Why Does my VIZIO TV Turn on by Itself?

It’s the darnedest thing, isn’t it? You’re talking on the phone, sleeping, reading or cooking and all of the sudden a strange voice or burst of loud noise emanates from your VIZIO TV. Startled, you look to find your TV has turned itself on without any prompt or disturbance from anyone or anything.  

It can be creepy, unnerving and downright intrusive. Is it possessed? Is it broken? Why is my TV turning on when no one’s around? No, your TV isn’t possessed and it probably isn’t broken. More often than not, the problem is very fixable. You only have to inspect the TV and all its components. 

Causes for Turning Itself On: 

When your VIZIO TV turns itself on, it can be nothing short of an adrenaline-shocking experience. This is especially true if the noises that come out of it are loud, like yelling, blaring or exploding. But there are a few possible causes as to why this is happening. 

The Remote 

Sometimes, the power button on the remote could be the culprit. Things like age, severe accidents, exposure to liquids or contact with sugary foods can make the power button stick. Also, if you have more than one remote, the other remote could be turning the TV on. 

If the power button is working fine, then it could be that the batteries need replacing. Lack of battery juice will cause the TV to turn on by itself. But, it could be something with the battery contacts inside the remote too. 

Internal Timers or Settings 

It might be that you, or someone else in your household, set an internal timer and forgot to take it off. Likewise, an internal setting for CEC or HDMI could also turn a TV on without anyone prompting it to. Either of these are often very common reasons why most people experience their VIZIO TV turning on by itself. 

Connected Devices 

Other devices synced, paired and connected to your VIZIO TV can all be the cause, depending on the settings. This can also happen from a device belonging to someone else in the household. A wireless router, USB wireless LAN adaptor, network device or smart device can be culprits in this way. 

Resolving the Issue:

First, turn the volume down on the TV before diagnosing and fixing the problem. Take a moment to calm yourself if startled. Then, check all the points in the following list to resolve the TV from turning itself on. 

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Stuck Power Button 

If the power button is stuck, try to take apart the remote and do a thorough inspection of the device. In the event of sugar, use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to remove the substance from all the parts in the remote. Remember to be gentle and dab, DO NOT rub.

For water damage, allow the remote to sit in a bag of rice. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you will have to purchase a replacement.

Multiple Remotes 

In the event you have more than one remote, condense both by turning your phone or tablet into a remote with VIZIO’s app, SmartCast. Disable the other remotes to prevent further issues. 

Low Battery Power 

The fix for a low battery is obvious, put some ones into the remote. But, test the batteries to check voltage. If the batteries are fine, it could be an issue with the remote’s battery contacts. In this case, you will have to get a new one. 

Automatic Timers 

Go to your TV’s settings to see if an internal timer is on. VIZIO’s Sleep Timer is set to turning the TV off as a default. For instance, someone in the household could have intended to watch a particular show and set the timer. 

Automatic Settings 

There is an option to power the TV on with specific commands prompted by turning on apps, for example. This can happen from someone else’s device in the household too. To stop this, go to the “System” settings by pressing the menu button on the remote.  

Connected Devices 

If you have a lot of devices connected to your TV, one of them could be causing it to turn on. You’re going to have to unplug them, one by one, until your TV stops turning itself on. When you detach a device, leave it for 12 hours to see if the problem returns and before disconnecting another. 


Always inspect cords for a solid connected and for any damages. Certain animals, like cats and rodents, love to chew on cords. Unfortunately, this can cause a short in the wiring which might be the cause of your TV turning on. Bent connector prongs can also cause issues. You will have to get a new one if the cord is noticeably damaged. 

HDMI or CEC Settings 

An internal HDMI or CEC setting can cause your TV to turn on by itself. This is because when your service provider delivers an update, it will turn the TV on to apply the necessary data and software. With the remote, go to “System,” and select “Eco Mode” in the Power Mode setting to resolve the issue. 

When All Else Fails 

If you’ve done all the above and your TV is still mysteriously turning itself on, try resetting it to the factory defaults. Before you do this, please note that this will remove all your custom settings and saved passwords, so you want to write down everything important so you can put them back later on.

To reset, press menu on the remote, select “System,” then “Reset ; Admin” and go to “Reset to Factory Settings.” Once selected, you’ll go through the setup process afresh, just like when you first setup the device.

Failing that, you’ll have to reach out to VIZIO’s customer support for help. If your warranty has already expired, their willingness to help will be unreliable at best. You may have to bite the bullet at this point and purchase a new TV. 

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