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How to Change the Admin Account on Oculus Quest 2

Maybe you purchased an Oculus Quest 2 used or inherited one from a good friend. How do you change admin on the Oculus Quest 2 so you can handle all the necessary changes on the device? 

Currently, the only way to change your Admin account on your Oculus Quest 2i s to perform a full factory reset, keep in mind this will restore your Oculus Quest 2 back to its factory settings.

Read on to learn how to do a reset and other options that may work better for your situation. 

How to Complete a Factory Reset on your Oculus Quest 2

A factory reset will cause you to lose all downloaded games, account information, and content stored on your headset. There is no way to reverse this. Consider adding another user account if you prefer not to lose that information. If you absolutely need to reset the admin account on your Oculus Quest 2 and are willing to reset the device to its factory condition, there are two ways to do this. First, you can reset it using the Meta Quest app. The other method uses the headset. 

Resetting Your Oculus Quest 2 Using the Meta Quest App

  1. Open the app on your cell phone. 
  2. Select ‘Devices.’ You’ll find this in the lower menu. 
  3. Select the headset connected to your cell phone. 
  4. Select ‘Advanced Settings.’ 
  5. Select ‘Factory Reset’
  6. Select ‘Reset’

Resetting your Oculus Quest 2 Using the Headset

  1. Turn the headset off.
  2. Press and hold both the power and volume down button. Keep holding them down at the same time until the boot screen appears on your headset. 
  3. Highlight ‘Factory Reset’ by navigating with your volume buttons. 
  4. Press the power button. 
  5. Using the volume buttons to navigate again, highly Yes and press the power button once more to confirm. 

How to Add More Accounts to the Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 can have three different accounts beyond the initial admin account. Each of these accounts must have their own unique Facebook account and profile and will log in using those accounts. These accounts will have access to their own unique library of purchased apps. If the admin account has turned on app sharing, they can also access the apps on the admin account. They’ll also get their own avatar. Information between accounts is private and stored separately. 

Adding new accounts happens in VR. To do so: 

  1. Press the universal menu button that looks like a flattened oval. Located on your right side Touch controller; this will pull up the primary menu. 
  2. Move to the lefthand clock and hover until ‘Quick Settings’ shows. Select this to gain access to its panel. 
  3. Within the Quick Settings panel, you’ll see a gear icon representing Settings in the top right. Select that. 
  4. You’ll see an icon that looks like two bodies for ‘Accounts’; select that. 
  5. Choose ‘Add Account’ – the symbol looks like a person with a plus on the left side of their head. Note that this will require you to create an unlock pattern if you don’t already have one, so each account remains secure. 
  6. You’ll ‘Continue,’ then hand off your headset to the person the account is being made for. They’ll be able to continue the setup. 

How to Remove Extra Accounts from the Oculus Quest 2

It was nice while it lasted, but now you need to get that extra account off your Oculus Quest 2. Thankfully, that’s a lot less dramatic than removing the admin account. Removing the additional accounts can be done in one of two ways. Either the admin account can use VR mode to remove the secondary account, or the secondary account holder can remove their account via the Oculus Quest website. 

Admin Removal of an Extra Account

  1. Access the Universal Menu with the right controller. 
  2. Access the ‘Quick Settings’ by hovering above the clock on the lefthand side and selecting it once it appears on the screen.
  3. Access the Settings menu, which appears as a gear in the upper right. 
  4. Access Accounts. 
  5. Here you will have the option to ‘Remove’ the account you no longer wish. Confirm this choice by selecting ‘Remove’ again. 

Removing Yourself as an Extra Oculus Quest Account

  1. Log in to the Oculus Quest website, which can be found here: https://secure.oculus.com/my/devices
  2. You’ll find ‘Remove myself from this device’ under ‘Shared with Me.’ 

Can You Share Apps on the Oculus Quest 2? 

You sure can. This is an option the admin account can choose to turn on if they feel particularly generous with the secondary users of the Oculus Quest. Only the admin account can share apps. Other accounts on the device cannot share. Also, the admin account can only use app sharing on a single device, even if they own multiple headsets. 

How do you Turn On App Sharing on the Oculus Quest 2? 

You’ll need a secondary account before you can turn on app sharing on your Oculus Quest 2. So find a friend, add them on, and then follow these steps to share your apps:

  1. Open the Universal Menu by using your righthand Touch controller. 
  2. Access Quick Settings by hovering over the clock on the left until the option appears, then select it. 
  3. Open the Settings menu – the gear in the upper right, and access the Accounts.
  4. App Sharing is a toggle you can turn on. 

If you no longer want to share your apps on that device or wish to switch your app sharing to a different device, follow those steps but switch the toggle to its off position. Voila! Apps are no longer shared. 

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