Will LG Soundbar Work With Sony TV

Soundbars are a great alternative to a full speaker system for your smart TV. However, it’s pretty tricky to pair the right brands in order to get connectivity that lasts so your TV isn’t always switching between different speaker options.

There’s a good chance that your LG soundbar will not be able to work with your Sony TV. While some users have reported limited success in getting an LG soundbar to work with a Sony TV, even Sony says that there are compatibility issues between these brands and that you should use a Sony brand sound bar instead. You can try using the optical connection if that’s available on your TV and your specific LG soundbar for best results.

Are you really going to be stuck returning either your TV or your soundbar? Let’s take a look at everything there is to know about this issue.

Will LG Soundbar Work With Sony TV

An LG soundbar will not work with a Sony TV. These two devices do not work together for one simple reason and that is that both of these brands make TVs and soundbars. By not working with each other, they force consumers to buy both products in the same brand rather than buying something from one of their competitors.

If you have an LG sound bar in a Sony TV, you’ve likely noticed that the TV keeps switching back to its internal speakers rather than sticking with the soundbar. This is a simple bug that’s left unfixed, but users have reported a few potential workarounds.

The first fix is to use your HDMI cable to connect the TV to the soundbar. This has limited results because each time you turn the TV off, it’s going to default back to the internal speakers rather than the soundbar.

You should have had more success getting a stable connection using the optical cable to connect the soundbar to the Sony TV. However, in order for this to work both your Sony TV and your LG soundbar are going to need to be compatible with an optical connection. 

Which Brand Soundbars Work with Sony TVs?

There is some good news if you’re looking to shop for a soundbar for your Sony TV. You have more options than just the Sony brand. Just because they don’t like to play nice with LG doesn’t mean that you don’t have options when it comes to shopping for the right soundbar for you.

Here are a few companies that make sound bars that go great with a Sony TV.

  • Sony
  • Sonos
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Samsung

Which Brand TVs Work with LG Soundbars?

Let’s approach this problem from the other angle. What if you already have an LG soundbar and you’re looking for the right TV to go with it?

Finding the right TV to go with your LG sound bar is going to be a little bit more tricky. There are a few brands that always work with LG Soundbars whether you’re connecting with HDMI, optical cables, or a Bluetooth connection.

Samsung makes the best TVs for LG soundbars. They go great together and even Samsung says that they should work smoothly. Of course, your best bet will probably be to pick an LG TV since they’re both from the same brand and that should mean that they’re designed to work together.

One thing you can keep an eye out for is picking a TV that has an optical cable port. Optical cabling is a new standard for connecting stereo equipment. Many LG soundbars come equipped with an optical cable port that you can connect directly to your TV. 

Workarounds to Connect an LG Soundbar to a Sony TV

Now let’s take a look at some workarounds and fixes that can potentially get your LG soundbar connected to a Sony TV. Keep in mind, that even the best fixes here are only temporary. Sony and LG don’t have the best relationship and that means this connectivity is going to have just as many fallouts as their companies.

The best possible solution that you have is to use an optical cable to connect your LG soundbar to your Sony TV. This is going to give you the strongest connection and the most resistance to the Sony TV switching back to its internal speakers. The only downside to this fix is that it requires both devices to have an optical port which not every LG soundbar or Sony TV has.

You also want to go into the settings of your Sony TV and make sure that it’s using the soundbar. You might have to change this setting every now and then because your Sony TV is likely to switch back to its internal speakers over an LG soundbar.

In any event, you’re going to need a physical connection to get an LG soundbar and a Sony TV working together. Many users have reported that when they try to connect an LG soundbar to a Sony TV using a wireless connection, the Sony TV doesn’t recognize the LG sound bar at all. 

LG Soundbar and Sony TV: Quick Facts

There’s bad news if you’re looking to connect an LG soundbar to a Sony TV. LG soundbars and Sony TVs just don’t work together at all. You might have some limited success getting them to work together in the short term, but for any length of time these two devices are going to have a lot of connectivity troubles.

Your best bet is to simply either return the soundbar or the TV and get something from a different brand. We listed a few brands that work with both LG and Sony above so feel free to check out their products for a great alternative.

You can try some temporary fixes like connecting with HDMI or optical cable, but these are more temporary patches than a permanent solution to these two brands that don’t like to get along. 

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