Can I wear AirPods Pro in The Shower?

As many AirPods users know, the AirPods Pro has an official IPX4 rating which labels them as water & sweat resistant. 

However, this begs the question, how much water can they actually handle? Would they be able to survive being used in the shower?

Can You wear Airpod Pro in The Shower?

To directly answer the question, no, the Airpdos Pro cannot and should be used in the shower, and here’s why. 

As mentioned above, the AirPods Pro has an IPX4 rating. IPX is a rating system used to evaluate a device’s tolerance to different environmental conditions; it ranges from 0 to 9, with the lower ranges being less tolerant to water and other environmental conditions.

An IPX 4 rating is able to handle splashes of water from any direction, and that’s it. Anything more will damage the device.

Now there are a few circumstances where your device may survive the shower. However, this will definitely still have a negative impact on your AirPods. According to Apple, your device’s resistance to water isn’t a permanent condition and can, believe it or not, diminish. So it would be a good idea to avoid constant exposure to water.

A Deeper look at IPX Ratings

The IPX rating system shows the level of resistance products are to certain environmental conditions. Each IPX rating determines how the product will hold up in different conditions.

Let’s now take a look at each IPX rating & how the AirPods Pro’s IPX4 stacks up against other ratings:

  • IPX0 – No protection
  • IPX1 – Protects from slight dripping of water
  • IPX2 – Protects from vertical water drops
  • IPX3 – protects from drops up to 60°
  • IPX4 – Considered water-resistant, protects from splashing water no matter the direction
  • IPX5 – Protects from jets of water at any direction
  • IPX6 – Protects from powerful jets of water
  • IPX7 – Considered waterproof. Protects in water up to 3 feet
  • IPX8 – protects when immersed in water beyond 3 feet

Could You Use The Airpod Pro In The Rain?

This is dependent on the severity of the rain condition.

Your Airpod Pro may be able to handle light rain conditions, as long as you avoid a decent amount of rain from entering the inner openings of your AirPods. However, medium to strong rainy conditions should be avoided.

The opening portions of the Airpods are the device’s Active Noise Cancelation Microphone & the adaptive EQ Microphone. Unlike the Apple Watch, this feature cannot be blocked to prevent water from going into your earphones.

Keeping Your AirPods Safe

Aside from water, there are a few other substances to avoid getting in contact with your AirPods. These include:

  • Soap
  • shampoos
  • lotions
  • conditioners
  • sunscreen
  • oil
  • hair dye
  • insect repellent
  • solvents
  • detergent
  • acidic food

Exposure to anything on this list can negatively impact water seal & acoustic membranes.

If your AirPods pro is exposed to any of these above substances:

  • Thoroughly wipe them down with a cloth slightly dampened with water & dry with a microfiber cloth
  • Do not use them or place them in the charging case until they are completely dry

When it comes to water & sweat, there are limitations to the Airpod pro & things to avoid:

  • Don’t swim or submerge your AirPods Pro
  • Don’t use them in the shower or place them under a faucet
  • Don’t put them in a washing machine
  • Avoid exposing AirPods pro to the sauna or steam room
  • Avoid exposing your AirPods pro to high-velocity water such as water skiing

What To Do If Airpod Pro Gets Wet?

Exposure to a substantial amount of water can cause damage to your AirPods; however, if you find yourself in this situation, here’s what you should do:

  1. Wipe them down with a microfiber cloth
  2. Use a water eject app (as shown in the video above) to remove the water inside the AirPods pro.
  3. Allow them to dry completely before placing them back in the charging case.
  4. Do not attempt to use them until they are completely dry.

Does Apple’s Warranty Cover Water Damage for AirPods?

Unfortunately, no, apple’s warranty won’t cover water damage from the AirPods or AirPods pro.

However, if you are covered by applecare+, apple may fix the issue at a discounted price. The fee to repair an incident will be $29 for each incident under the applecare+ warranty and $89 if you are not covered by the warranty. Here are Apple’s warranty terms.

Related Questions:

Does AirPods pro have a water damage indicator?

No, the AirPods Pro does not have a water damage indicator. The reason being is it’s not designed to come in contact with water. The AirPods pro has the most minimal level of water-resistant IPX4, meaning it can handle a small amount of splashes but can still be damaged if exposed to enough water.

How long can AirPods Pro last in water?

The AirPods Pro isn’t designed to go underwater & therefore can’t handle being submerged underwater. The AirPods pro has an IPX4 rating, which is the most minimal rating for water resistance. This means it can only handle small splashes of water. If exposed to a large amount of water, it will be at risk of being damaged.

Does sweat damage AirPods Pro?

The AirPods Pro is sweat resistant but not sweatproof, meaning it can handle a good amount of sweat; however, without proper care, your AirPods pro can be damaged. The case itself isn’t sweat resistant. Therefore, it’s crucial that you wipe down your AirPods pro with a dry lint-free cloth after each & every workout session before putting it back into the case.

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