ring Floodlight plus

You might wonder what the significant difference is compared to the ring floodlight cam Pro. For the plus, it includes color night vision. The color night vision helps get more defined images in the case of an intruder. How does this work?

Typically, night vision provides black-and-white images of what is in front of the camera in low-light conditions. The color night vision is where the camera will take advantage of the ambient color to create a “false color” image. This will help provide a better sense of what may be happening outside the house in your Live View. It helps you know better what is happening in the image by creating a false sense of color depth.

Due to the power installations, getting a professional to assist is advisable. This should not stress you because there is a non-time requirement and does not have any recurrent costs. 

What are the features of the ring floodlight plus?

It projects images in 1080p HD with a 140-degree horizontal view to enhance the video quality. It offers adjustable brightness with up to 2000 lumens. It is more like the previous model, including features with only an update on the sleeker design and the color night vision feature. 

Quick overview of the features

  • HD video 1080p
  • Double band wifi
  • Colour Night vision
  • 270-degree Motion detection and activated notifications
  • Built-in siren security
  • 2000-lumen floodlight and 105 dB siren
  • Single-band wifi

Before you settle on the plus, let me take you through what the ring floodlight pro offers.

Ring Floodlight Pro

Technology continues to advance, and so are products.

The premium version of the ring floodlights is the pro. Are you a person who needs more than one color regarding options? The pro version comes in two colors you can choose from and many more features. The requirement that remains constant is the hard wiring, which requires assistance from a professional. It provides more specific safety features, such as the 3d motion detector and a bird’s eye view. I know you might be unsure of what an advantage is. The main plus is that it helps understand when and where the movement began. You get a bird’s eye view of your compound with an aerial map view.

There is no significant difference in the features included in this; it also comes with 1080p video quality with HDR, A 140- Degree horizontal field with an 80-degree vertical view. Remember, it includes a two-way talk with audio+ and real-time notification. These notifications help in seeing the alarm trigger.

Quick overview of the features

  • 1080p HD video with color night vision
  • Two-Way Talk with audio +
  • 3D Motion Detection with real-time notifications and bird’s eye view
  • LED Flood Lights with security siren
  • 105db Siren 
  • Dual-Band wifi

What you need to know about ring floodlights- pros and cons

I want to help you answer some of the questions you might have about ring floodlights on their building and safety features. 



The amount of light produced by these floodlights is enough to light up a few yards and meters. The quality of the bulb is worth the investment as it is an LED(light-emitting diode). LED light is known to produce high brightness, intensity, and long-lasting life. It is also very efficient at energy saving and low voltage use. Some of you may have seen lights whose intensity seems to die over time, resulting in a poorly lit space. Some make fun of it and say it seems like there is dust in the air, messing up the light intensity. You do not get any of these with the lead bulbs in the ring floodlights.

Power large areas and have motion-activated notifications

Due to how bright the LED light is, it is used to power large areas. The motion sensors trigger the light to go on when there is movement, enhancing security. The notifications are sent to the phone or machine of choice and will alert you if there is any movement within your property at the time. This is helpful as it will let you know what time to check to confirm what triggered the motion detector.

Video recording

Do you have a question about who locked the door or came in last? Or who knocked on your door at 3 am while you were away? The ring floodlight will tell you all this through the recording. This is a feature that comes in handy with the ring floodlight . Remember, the recording comes in 1080p HD, a great quality video. 

Built-in siren and two-way Talk

The cameras are fitted with sirens that go off when triggered. Two-way talk enables two-way conversations. Imagine someone trying to rob your house and hearing someone ask, “What are you doing? “We are only left to guess the reaction, as this is unexpected, as this robber expects no one to be watching what they are doing.


It is important to note that you will face a few challenges with all the advantages of purchasing the ring floodlight. It is, however, helpful to know that these are not things that would affect your purchase. The first is that you might require a subscription, and you will only be able to monitor the cameras in real time. 

Another con is that even with the two-way talk installed, you cannot control the equipment with voice commands. The wifi network on which it operates is 2.4GHz. 

For installation, it is advisable to get someone to do it; you cannot do it yourself. It is helpful to note that this is a one-off cost on installation. 

When you read through the above cons, luckily, none of them strongly affects the operations of the equipment. You can get a subscription and get a solution to getting older footage. 

What are ring floodlights?

To better understand the advanced options of the ring floodlights, we will take you through a basic overview of the ring floodlight and its pros and cons. It is helpful to understand what ring floodlights are and how they work.

Ring floodlights are one of the best outdoor cameras, recording high-quality videos day and night with compelling two-way talk. They have continued to become an essential part of home security.

With the ability to connect with other devices, ring floodlights are one of the best outdoor security options. The camera sits between two floodlights providing 1080p HD video streaming quality. The bulbs last up to ten years, and the size does not alter the house’s exterior decor. The light is bright enough to provide light for a few yards and does not need any manual switches to keep it running. Are your walls white? You will get a white ring floodlight that blends in, and if you want a different color, you can pick the black option.

Do I need a ring floodlight?

You might be wondering whether a ring floodlight will serve the security purpose or if your home needs one. For so many homeowners and business owners, light features are an effective way to keep a region secure when it comes to security options. As a person, where would you feel more safe walking? A well lighted street or a dark one. Most mugging occurs in the dark streets because escaping a crime that no one can see is effortless. Therefore, a well-lit home or business environment will often deter criminals as they are not sure who is watching. Therefore, you are not making the wrong decision if you are contemplating getting ring floodlights for your home.


When you compare the two, it goes down to your preference. The two are stylish and sleek; therefore, it entirely depends on your choice. There is also a slight difference, with the pro costing slightly more than the plus. However, in conclusion, ring floodlights are the best option when it comes to home security. Get one today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can watch over your house or business whenever you want. 

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