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Why is My Fire Stick not Updating? 

The Fire Stick is one of many devices that provide convenient streaming services for millions of people, and is one of the most popular brands of streaming devices. However, while the Fire Stick is one of the better streaming devices, it is not without its problems. People have had trouble dealing with multiple issues with the Fire Stick, such as the Fire Stick having issues with updating, among others. For instance, why is your Fire Stick not updating?

Make sure that your Fire Stick is connected to the Internet and that automatic updates are enabled on your Fire Stick. There may also be maintenance that your Fire Stick is going through, which will require you to wait before you can actually update the device.

But what other reasons might be preventing the Fire Stick from updating? And what do you do if the Fire Stick just can’t seem to update?

Why is My Fire Stick not Updating?

You are not connected to the Internet

This is a simple reason, but it is honestly a pretty common one – especially since it may not be immediately apparent that you have lost connection to the Internet.

One thing you should make sure of is where the Internet connection issue is coming from. It may be that your Fire Stick is having difficulties getting connected to the Internet, yet it may also be an issue with your Wi-Fi router. To test this, you can try connecting other devices to Wi-Fi, to see if you experience any of the same issues. If you have no problem doing this with other devices, the problem is on the Fire Stick’s end. A good way to definitively test this is to connect an Ethernet cord to a device with a compatible Ethernet port. This gets rid of the possibility that poor proximity between a device and the router is the problem.

However, if you cannot get anything to connect properly to Wi-Fi, there are steps you can take to address that. The most common method for rebooting problematic Wi-Fi is to simply unplug the router from its power source. It may seem rudimentary, and it may not always fix the problem, but there is a decent chance that it could fix the problem here. However, if the issue is on your Internet service provider (ISP)’s end, the best you can really do is let them know that something is wrong and wait for them to fix it. They may have an ETA on when the fix will be complete, but even that can be relatively loose.

The issue may be the proximity between the Fire Stick and the router. A router can only reach so far, and as such, you may need to bring either device closer to the other. If that is not possible, however, you may also want to consider getting a Wi-Fi extender. This essentially serves as a middle ground between your Wi-Fi router and the device you want to connect to it, ensuring that you have a stronger connection.

You should also check to make sure that the Wi-Fi information on your Fire Stick is accurate. It will be easier to figure out if there is something wrong, as you will not be able to use any of the downloaded apps. You may have accidentally put the wrong info in, or, if the password or name has changed, that will need updating before it works again. Once you put in your new password and/or router name, check to see if you can download the update again.

There is no update to the Fire Stick to download

This is a common mistake to make, but sometimes, you may make the mistake of thinking there is an update to download where there is no update to be had. This may either be because the update was downloaded automatically already, someone else downloaded it themselves, or you were simply mistaken about there being an update to download. To check to see if any new updates have been released for the Fire Stick, use the remote to navigate to the Settings option. Next, scroll until you find My Fire TV. However, this may be called Device or System. Which option you have to choose depends on the Fire Stick you are using. Select whichever option you see.

On this next menu, click About, and scroll until you see Check for updates. You will see both the update version number it is currently running on, and the last time an update was downloaded. You can search on the Internet for the current Fire Stick update version number to see if the update you have matches that. Click Check for updates, and if an Install Update option appears, that means there is an update to install. Otherwise, it will just say Your Fire TV is up to date. Select Install Update if it appears, which will turn the Fire Stick off, and after a few minutes, it will power back on, fully updated.

The simplest method of keeping your updates regular is to simply use automatic updates. Thankfully, this is the default option, and turning it off requires significant effort on your part.

The Fire Stick is malfunctioning

It is possible that your Fire Stick has a physical issue that is preventing it from downloading the newest update. This is most evident if you can see other issues, such as not being able to use apps.

What do I do if I can’t get the Fire Stick to update?

If, after attempting all of the above-mentioned ideas, the Fire Stick is still unwilling to update, there may be something going wrong with the device. If this is the case, get in contact with Amazon customer support, which may be able to walk you through potential solutions that address your specific issues. If they cannot, you may be able to get a replacement, depending on whether it was a defect and if it is within the warranty window.

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