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Does Resetting Oculus Quest 2 Delete Games?

There are a few reasons why one would factory reset their Oculus Quest. However, there are a few things you’ll need to know before doing so. We’ll discuss what happens after you reset your Oculus Quest and why you should or should not do so. Let’s dive in!

Does resetting Oculus Quest 2 delete games?

Yes, resetting your Oculus Quest 2 will permanently delete your account information, downloaded games & apps, as well as restore your device back to its factory settings. Purchased games, however, are account bound, so simply reconnecting your Oculus Quest to your previous account, you’ll be able to access your purchased games; all you would need to do is re-download them, you wouldn’t need to worry about re-purchasing any purchased game, app, or media in general as long as you’ll be reusing the same account.

Why reset your oculus quest?

  • you want to sell your Oculus Quest
  • you are experiencing technical issues
  • you want to delete everything on your device
  • You would like to restore it back to its factory settings

How to reset Your Oculus Quest 2

Resetting your Oculus Quest is quite simple. Go to your Oculus Quest mobile app, select “Devices”, next select your Oculus Quest, and go to “Advanced Settings”, now select factory reset & click “Reset”. And that’s it; your device should now be reset. You’ll now need to go through the setup process once again before use. If you’ll be using the same account, then you’ll be able to simply re-download any purchased game or app.

Should You Reset Your Oculus Quest 2?

As mentioned above, resetting your Oculus Quest would make sense if you either want to sell your Oculus Quest, or are experiencing technical issues, or would like to restore it back to its factory settings, or you just want to delete everything on your device.

If you’re considering selling your Oculus Quest, then you’ll definitely want to reset your device. This is because you won’t be able to switch the account associated with your Oculus other than resetting it.

Alternatively, if you are experiencing technical issues which you just can’t solve, or you are constantly experiencing issues with pairing, connecting..etc., and you’ve tried every solution available, then resetting would definitely make sense.

The good news is that you will still have access to your purchases through your account, so as long as you set up your device with the same account, it’s a matter of simply re-installing the apps. You wouldn’t need to worry about re-purchasing whatsoever.

How do I change my Facebook account on Oculus 2?

Currently, there is no way to change your Facebook account once it is set up on your device. As mentioned above, the only way to change your account is to reset your Oculus Quest. This will allow you to set up your device with a brand new account; however, do keep in mind that games & apps purchased with your previous account will not be available; you will need to purchase them again if you would like to continue playing and using the same purchased apps or games.

What to do if your Oculus Quest is not working or not turning on

If you notice that your Oculus Quest isn’t turning on, then in most cases, a hard reboot should solve your issue. To do this, hold down the power button for around 60 seconds, and the LED should turn white, indicating that your device is rebooted.

Another option is to start up your device in boot mode. Hold down both the Power and volume down buttons for 20 seconds at the same time. Your headset should display the boot menu, use the volume buttons to navigate and now select “Exit & Boot Device” by pressing the power button to select.

Another option is to leave your device charging for up to 2 hours. Some users found this to be a viable solution.

And finally, the issue might revolve around the charging cable and not the device itself, so if you have a spare charger or can borrow one from a friend, it will be worthwhile as there can potentially be an issue with your charging cable and not your device.

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