How to Fix JLab Earbuds Disconnecting 

Wireless earbuds are quite useful, for a variety of reasons. Allowing you the privacy of listening to what you want without anyone listening in, not having to deal with obnoxious wires, and being able to connect and disconnect them whenever you need. However, like all technology, wireless earbuds like the JLab Earbuds have their problems. One of the most annoying of these is when the earbuds disconnect, seemingly at random. But why does this happen?

Your JLab earbuds may need to be reset. To do this, place them in the charging case, and then forget them on your device’s Bluetooth page. Rapidly tap on one earbud seven times, and then do this for the other one. Remove them from the case, and try connecting via Bluetooth again.

But what other reasons may be causing your JLab earbuds to disconnect from the device? And what do you do if you can no longer get them to connect?

How to Fix JLab Earbuds Disconnecting

Reset your JLab earbuds

If your earbuds are disconnecting, resetting them is often the most likely fix. To start the reset process, you need to disconnect them from the Bluetooth decide they are paired to. You can find the option to disconnect them from the Bluetooth menu of the device. To initiate the reset, place the earbuds in the charging case, and then tap on the first earbud in rapid succession seven times. Next, push the other earbud seven times in rapid succession. Remove the earbuds from the charging case, and then attempt to reconnect to the Bluetooth on your device.

Make sure that the JLab earbuds are adequately charged

A common reason why your JLab earbuds may be disconnecting seemingly at random is that they are not charged enough. This may be because the JLab earbuds are left in the charging case for too little time. Place your JLab earbuds in the charging case to allow them to charge. One thing people have noted, however, is that the JLab earbuds may charge slowly, or not charge at all.

To fix this problem, make sure that they are placed properly in the charging case and that the charging case’s lid is closed. Also ensure that the spots for the earbuds are free of dust or debris, as this may prevent your earbuds from making proper contact with the charging case.

If your JLab earbuds are charging slowly, this may be due to them being completely drained, and thus requiring longer to get to a usable state. Getting the earbuds to fully charge will usually take about 90 minutes, but if it is completely dead, it may take longer than that.

Additionally, the charging case may be completely dead as well. To charge the charging case, plug the USB cable into the charging case, and plug the other end into a USB port that allows for charging. It will take at least two hours to fully charge the case. Once both devices are fully charged, the earbuds will take 10 hours before they need to be charged again. The charging case will last about as long before it requires a charge.

Your JLab earbuds are competing with another Bluetooth device for focus

This problem will occur when your JLab earbuds are trying to connect to a device that another Bluetooth device, particularly another pair of headphones, are trying to connect to. This may cause the audio to be sent to different devices at different times. Make sure no other pair of Bluetooth headphones are connected to the device you are using. If there are, remove that so it will no longer try to pull focus from your JLab earbuds.

Another device is trying to connect to your JLab earbuds

If your JLab earbuds are connected to multiple devices at one time, this may cause the earbuds to stop pairing with the current device you are trying to use, and instead pairing with an older device that, while operational, is not being used at the moment.

The JLab earbuds are out of range

Your JLab earbuds have a practical range of around 33 feet. If you are further away from the device than that, the earbuds’ connection may drop. Move closer to your device to have more consistent connectivity.

Check to see whether the device they are connected to is having problems

If your audio appears to stop at random points, it is important to make sure that it is the earbuds and not the device itself. For example, if you are experiencing a spotty Internet connection, it may seem as though the audio is cutting out from your JLab earbuds.

What do I do if my JLab earbuds are not working anymore?

If your JLab earbuds cannot seem to stay connected, or even connect at all, you may need to get them repaired or replaced. However, before you resort to either, make sure that this is not an issue you can fix yourself. However, if you still cannot get things to work, be sure to get in contact with JLab customer support to troubleshoot potential issues and verify whether a repair or replacement is needed.

If your JLab earbuds are still not working, you may be able to get them repaired or replaced – assuming they are under the proper warranty. JLab earbuds, like most electronics, comes with a limited warranty when purchased new, which activates upon this purchase. This warranty will typically only cover damage caused by the manufacturer, or a defect in the design. If it is accidental damage by the user, it is not likely that a repair or replacement will be covered under the warranty.

If you want to have a warranty on your JLab earbuds that go beyond either the accidental damage limit or time limit, you can do so when initially purchasing the earbuds. This ensures that more types of damage will be covered, and that the period of time that the warranty covers is extended beyond the initial year.

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