How to Find Your MAC Address on PS4 or PS5

You may encounter issues while connecting to the Internet and trying to find your MAC address. Go to either the instructions for the PS4 or for the PS5 for more information to verify you have taken the correct steps. If you have, other issues may prevent you from connecting with the world using your PlayStation.

How to Find Your Playstation MAC Address

On the PlayStation 4 and 5, go to the “Settings” visible from the “Main Menu.” Then, choose the “connection status” option. After that, your MAC address should appear on the screen. If not, make sure you select the active connection option, which usually is either LAN or Wi-Fi.

Why does it say my “MAC address is invalid?”

Websites and services you normally would link to from your PlayStation may not work properly if they can’t detect your device’s original MAC address. 

This may occur if you acquired a used console rather than buying a new one. In this case, you may have to reset it to the factory settings and start over with the installation, so you can connect it to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

If you reset the PlayStation, you won’t have access to the prior users’ data, which you probably don’t need unless you arranged to use the games stored on it. That’s an issue you’d have to work out with the seller, and it usually requires that the seller relinquishes all rights to the media stored on the console sold to you.

Use caution when acquiring used gaming consoles to avoid piracy legal troubles. To protect yourself from accidental plagiarism, you could instead perform a reset or switch the network card associated with the MAC Playstation number.

You also may receive an invalid MAC address notification if your Playstation doesn’t communicate with the wireless router properly. This may require additional troubleshooting steps, such as restarting the monitor and resetting your router. If this doesn’t help, start over by using the reset or network switch methods.

Where is the device ID on my PlayStation, and is that the same as the MAC address?

The device ID has nothing to do with the MAC address. PlayStation assigned a serial number that pertains to your console only, and it also has a manufacturing model number. Don’t count on this information if looking for your MAC address.

There’s one exception: The PS4 or PS5 customer service team might use this information to help you reset your system and assign you a new MAC number. You do, however, have a “unique ID” in the form of a MAC address that no one else should have access to if they can’t sign in to your console account.

Can I change my MAC address?

You can change your MAC address. In fact, it may help you maintain your online anonymity and hide your location. However, you must beware of the consequences. Some day-to-day activities you usually perform on your PlayStation may not work the way they used to.

That’s because it may not understand the new information you give it. After all, the MAC address connects you to a network unique to your device before the MAC address changes.

Changing your MAC address also might require that you provide security verification to provide that the PlayStation you own is yours. Considering all the gaming consoles stolen every year, it’s a price to pay for continued service using the PlayStation you own.

If you do decide to change your MAC address, you’ll improve your chances of smooth gameplay and media usage if you follow proper protocol.

Why do I need a MAC address?

A MAC address serves as a unique identifier assigned to every device that connects to the internet. This enhances security and improves marketing campaigns. Your MAC address is also used to create a unique ID for your device when you sign in to certain websites or apps.

Having a unique MAC address for your Playstation also makes it difficult for people who normally don’t have access to your Playstation to tap into it and steal your data. What’s more, MAC addresses make sure information is sent directly to where you need it. 

For instance, it will go to the MAC address sent to your gaming device and not to your computer, smartphone, or your neighbor’s gaming console. It also will not go to your computer unless you have found a way to authorize that data transmission.

Can a PlayStation work online without a MAC address?

You most likely will not have Internet access to your PlayStation if you don’t know your MAC address. If you can’t figure out how to make your device run without it, you may have to follow device settings that come with the product packaging or that you received from your seller.

If you have no Wi-Fi or wired connection, you can’t connect with the people you normally would play games with online.

Can I use my PlayStation offline without a MAC address?

You can use your PlayStation offline. It does not require an internet connection to perform basic functions. Use it to play games, watch movies and TV shows, and listen to music without any problems if you purchased them after download.

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