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Why is Apple TV so slow? 

After a long day, there are few things better than being able to sit back in your chair, turn the TV on, and relax. Unfortunately, things simply do not always line up as you’d like. For example, some days your Internet may be slower than on other days, which will affect your devices and services’ speed. This can also affect the Apple TV , but what are the reasons that this is happening?

First, make sure that your Internet is working correctly. You can do this by doing an Internet speed test, or by comparing the download and upload speeds for other services and devices. If your Internet is running slowly, this likely means that it is an issue on your or your Internet provider’s end. However, if things are fine with them, you may need to go to your Apple TV settings and reset it.

But how do you do all these things? And what if the Apple TV is still acting up after?

Why is Apple TV so slow?

As far as reasons why Apple TV itself may be slow, the cause is usually due to an issue with the Apple TV device. There are multiple ways you can address this, including resetting the Apple TV.

When trying to figure out the reason why Apple TV is running slow, there are a number of things you can do to narrow down the issue. For one, you should check to see if your Internet is running slow as well. There are multiple ways you can verify this, including using an Internet speed test service.

Make sure to use multiple Internet speed tests, if only to ensure that you don’t wind up getting misleading results. This is an issue sometimes when your Internet provider provides the speed test itself, and provides misleading info in order to make you think your Internet speed is better than it actually is.

You can also test to see whether other apps, websites, and devices are also running slowly, as well as whether the upload and download speeds are notably slow or not. For instance, if the Internet is slow on your computer as well, it is highly unlikely to be an issue with Apple TV.

How can I make my Internet faster?

If you believe that your Internet is the reason why Apple TV is running slowly, fixing this may be more costly and time-consuming than you would like. However, it does not have to be. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of restarting your modem and router, which often has the effect of speeding them up back to normal. To reset your modem and router, you need to unplug both, wait for 15 seconds, and plug them back into the electrical outlet. This is not a guaranteed fix, but it works often enough.

You should also consider the distance between your modem and router and whatever device is trying to connect to it. The further away they are from said device, the weaker the Internet connection will be. This becomes further exacerbated in the event that there is anything obstructing it, such as walls. It can become even worse depending on what is in the walls. For instance, the Wi-Fi signal may struggle to reach you through a wall if it has to go through copper piping or other material.

If your Internet speed seems slow even when connected via an Ethernet cable, however, the solution may be to either get a new router and/or modem, or upgrade your Internet speed. For this, consult both your Internet provider and an unbiased third-party who can tell whether it is a good idea or not. You may even have to switch to another Internet provider, if possible.

Is the Apple TV worth it?

There are a number of companies creating streaming devices, and Apple is one of them with the Apple TV. One thing that Apple TV has going for it is the hardware quality. Apple tends to put a lot more work into quality hardware, although if you are not willing to pay a premium for it, you may not find much of value going with this one instead of, say, a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, for example. One example of this is the Apple TV 4K, which is a whopping $200. This is considerably more expensive than other streaming devices, though one may argue that this is a worthwhile value.

The user interface (UI) is also quite streamlined, meaning that users will have less to worry about with respect to getting lost in it. A nice thing is that you don’t have to worry about being inundated by advertisements, meaning you can more easily get to what you want to see instead of what they want you to see.

What is the difference between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus?

One complicated problem that Apple created was creating a device called the Apple TV and a streaming service called Apple TV Plus (officially Apple TV+). Essentially, the Apple TV is the conduit by which users can access streaming services and other services available, and Apple TV Plus is one of the services you can download for Apple TV (and other streaming devices).

With so many streaming services out there, one may be wondering, is there any good reason to actually subscribe to Apple TV Plus ? Well, it ultimately depends on what you are looking to get out of it in the end. Where services like Netflix have a mixture of original programming and programming from other services and networks, Apple TV Plus focuses primarily on original content.

Apple TV Plus has a wide variety of original content, including Roar, The Essex Serpent, and Pachinko. All excellent shows in their own right, and which have numerous high-profile stars. For instance, The Essex Serpent has Tim Hiddleston, most well-known for his role as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while Roar has Nicole Kidman as one of its top-billed stars.

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