Is There a Monthly Fee For Google Home?

thanks to incredible home automation hubs such as google home were able to make the most of our home and utilize its enjoyable features.

But the ultimate question is will this come as an extra cost apart of purchasing the google home itself? will I need to set up a subscription and pay a monthly fee?

There is no monthly fee for google home all you require is a google account and your all set. Also, if you want to set up music is your google home you will be able to use the free version of Spotify and you will be ready to start listening to music on your device.

Google Home is extremely easy & simple to get started with below we detail everything you need to know on how Google home works as well as its key features & hidden benefits.

How Google Home Works:

Install The App & Get Started

To get started with using google home you should first install the app “Google Home” you will need to create a google account if you don’t already have one which is completely free. Once you login to your google account it will ask you to set up your device. Pick your device on the list and you will have to connect it to your wifi so once you add in your wifi password it will take you to the next tab which links your music services google play and Spotify both have a free & premium option after you make your selection google home will begin an update and your all set!

You can now begin using google home.

Link Your Devices To Google Home

Once your done setting up your google home you can begin with linking your smart devices to your google home app.

  1. Simply open the google home app & click the plus sign on the top left corner.
  2. Choose your device from the list.
  3. Follow the in-app instructions that open from your device manufacturer.
  4. When the pairing is complete, simply click Done in the upper right corner.
  5. You will then have to set a name for the device & assign it to a room

Smart device’s That Can Be Linked With Google Home

  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Blinds
  • Appliances (coffee machines..etc)
  • Thermostat
  • Security Cameras
  • Tv
  • Speakers
  • Locks

Create Custom Routines

Custom routines allow you to do multiple tasks at once and can be completely customizable for example you can have Google close your lights, open your blinds in the morning and make you a cup of coffee all once you say a word of your choice. Pretty amazing stuff!

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To set this up:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Google Assistant services, then tap on More Settings.
  3. Select Assistant, then click on add a routine.
  4. Simply select the tasks you want and add a wake word for that task and you’re all set.

How to Get The Most Out Of Your Google Home:

Multiple User Setup

This is an awesome feature because by setting up multiple users Google is able to identify each individual and give a unique response to each, this will personalize features to the individual such as music, shopping lists, calendar events, and much more.

Night Mode

Night mode allows you to set a volume limit as well as decrease the brightness of your led at a selected time. This feature also allows you to set do no disturb which will block sounds from reminders & text messages for the specified time. (Alarms and timers will still be enabled on Night mode).

Make calls

Another awesome feature of the google home is that it lets you make phone calls, you can call a specific business someone in your contacts or just give google the number and it will start calling. I mainly use this feature to find my phone, so if you’re like me an awesome way to never lose your phone again is to let google call it every time you cant find it.


This feature will broadcast your message to the whole house and can work on multiple google home devices at once. An example can be to let your kids know its time to go tell google to broadcast ‘its time to go’ and it will broadcast the message to all your Google devices.

The awesome part about this feature is you don’t even need to be in the house you can simply open your google assistant and let it broadcast a message to your home such as ‘I’m on my way home’. This is by far my favorite feature of all.

Multiple timers

You can let google home set you a timer for multiple things such as the over & another to remind you to get back to work. To find out just ask google “how much time is left”.

Media Alarm

One of the worst things ever is listening to the phone alarm go off. The noise still haunts me to this day but the awesome part of owning a google home is you can set media alarms, this allows you to wake up to the noise of a podcast, or song. This completely changed the way I wake up for the better waking up to joe rogan’s latest podcast is way better than listening to the phone alarm go off that’s for sure!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it the Google home is truly an incredible & efficient product, automating tedious tasks with simple commands is an incredible feature to have in any home. The google home does not have any monthly fee which is truly incredible, the setup is pretty quick and easy & it can be linked to many smart devices to help you automate various tasks.

There are endless tasks that you can have automated with google home. It will definitely bring you joy to be alive at a time where you can literally just say a couple of words and your blinds are open and a hot cup of coffee is made & you’re ready to start the day.

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