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Can You Use Turtle Beach Headphones With The Nintendo Switch Console?

The Nintendo Switch system continues to be extremely popular. You can play your Nintendo Switch in a dock mode on your television, or take it with you via its portable features. What about the audio experience, though? If you want to go beyond your television speakers or the internal speakers of the Nintendo Switch console, what options do you have? Do you have the ability to use Turtle Beach headphones with your Nintendo Switch console? 

Turtle beach headsets do work with the Nintendo switch. The Nintendo Switch finally natively supports Bluetooth headphones, meaning you’ll now have the option to pair your Turtle beach headset via Bluetooth or through a wired connection.

Let us explore your options to improve your audio experience while gaming.

Connecting Turtle Beach Headphones to the Nintendo Switch:

The Nintendo Switch has a few different ways in which you can hook headphones up to it. The first is via a wire. while the other two give you wireless options.  

The Wire Connection

When you check out the top of your Nintendo Switch console, what you will find is that there is a headphone jack. If you have a pair of headphones with the ability to plug into the headphone jack, hooking up the headphones is as simple as plugging in the device to the Nintendo Switch console. This lets the headphones immediately take over the duties of the audio output so you can experience the sound coming from them.

The Wireless Dongle

The Nintendo Switch docking station also can present to you a few different USB ports. If you have wireless headphones, you can connect them wirelessly to the Nintendo Switch by attaching either a Bluetooth dongle or a USB wireless dongle into the port. When you do this, you can then connect the headphones with the Nintendo Switch and you get to enjoy all of the great audio that goes along with it.

A Bluetooth Connection

Nintendo made a surprise announcement in 2021 for the owners of the console. The Nintendo Switch was a system that always could handle Bluetooth, but it was never made open to other accessories. Nintendo made a change to all of that and users now can pair their headphones directly with the Nintendo Switch console. This will allow you to do Bluetooth pairing to get the audio playing out to the headphones wirelessly. The connection steps here are made far more simple than ever before.

Turtle Beach Leads the Market

The great thing about Turtle Beach as a company is that they continue to lead the market in what they offer to consumers. They have a wide variety of options when it comes to headphones. These are headphones that you can use to listen to music, play a video game, watch movies, etc. When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, though, what are some of the options you have on the table? Will the headphones work with the Nintendo console? 

The great thing about Turtle Beach headphones is that they are never made to be specific to one machine. It is not that the headphone will only work with the Microsoft Xbox platforms of the Sony Playstation systems. Instead, the headphones have a design where they should work with just about everything. So where does the Nintendo Switch fall into that discussion? Let us take a closer look at the different varieties of headphones.

Options for Headphones From Turtle Beach

So what are some of the headphones from Turtle Beach that will work with the Nintendo Switch console? The easy answer is that just about everything is going to work with your Nintendo Switch. If you have a Turtle Beach headset that plugs in via a headphone jack, your Nintendo Switch can do that for you. If the Turtle Beach headphones will connect via Bluetooth, you can pair them right with the Nintendo Switch.

The great thing about Turtle Beach is that they will provide you with options. If you are thinking about a set of headphones that you can hook up via the headphone jack, you have headsets such as the Recon line, as well as the Stealth line from Turtle Beach. The Stealth 300, for example, is a great headset that lets you get some great audio quality via a wired connection.

If you want to go with the wired connection via a USB cable, the Elite Pro TAC when it is in PC mode will work flawlessly with the Nintendo Switch. This is a great option to have headphones when you have the Switch in docked mode.

The wireless options from Turtle Beach are where things get taken to the next level. The Stealth 600 and Stealth 700 headphones can give you wireless connectivity with an audio output that immerses you in your Nintendo Switch experience. Playing Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, or any other Switch hit is amazing with these headphones on. If you want to take it up a notch higher, the Elite 800 will give you a truly next-gen experience.

Connecting Nintendo Switch to Turtle Beach is Easy

The thing to remember here is that you can easily connect your Turtle Beach headphones to your Nintendo Switch. You just need to follow the instructions that come with your headphones and use the different connectivity options of your Nintendo Switch to make it all work. By doing this you will end up with an amazing audio experience for your Switch gaming.

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