Can PS4 and PS5 Players Play Madden 22 Together?

Many gamers are wondering, is Madden NFL offering crossplay in its 22nd generation? Game developers have been expanding options since last year, and there are many more games, such as Call of Duty Vanguard and Super Animal Royale, offering crossplay options. So perhaps Madden NFL 22 developers have caught on to the trend…

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Madden 22 does not have crossplay capability. However, PS5 & Xbox Series X players can purchase earlier versions of Maden NFL, allowing you to play with Xbox One or PS4 Player, thanks to the backward compatibility of both systems. Meanwhile, it is fortunate that, unlike its predecessors, Madden NFL 22 was released as a cross-platform game and is compatible with several different devices.

Playstation 5 consoles have been in short supply since last year, with stores selling out immediately after restocking them. Many of those who currently own ps5 were on a waiting list or found themselves forced to pay above the sticker price, which makes the issue of cross-platforming more important. 


Cross-platform refers to a game designed to work on several different devices, and Madden 22 works on Windows, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X&S, Xbox Series, and Stadia. Crossplay is cross-platform gamers playing each other on the same game simultaneously.

Madden 22 is also not cross-generation so that ps5 can only cross-play with gamers on other ps5 devices, not ps4 for example, unless they are playing a ps4 game. And ps4 players can use a ps5 console , but only to play a ps4 game.


Despite Madden 22’s latest compatibility updates, there is still no crossplay on any of these player consoles. However, to potentially play another person in Madden 22, gamers may want to think about retaining the latest modules and hardware.

Some game experts state that Madden NFL may never be crossplay because it already sells millions of copies. At the same time, others predict that Madden NFL will follow other prominent and successful franchises like Fortnite and Call of Duty, which both allow Xbox players to crossplay with Playstation and PC gamers—considering the growing popularity of crossplay and cross-platforming, who’s to say that future generations of Madden 22 will not include these desirable features? 


Madden 22 is a simulated football game with three versions available, including Standard edition, MVP edition, and the Dynasty Edition. There have been 22 generations of Madden 22 since 1988, when it was first released. Then in 1990, Electronic Arts (EA) began publishing refreshed generations of the game.

Reviewers frequently note that these updates illicit significant differences, such as the latest move from 21, which provides considerable benefit once you ‘get used to the new controls.’ There were ways of manipulating Madden 21 that have now been edited out of 22. All three versions of the game were available for pre-order prior to release and offered various tiered player bonuses like free updates and fantasy packs.


Publishers are responding to the growing importance of functionality, and this year there is a more extensive selection to choose from. This includes games offering cross-progression – generally described as being able to pause a game and then pick it up again later on another platform; and cross-save – transferring on a continual basis.

Examples of some of the games offering crossplay between ps4 and ps5 include: Back 4 Blood, Chivalry 2, Destiny 2, Farming simulator 22, GRID Legends, Knockout City, MLB The Show 21, Nerf Legends, Overcooked All You Can eat, Overwatch, Quake, Riders Republic, Splitgate, and Super Animal Royale – all of which also come with full cross-platform support.  


The issue of cross-platform capability is especially impactful for would-be Madden 22 players, since the Playstation 5 console has been so difficult to come by for numerous consumers.

Madden NFL 22 is an Xbox game that was released August 20, 2021, and these gamers have been waiting to purchase the device since last year.

The start of spring reportedly brought with it a new injection of ps5 consoles for those who had been on a waitlist or connected to paid member retail services. And those who weren’t remain out of luck. 

Gamers already signed up on the waitlist were also privy to the latest restocking notifications, and there was one such event which took place this March.

There was also an opportunity for consumers receiving exclusive shopper benefits from paid subscription services and memberships like Walmart Plus, Amazon Prime, and GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro that alert subscribers ahead of each restocking.

Restock-websites recently noted that Walmart and Amazon were expected to have more ps5’s coming in, though quite a few players have been a little too late in responding to updates like these for months now, as they sell out fast.

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