PS5 Stolen? Here’s What to do

Having something stolen, no matter what it is, is a very upsetting thing to experience. But when the item stolen is expensive or, worse, rare, it can be downright terrible. One item that is popular for thieves to take is the PlayStation 5. Not only are these devices expensive, but they are also quite rare, selling out quickly as a result. What do you do if your PS5 is stolen?

The PS5 has no built-in global positioning system, which means that you cannot natively track it. You’d have to use third-party GPS if you want to personally track it once it’s been stolen, though this is not feasible. Additionally, make sure to file a police report and inform Sony of the theft, who may be able to help track it themselves.

But how does Sony track down a PS5? And how likely is it that they even find it?

PS5 Stolen? How to Track

Use a tracker

Unfortunately, as we discussed, the PS5 does not have its own GPS, which means that you cannot natively track it this way. The only PlayStation platforms that have ever had built-in GPS are the PS Vita and the PSP Go. However, despite the PS5 lacking its own GPS, you may be wondering whether there are any devices that can be used to add on to the PS5. A big problem with third-party devices, however, is that they vary between “not useful enough” and “too expensive to be worth it.”

A good third-party GPS tracker would cost a pretty penny, and it would simply not be worth it to have the GPS stolen as well. You may not be able to recover such a device, and there are decent odds they would be able to find it and take it off anyway. That means you would have to replace two devices instead of just one. On the other hand, there are devices that are relatively inexpensive and can be tracked. However, these trackers only work so well. They often have a limited battery life, and the reach of the tracker is pretty limited. For example, you can buy a Tile or AirTag that you can stick on the PS5. It will only work to about 300 feet, but it’s better than nothing at least.

File a police report

Having something stolen may not always require a police report, depending on the circumstances. For instance, if you left your food on a table and it got stolen, the police would probably consider that a waste of time and resources. However, the PS5 is by no means cheap, and by no means easy to replace, so filing a police report is important, especially to prove that it was stolen in the first place. Not only that, but if someone broke into your home to steal the PS5, that is another layer of violation.

You should also provide the serial number on your PS5 to the police, which will make it easier for them to track it. The serial number can be found on the console, but if the item is already stolen, there are still ways to find it, such as on the original PS5 packaging. Just make sure that you write down the serial numbers of any expensive item you own in case something like this happens.

Just make sure that, when you do speak to the police, you provide only as much information and access as needed, and be aware of your state’s laws when it comes to interactions with the police. Ultimately though, while the police report may put the word out that the PS5 was stolen, that is far from the only thing a police report is good for in this case. Make sure that you don’t set your expectations too high, as a lot of police reports about stolen items ultimately go unresolved.

Get in contact with Sony

This is just as important as getting in contact with the police, as one of the long-shot opportunities that you could get your PS5 back is through this. While you cannot track your PS5, Sony can, with the right information anyway. Having filed the police report, give Sony the incident number you received from the police, and you can then attempt to get things rolling. To track down the possible whereabouts of your PS5, they will require certain information from you.

First, they need to know your IP address, MAC address, serial number, and your PlayStation Network sign-in ID. If they do try to track down your PS5, they can see whether someone signed in to your PSN account, as well as the IP used to do it. This would also show the location of the person using the PS5. Unfortunately, they may also use a virtual private network (VPN) to mask their location. Plus, this would likely not be effective for very long, as they may not stick with your PSN login.

Much like with filing a police report, you need to understand that going into Sony customer service with this request is not going to be a guaranteed win. Besides the fact that the thief (or person who bought it from them) has to make the above-mentioned mistakes, Sony also has to want to track down your PS5. They get a fair share of people contacting them about tracking PS5s down, and they simply do not have the resources to do that. This is why it’s a long shot.

Check to see if anyone is using your accounts

The PS5 has more than just games, as it also includes apps for streaming services like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. Some streaming services, like Netflix, have the helpful feature of being able to see your viewing history. If there are shows or movies are watched that neither you nor anyone are authorized to use, then refer to the “Can I deactivate the PS5 remotely?” section to learn how to force them out of your account. However, if you want to get them out of your Netflix account quickly, you can go to the Netflix website and choose ‘sign out of all accounts’. This will require you to sign in to all the other accounts again.

Will homeowner’s insurance cover the theft of my PS5?

Depending on the homeowner’s insurance plan you own, you may be able to get compensation for items stolen, up to and including the PS5. It may vary depending on where you live, but ultimately, you should be able to get some kind of coverage that would help you with thefts from your home. This kind of coverage is called “personal property coverage,” and there are two ways you can set it up.

One avenue is to replace the insured item with the current cash value of the item. This means that if you had, say, a PS4 and it was stolen, it would get less compensation than a PS5 would get you – not just because it is a cheaper console than the PS5, but also because it is an older console that has depreciated in value comparatively. The other avenue is to get compensation via the replacement cost of the item. Essentially, this means that you would get compensation of however much would suffice to get you a PS5 (or a comparable system).

Going back to the police report section, this is another benefit of filing it. Even if you have this type of insurance, you still need to be able to show your insurance company that you have both done the due diligence to get your item(s) back, but also showing cause for them to trust that an item was stolen in the first place.

Can I deactivate my PS5 remotely?

When a PS5 is stolen, there are a lot of things going through your head, but one of the first things you need to consider is securing your information. If someone steals your PS5 and gets access to your information, they can do a lot of harm to it. They would be able to know your email address, which may help them exploit your account and get more information. To deactivate your PS5, sign in to Account Management, select Device Management, then PlayStation Consoles, and finally, Deactivate All Accounts.

Can you get a refund or replacement if your PS5 is stolen?

If you got your PS5 stolen, you may be wondering whether there is any way to get reimbursed for the theft. Unfortunately, short of tracking down the person who stole it and getting it back (or getting compensation for the loss), the loss will be on you.

How to avoid your PS5 getting stolen

This is something that only really works in hindsight for a lot of people, but there are certain things you can do to avoid your PS5 getting stolen. These tips are also valuable for any other expensive items you want to avoid getting stolen. There is such a thing as being too paranoid, but at the same time, being mindful of who you trust is still valuable. For instance, make sure that no one can easily see your PS5 if they look in your window if possible, and don’t advertise that you own a PS5 to strangers.

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