Why Ring Camera Keeps Going Offline: How To Fix in Seconds

A Ring camera is a superb addition to your home security and safety. Nevertheless, your Ring camera can become faulty and keep going offline, preventing you from monitoring your home from a remote place. Here’s how to deal with a Ring camera that keeps going off.

Why Ring Camera Keeps Going Offline?

The main problem that makes a Ring camera keep going offline is connection interruption between your Ring camera and your Wi-Fi network. Weak connectivity causes a camera to go offline and come online only when there is a strong connection.

Fortunately, dealing with a Ring camera that keeps going offline is easy. Read on to learn how to fix internet interruption and other problems that may make your Ring device go offline.

How to Fix a Camera That Keeps Going Off

You can quickly fix the issue by following these step-by-step instructions.

  1. Open the Ring camera app on your device
  2. Move to the topmost right-hand corner on your device where there are three lines and tap on them
  3. Move to the left side of your device’s screen, and tap devices
  4. Tap on the specific device you want to connect to the network
  5. Move to the bottom of the screen and select the device health option
  6. Open the device health page and tap on reconnect Wi-Fi

Troubleshooting your Ring camera using these six steps will return your device online by reconnecting it to your Wi-Fi.

Can Electric Disruptions Make a Ring Camera go Offline?

Apart from connectivity interruptions, electric disruptions can also make a Ring camera go offline because your device depends on electric power to operate. Power disruption can affect both battery- and electricity-powered Ring cameras. The issue could be a result of dead, missing, or corroded batteries as well as unplugged chords or broken electric plugs and wires.

There are various ways to repair a Ring camera that keeps going offline because of power disruption depending on the type of device you are using.

How to Fix a Battery-Powered Ring Camera that Keeps Going Off Because of Power Disruptions

If your device is battery-operated, be sure to examine the batteries. The batteries should be new and in good condition for the Ring camera to work properly. If your device has missing, corroded, or dead batteries, change them as soon as possible. As a general rule of thumb, you should change the batteries every six months. If rechargeable, consider charging your device’s battery after one or two weeks of constant use.

How to Fix an Electricity-Operated Camera that Keeps Going Off Because of Power Disruptions

If your Ring camera is operated using electricity, ensure all power chords are plugged in. Call professionals to fix any loose or damaged wires. If there is no electricity, call your provider to fix the issue and restore power in your home.

Can Breaker Box Issues Make a Ring Camera go Offline?

In addition to electric disruptions, breaker box issues can make a Ring camera go offline. The problem is prevalent in homes whose electric systems have breaker switches and is usually because of a blown fuse that prevents power from reaching your camera.

How to Fix a Faulty Breaker Box

Repairing a broken breaker box to bring a Ring camera back online is easy. Nevertheless, you should follow safety precautions because electricity is a safety hazard. Switch your house’s main electric switch, and don’t touch the breaker box with wet hands. These steps will help you fix the issue.

  1. Locate your circuit breaker panel, primarily found in the garage, basement, or utility room, and switch off all electric connections in your house
  2. Locate your main breaker and turn the main switch off twice before turning it on again and leaving it that way
  3. Go back to your breaker panel and turn on all electric connections.

These steps will restore your electric connection and power your Ring camera.

Can a Ring Camera Outside Wi-Fi Range Keep Going Offline?

A Ring camera only operates when it is within the range of a Wi-Fi connection. When placed in a place outside your Wi-Fi connection’s range, your Ring device will go offline.

How to Fix a Ring Camera that is Outside a Wi-Fi Range

  1. Remove your camera from its initial position
  2. Walk around with it until it is within range and able to return online
  3. Mount it around the area so that it doesn’t get out of range again

Ensure your Ring device is within range at all times; otherwise, it will keep going offline.

Can Change in Wi-Fi SSID Make a Camera go Offline?

As mentioned earlier, a Ring device relies on internet connectivity to function. Your device can go offline if there is any change in Wi-Fi SSID. It often happens when there is a new upgrade in the system because your device cannot automatically access the new information.

How to Fix a Ring Camera Affected by Change in SSID

Follow these steps to repair a Ring device that has gone offline because of SSID changes.

  1. Ensure your internet connection is on
  2. Switch off your Ring device and unplug it from the power source for 30-60 seconds
  3. Plug it back into the power source and switch it on
  4. Configure it to the new SSID to connect

Unfortunately, your Ring camera may fail to connect to the new SSID even after troubleshooting, especially if it is a single-band device. This is especially the case when your Wi-Fi connection is upgraded to higher frequencies because some Ring camera designs are incompatible with higher network frequencies measuring 2GHz and above.

If this is the case, be sure to lower your network’s frequency. Connect the device to a new network connection if the available one cannot be reduced. Even better, you can replace your Ring camera with a dual-band device that can operate on two different frequencies.

Can a Ring Camera Go Offline Because It Needs Rebooting?

Sometimes, your Ring device can go offline because it has been in use for many years. If you diagnose all other potential issues that can make your device go offline and there is no issue with any of them, consider hard resetting it.

How to Reboot a Ring Camera

Use the following steps to reboot your Ring camera and restore its functionality.

  1. Long press your device’s setup button (the orange button) for about 10 seconds
  2. Release the button. A flickering light indicating that your device is rebooting will flash for several minutes. The reset is complete when the light turns off
  3. Reconnect your device to the internet once the flickering light has stopped

Be sure to hard reset your Ring camera once in a while to prevent it from going offline because of prolonged use. Review your manufacturer’s manual to determine how often you need to reboot your device.

Bottom Line

While a Ring device is designed to work properly without any issues, internet interruptions, power disruptions, breaker box issues, and changes in SSID can make your Ring camera go offline. Also, prolonged use without routine rebooting can meddle with your device. If you notice issues with your Ring device, be sure to identify the specific issue affecting your device before applying the appropriate solution. Contact professionals if you need help or have any questions.

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