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How to Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2: Step-by-Step Instructions

Sometimes, you might find that your Oculus Quest 2 isn’t working as well as it used to, or maybe you’re planning to give it to someone else. In these cases, a factory reset can be a useful option.

A factory reset erases all user data, including apps, settings, and account information, effectively returning the device to its default settings.. For this reason, factory resets should be handled with care and undertaken only when necessary.

It is important to note that any purchased apps or content will not be lost but will need to be redownloaded from a connected account after the reset.

Pre-reset Precautions

Before diving into the factory reset process for the Oculus Quest 2, it’s crucial to take a few precautionary steps. These measures ensure the safety of your data and the optimal functioning of your device after the reset.

1. Backup Your Data:

  • Game Progress: Many games on the Oculus platform support cloud saves, but it’s worth checking each game individually. Consider noting down your progress or using any available backup options within the game.
  • Media Files: If you’ve downloaded or recorded videos, images, or any other media, ensure you back them up to a safe location, like a computer or cloud storage service.

2. Check for Software Updates: Before resetting, ensure your Oculus Quest 2 is up-to-date with the latest firmware and software. This reduces the chances of encountering bugs or glitches during the reset process.

  • Connect your Oculus Quest 2 to a reliable Wi-Fi network.
  • Navigate to Settings > Device > About, and if any updates are available, install them before proceeding.

3. Ensure the Device is Charged: A disrupted factory reset due to battery drain can potentially harm the device. It’s advisable to:

  • Have at least a 50% charge before beginning the reset.
  • For added safety, consider plugging the device into a power source during the reset.

Factory Resetting Procedure

Oculus Quest can be factory reset in two ways: either through the Oculus App or using the Oculus Quest device.

This section will discuss both methods, which are helpful in various circumstances, such as troubleshooting, wiping data before selling the device, or starting fresh.

Method #1: Reset Through The Oculus App

1. Open the Meta Quest app on your smartphone.

2. Tap Devices at the bottom, and then select your Oculus Quest headset.

3. Navigate to Headset Settings. (The headset needs to be turned on and paired with the app)

4. Navigate to Advanced Settings.

5. Tap Factory Reset, and then tap RESET to confirm.

Method #2: Reset Using Oculus Quest Device

1. Power off your Oculus Quest by pressing and holding the power button until the power menu appears, then select Power Off.

2. Press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously for about 20-30 seconds.

3. The Oculus Quest will reboot, and a boot menu will appear.

4. Use the volume buttons to navigate to the Factory Reset option.

5. Press the power button to confirm the factory reset.

Please be aware that factory resetting your Oculus Quest will delete all data, including games, saved data, and settings. Ensure you’ve backed up any important data before proceeding with either method.

Post Reset Steps

After conducting a factory reset on your Oculus Quest 2, the device will be returned to its original state, just as it was when first unboxed. While this fresh start can help resolve many issues, there are several steps you should follow post-reset to get back up and running optimally.

1. Initial Device Setup:

  • Power On: Turn on your Oculus Quest 2 by pressing the power button.
  • Language Selection: Choose your preferred language from the list.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Connect to your Wi-Fi network. Ensure you’re using a stable connection to prevent any disruptions during the setup.
  • Oculus Account: Log in to your Oculus account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create it at this step.

2. Update Software: Your Oculus Quest 2 may need updates after a reset. Ensure you:

3. Re-install Applications and Games:

  • Navigate to the Oculus Store on your device.
  • Tap on ‘Library’ and then ‘Not Installed’ to view your previously purchased apps and games.
  • Start reinstalling your desired apps and games. Remember, while the apps and games can be re-downloaded without additional charges, saved progress might be lost unless the game supports cloud saves.

4. Restore Your Data:

  • Game Progress: If the games you’ve reinstalled support cloud saves, they should automatically retrieve your saved progress once you open them.
  • Media Files: Reconnect your Oculus Quest 2 to your computer and transfer any previously backed-up media files (videos, images, recordings) from your computer back to the device.

5. Reconfigure Settings:

  • Guardian Setup: Re-establish your play area by setting up the Guardian system to ensure safe gameplay.
  • Controllers: Pair your controllers if needed and check for any available updates for them.

6. Review Safety Precautions: Reacquaint yourself with safety precautions, especially if it’s been a while since you last used the device. This ensures a safe and enjoyable VR experience.

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