Why Is My Airpods Pro Case Flashing Red: Fix It in Seconds

You may want to know what’s going on if you notice that your AirPods Pro case is flashing red. We’re here to explain why it might be doing that and answer some relevant questions you might have as well. 

A flashing red light on an AirPods Pro case usually means that there was an error in the pairing process. The flashing red light shows up as a status indicator to let you know that you need to resolve an issue. 

How Do I Fix the Flashing Red Light on My AirPods Pro Case?

If you’re experiencing a pairing issue, it might do you some good to reset your AirPods Pro. You’ll need to place your AirPods Pro in their case properly and then close the lid. After about 30 seconds, you can open the lid and then go to your device’s “Bluetooth” menu. 

Look for the name of the device that you were trying to pair. You’ll see a little “i” symbol next to that device’s name. Next, you’ll need to click that “i” and then click “forget this device.” That will erase the connection to start fresh and repair it. 

You will then need to press and hold the button on the back of your AirPods Pro case so that it will disconnect from every device you’ve attempted to pair. You’ll see a white light when that’s done, and you can attempt to go through your pairing process all over again. 

Could the Flashing Red Light on AirPods Pro Case Mean Something Else?

The flashing red light on the AirPods Pro case isn’t exclusive to pairing issues. Your light will also blink or flash red while your AirPods Pro units or case is in charging mode. Once the item is fully charged, you’ll see a different color on your status indicator. 

What Does a Solid Red Light Mean on My AirPods Pro Case?

You might also notice a solid red light on your AirPods Pro case. A solid red light means that your case or your AirPods Pro needs to be charged. If you see a steady light when your AirPods Pro are not in their case, this means that the case itself needs to be charged. You now have less than one full charge on it, and you need to charge it as soon as you can. 

A steady red light when your AirPods Pro are in their case means that the case and AirPods Pro are charging. There is nothing else you need to do at this point except to wait for those units to charge. 

How Do I Charge My AirPods Pro Case?

You can use one of two methods to charge your Airpods Pro case. One method you can use is to connect your case to the nearest power outlet. You’ll need to use the lightning charger along with a compatible adaptor. You may also choose to charge your AirPods Pro case wirelessly.

In that case, you’ll need to place your case on the appropriate wireless charger with the status light facing up. You’ll see the status light turn on when you have aligned the case on the charger properly. You can then check the status periodically to see when your charge has been completed. 

Why Is My AirPods Pro Flashing Red After a Long Period of Charging?

If you see a red light on your AirPods Pro case while charging the AirPods Pro, it usually means you are charging them correctly. However, they may have difficulty charging if you notice the red light for much longer than 30 minutes. It should only take a half-hour for them to get a full charge. Therefore, you may need to look into an issue if it has been an hour or more, and you still notice a red light and no green light. 

Why Isn’t My AirPods Pro Charging?

There could be several reasons your AirPods Pro or their case is not charging. One reason could be that you don’t have the lightning connector connected firmly. Ensure that your connection isn’t loose to get the best results. You’ll then need to check the power adaptor to ensure that it’s connected right. You could also be having an issue with that particular outlet, so you need to check that as well. 

If you’re charging your unit wirelessly, you need to ensure that you have the case sitting on the charger the right way, as nothing will charge unless it’s planted right. 

If you’ve checked all avenues and your device still doesn’t seem to charge, it might be time to take things to the next level. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge an AirPods Pro Case?

The AirPods Pro earpieces and cases generally don’t take long to charge. You can expect your case to have a full charge on it within 20 to 30  minutes. If the charge takes much longer than that, there may be an issue with your device or the power outlet itself. 

When Will I Know My AirPods Pro Case Is Charged?

The AirPods Pro case and earphones have an easy-to-understand status light indicator system. You will know that your Airpods Pro case is charged when you see a green light in the status indicator spot. The green light indicates that your AirPods Pro case is 100 percent charged. You’ll see a red light up until that point.  

How Long Will AirPods Pro Case Charge Last?

Generally, the AirPods Pro case will give you up to 24 hours to listen to your favorite music. There may be a slight difference in listening time if you’ve owned your AirPods Pro for some years, or you listen to music more than usual. 

Now you know what the infamous red light means and what you should do about it if you notice it on your set of AirPods Pro. You may take your AirPods Pro to an experienced Apple technician if you see that your red light won’t go off or have charging issues. There may be a good fix for it or a warranty service that can cover it. 

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