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How To Fix Turtle Beach Headset One Side Not Working?

Turtle Beach headsets are known for their stellar build quality. However, as with most pieces of tech, things can go wrong with them. One of the most common issues is that one side of the Turtle Beach headset isn’t working. If you have run into that problem, hopefully, the information on this page will help you out.

So, how do you fix one side of a Turtle Beach headset not working?

Well, most of the time, it is going due to a faulty cable between the headset and the audio device. If you swap this out, the problem can easily be resolved. Anything beyond this is going to be a far trickier fix.

We are going to break this down into dealing with both wireless and wired Turtle Beach headsets. This means that we have plenty of information to share with you here.

Wired Turtle Beach Headphones

Let’s start with wired Turtle Beach headphones. This is going to be one of the trickiest problems to deal with, sadly. This is because there is only so much you can do before you can consider your headphones completely broken.

Check the cable

The cable that goes from the Turtle Beach headphones into the pre-amp is meant to be a pretty snug fit. Sometimes, it gets knocked loose. This can cause sound issues. This includes the sound not being quite clear on one side of the headphones.

Your first job should be to double-check that all of the cables are pushed in properly. For most people, this is going to solve the problem.

Replace the cable

If that doesn’t seem to work, then you may have a faulty cable. This is a standard 3.5mm male-to-male cable. If you replace this, this may help to deal with the problems.

Chances are that if there is something broken with your headset, then it is going to be a problem with the cable. This is something that should only cost you a few dollars to replace, so it isn’t exactly going to be an expensive repair.

Turn the volume of the headset up

This is something that has worked for some people. They have found that by turning up the volume on the headset, one of the broken earphones has started to work again.

This does mean that your Turtle Beach headset probably isn’t in the greatest of health, sadly. It won’t be long before your headset gives up completely. Again, there isn’t really much that you can do about this. You will probably want to plan on buying a new headset later on.

Solder the broken headset 

If you really can’t seem to fix the headset any other way, then you can look into soldering the side that doesn’t work. This should be an absolute last resort, though. If you get this wrong, then you could completely ruin your headphones.

If one side of the headphones doesn’t seem to be working, then there is a chance that a wire has come loose inside. So, this means that you are going to need to crack open the headset and locate where the wire is not connecting up to the speaker. You can then solder it back into place. Once you put everything back together, it should (hopefully) work fine again.

Do not do this if your headset is still in warranty. Talk to Turtle Beach instead.

Wireless Turtle Beach Headphones

There are plenty of reasons why a wireless Turtle Beach headset may not have sound coming out of one side. Thankfully, this is a problem that is going to be a whole lot easier to deal with. 

The headset is not fully charged

When the battery starts to die, the headset will have issues. The Turtle Beach wireless headset should give you a lot of advanced warning that it needs to be recharged. However, if you really delay things, then one side of the headset may end up not working.

This problem is dead simple to deal with. Just charge your headset and you are going to be ready to roll.

There is a syncing issue between the headset and the audio device

Your Turtle Beach headset is likely going to be connected up to your device using Bluetooth technology. This means that there can be all manner of syncing issues.

The most common is that there is some interference between the headset and the audio device. This will normally be some metal getting in the way. In some cases, the headset may be a little bit too far away from the audio device. 

If you remove whatever is causing the interference, then the problem is dealt with.

A factory reset could help

Your final option is to give the Turtle Beach headset a factory reset. How you do this will be dependent on the model that you own. This means that you will need to consult the manual. However, it is likely that you will need to hold the power button in between 10 and 30 seconds.

Once you have factory reset the Turtle Beach headset, everything about it is reset. This means that it has been restored to the factory settings. This may clear up any software issues that were causing the Turtle Beach headset to not work on one side.

After this, all you need to do is re-pair the headset with your audio device, and you should be good to go.


If none of these solutions work, then you may have a faulty Turtle Beach headset. If your headset is within warranty, then reach out to Turtle Beach and they may be able to help you out.


It is uncommon to have issues with a Turtle Beach headset. If you do run into problems, it is likely going to be an easy fix. This means switching out some cables or factory resetting a wireless headset. If you have sound issues, this should fix the vast majority of them. It is unlikely that your headset is completely broken.

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