Do iPads Have a Headphone Jack?

Apple’s iPad line has revolutionized the industry thanks to its innovative features, simple user interface, & lightweight design. However, Apple is constantly switching up & improving its iPad line by adding & removing features from its older models to achieve the ultimate tablet design. Which brings us to the question Do iPads Have a Headphone Jack?

The current iPad Pro (4th Gen) & iPad Air (4th Gen) do not have a headphone jack. Whereas the standard iPad (8th Gen) & iPad Mini (5th Gen) do feature a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Let’s now take a look at the iPad’s entire model list & whether or not they have a headphone jack. Let’s dive in!

Do iPads Have Headphone Jacks?

Most current iPads don’t feature a headphone jack, this includes the iPad Air (4th Generation) & the iPad Pro(4th Generation). Whereas the standard iPad (8th Generation) & current iPad mini (5th Generation) do come with a headphone jack.

However, the majority of older iPad models do feature headphone jacks. Here’s a quick look at the iPad’s entire range as well as whether or not they are equipped with a headphone jack.

iPad ModelRelease DateDoes it have a headphone jack?
iPad Air (4th Generation)October 23, 2020No
iPad (8th Generation)September 18, 2020Yes
iPad Pro (4th Generation)March 25, 2020No
iPad (7th Generation)September 25, 2019Yes
iPad Mini (5th Generation)March 18, 2019
iPad Air (3rd Generation)March 18, 2019Yes
iPad Pro (3rd Generation)October 30, 2018No
iPad (6th Generation)March 27, 2018Yes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch/ 10.5-inch (2nd Generation)June 13, 2017
iPad (5th Generation)March 24, 2017Yes
iPad Pro 12.9 inch (1st Generation)November 11, 2015Yes
iPad Mini (4th Generation)September 9, 2015Yes
iPad Air 2October 22, 2014Yes

So as you can see both models generation 4 & 3 of iPad Pro do not feature a headphone jack, as well as the iPad air generation 4.

How To Connect Wired Headphones To An iPad Without a Headphone Jack

USB-C Adapter

One of the best & easiest ways to connect your wired headphones to an iPad without a headphone jack is to simply get a USB-C Headphone Jack Adapter. This will allow you to easily connect & comfortably any type of wired headphones to your iPad.

Use Headphones with a USB-C Connector

Another option is to get a pair of headphones that uses a USB-C connector rather than a 3.55mm headphone jack. Allowing you to simply plug-in & enjoy.

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Go Wireless

The last option is to go wireless, the downside to going wireless is the added price. However, wireless headphones do offer a greater & more comfortable experience. You will be able to simply pair your headphones to your iPad via Bluetooth & your ready to enjoy.

6 Benefits of Owning An iPad:

Easy To Use

Apple spends the majority of there resources focusing on simplifying its product’s user interface. This allows users of all age gaps to comfortably interact with the iPad. Allowing users to gain quick access to information through Siri, allowing elderly users to utilize the zoom in/out feature in order to access quick information more comfortably, & also allows for quick productivity features at your fingertips the list is endless!

The App Store

The App Store feature over a million apps, with more than half designed specifically for the iPad. Allowing you to take advantage of the fleet of productivity, entertainment, health & fitness, & educational apps available.


iPads lightweight design allows you to carry it around wherever you go. With the lightest iPad Air weighing in at 1.034 lbs (0.4 kg), this allows you to carry it around quite comfortably in your purse, bag, satchel, briefcase…etc

Battery Life

Apple’s battery life lasts around 10 hours, this combined with its lightweight design makes it the perfect option for when you’re on the go. Allowing you to utilize its capabilities throughout the day even when there is no power outlet to be seen.

Get Work Done On The Go

One of the major benefits of an iPad is that it provides access to almost every work-related software available via the app store. Allowing you to complete some of your tasks before you even get home.


Apple tablets by far have the largest number of accessories available in the market place. This includes innovative accessories such as the iRig which allows you to plug-in a guitar to your iPad & use it as a multi-effects package or the Atari Arcade for iPad which turns your iPad into an Atari allowing you to control your iPad through a joystick while enjoying classic Atari video games.

Related Questions:

Do iPads come with headphones?

No, Apple doesn’t include headphones nor do they include a USB-C dongle with your purchase.

does iPads come with a pencil?

No, since the Apple Pencil is not a requirement & instead a luxury feature it is not included with your iPad purchase.

Do iPads come with a keyboard?

No. the iPad does not come with a keyboard, Apple’s magic keyboard must be bought separately.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, most current iPad models don’t feature a headphone jack. However, you will still be able to connect your 3.55 headphones to your iPad through a USB-C Headphone Jack Adapter. Another option is to get a headphone that uses a USB-C connector this allows you to simply plug-in your headphones & enjoy.

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