Which iPad Models Have a Headphone Jack? (Complete List)

In 2016 Apple announced the iPhone 7, where it was revealed that the device would be Apple’s first product not to feature a headphone jack. Since then, the headphone jack never made its return back to future iPhone models.

Apple continued on with this trend on several of its iPad models, such as the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro, with the original iPad being the last remaining iOS device to still feature a headphone jack.

That was until very recently when Apple announced the 10th generation iPad, where it was revealed that the device would no longer feature a headphone jack. This will mark Apple’s last ever iOS device to feature a headphone jack.

What iPad Models Have Headphone Jacks?

iPad models that feature a headphone jack include the iPad 1st-9th generation models, iPad Mini 1st-5th gen, iPad Air 1st-3rd gen, and iPad Pro 1st-2nd gen models.

Below is a complete list of every single past and present iPad model and whether they feature a headphone jack.


iPad ModelRelease DateDoes it have a headphone jack?
iPad 1st genApril 3, 2010Yes
iPad 2nd genMarch 11, 2011Yes
iPad 3rd genMarch 16, 2012Yes
iPad 4th genNovember 2, 2012Yes
iPad 5th genMarch 21, 2017
iPad 6th genMarch 27, 2018Yes
iPad 7th genSeptember 10, 2019 Yes
iPad 8th genSeptember 15, 2020Yes
iPad 9th genSeptember 14, 2021Yes
iPad 10th genOctober 18, 2022No

iPad Mini

iPad ModelRelease DateDoes it have a headphone jack?
iPad Mini 1st genNovember 2, 2012Yes
iPad Mini 2nd genNovember 12, 2013Yes
iPad Mini 3rd genOctober 22, 2014Yes
iPad Mini 4th genSeptember 9, 2015Yes
iPad Mini 5th genMarch 18, 2019Yes
iPad Mini 6th genSeptember 24, 2021No

iPad Air

iPad ModelRelease DateDoes it have a headphone jack?
iPad Air 1st genNovember 1, 2013Yes
iPad Air 2nd genOctober 22, 2014Yes
iPad Air 3rd genMarch 18, 2019Yes
iPad Air 4th genOctober 23, 2020No
iPad Air 5th genMarch 18, 2022No

iPad Pro

iPad ModelRelease DateDoes it have a headphone jack?
iPad Pro 1st gen
12.9 inch /
iPad Pro
9.7 inch
November 11, 2015
March 31, 2016
iPad Pro 2nd genJune 13, 2017Yes
iPad Pro 3rd genNovember 7, 2018No
iPad Pro 11-inches 1st genNovember 7, 2018No
iPad Pro 4th genMarch 25, 2020No
iPad Pro 11-inches 2nd genMarch 25, 2020No
iPad Pro 5th genMay 21, 2021No
iPad Pro 11-inches 3rd genMay 21, 2021No
iPad Pro 6th genOctober 26, 2022No
iPad Pro 11-inches 4th genOctober 26, 2022No

Alternative Options for iPad without Headphone Jack

If you do end up purchasing an iPad that doesn’t feature a headphone jack, then the good news is that you still have a few options for using wired headphones with your new device.

Use an Adapter

The simplest way to connect wired headphones to your iPad is to use an AUX adapter. This can be a Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter or a USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter, depending on what charging port your iPad uses. All you would need to do is plug the adapter into your iPad and plug in your headphone connector into the adapter’s aux port.

Use Headphones with a lightning connector

If you own an iPad that uses a lightning port, then another option would be to use a pair of headphones with a lightning connector, such as Apple’s own Earpods with a lightning connector.

Wireless Earbuds

The final and most obvious answer would be to go wireless. True wireless earbuds are convenient and easy to use. Although high-end earbuds such as the Airpods may cost a hefty amount, there are several options in the market at a much more affordable price point.

Why Did Apple Get Rid of The Headphone Jack?

Apple was never clear as to why they made the decision to eliminate the headphone jack from its products. During the announcement of the iPhone 7, Apple’s VP Phil Schiller briefly touched on the subject discussing the importance of having the “courage” to innovate the market.

While we may never know the actual reason why Apple decided to get rid of the headphone jack on many of its devices, many believe it was to free up internal space for additional speakers and the removal of the home button. Only 15 months after the release of the iPhone 7, Apple released the iPhone X, which had an all-screen design, a thinner build, and additional speakers, as well as a bigger battery.

Looking back, many believe that the decision to remove the headphone jack was one of Apple’s best decisions the loss of the headphone jack allowed for thinner designs as well as more internal space for other components in their device.

Getting rid of headphone jacks also paved the way for innovation in waterproof phones. The removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 was able to bump up its water resistance rating to IP7. The decision also helped push the adoption of wireless headphones, which was a growing trend in the industry.

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