Does AppleCare+ Cover Theft?

Accidents happen to the Apple products we love most, so a little extra coverage goes a long way. AppleCare+ offers technical support, hardware service, and software support, but does it cover the biggest misfortunes, like theft? Read on for a closer look at the coverage included in AppleCare+.

Does AppleCare+ cover theft?

No. AppleCare+ does not cover theft or loss. Check with your insurance agent to see if Apple products are covered in your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. However, AppleCare offers another option, “AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss” which can be purchased for the iPhone only.

In the event your iPhone is stolen, AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss will cover up to two incidents every 12 months with a deductible of $149. Additionally, “Find My” has to be enabled on the device at the time of the incident and throughout the claims process.

How do I file a claim for a lost or stolen iPhone?

If your iPhone was lost or stolen, use the “Find My” app on another device or on iCloud.com to mark your iPhone as lost. The claims process begins by visiting support.apple.com or by calling 800-APL-CARE (800-275-2273). If filing the claim online, you must sign in to Apple using your Apple ID. A claim for a lost or stolen iPhone must be filed within 60 days of the incident.

When filing your claim:

  • Have your proof of coverage and receipt
  • Provide details on the circumstances of the incident

For Apple to approve your claim:

  • “Find My” must be enabled on the missing iPhone at the time of the incident and throughout the claims process
  • The missing device must remain on your Apple account until your claim has been approved

When your claim is approved, Apple will replace your missing iPhone with a new product.

Apple Support will then provide a set of instructions that you must follow, including

  • Placing your device in Lost Mode on your iCloud account
  • Erasing your device from your account and/or disabling your iPhone after the claims process has been completed

What do I do if I don’t have AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss?

If you think your iPhone or other Apple device was lost or stolen, sign in to iCloud or use the “Find My” app on another device to locate and recover your missing device. If your missing device doesn’t appear on the list, “Find My” was not turned on.

If “Find My” was not turned on, there are other ways to protect your Apple account.

  1. Mark your missing device as lost. This will remotely lock it with an Activation Lock and keep your information secure. Apple Pay will be disabled and cards stored in Wallet will be suspended.
  2. Change your Apple ID password. Changing your password will automatically log all devices out of your Apple account.
  3. Change your password for other accounts like emails, social media, and banks to further protect your information.
  4. Report your lost or stolen device to the police. They may request the serial number of your Apple product. This can be found when you log into your Apple account on appleid.apple.com.
  5. Contact your wireless carrier and ask them to disable your account. This will prevent calls, texts, and data use on your missing device.
  6. Remove your lost or stolen device from your list of trusted devices in your Apple account by visiting appleid.apple.com.

How does Lost Mode protect my Apple device?

Setting a passcode on your Apple device helps protect your information in case of loss or theft. Without a passcode, any information stored on your phone can be accessible. With a passcode activated, a thief can only use what is available through the lock screen: Notification Center, Control Center, Siri, and the camera. Medical ID information may also be accessed.

Once you activate Lost Mode through your Apple account, your Apple device is locked with an Activation Lock and all the lock screen features are disabled. When your device is in Lost Mode, all someone can do is call you, make an emergency phone call, or turn the device off.

Even if a lost or stolen Apple device is turned off, with “Find My” and Lost Mode turned on, your device can still be traced as long as it is within range of other Apple devices and some battery life remains.

Lost Mode prevents an iPhone or iPad from being accessed via iTunes when it is connected to a computer. However, it does not prevent someone from wiping the device using Recovery Mode or DFU mode. With Lost Mode on, fully erasing a device will not enable use. The Activation Lock remains enabled, and it cannot be bypassed without an Apple ID and password. Devices running on iOS 15 and later can be located using “Find My” even after a full erase.

To use Lost Mode:

  1. Turn on Lost Mode by marking a device as lost in the “Find My” app on another device or on iCloud. A confirmation email is then sent to the email address associated with your Apple ID.
  2. If your missing device does not already have a passcode, you will be asked to create one when enabling Lost Mode. If you’re locking a Mac, you will have to create a numerical passcode that is different from your computer’s password; this is only used when activating Lost Mode. You must also enter an Activation Code that will be used to unlock your device once it is recovered.
  3. Set a custom message on your device’s screen. This can include contact information in case your missing device is found.
  4. Location Services will temporarily be enabled on the missing device so its location can be tracked.

In today’s world, a lost or stolen iPhone is a big deal. At the end of the day, without “Find My” enabled, there’s no reliable way to protect your device from theft, so make sure it is always on.

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