Where is the Power Button on My LG TV? 

Smart TVs have proven to be a great choice for just about anyone looking to get a new TV. No longer do you actually need to get separate devices, such as a Roku TV, Apple TV, or Fire TV, since now you can just get the apps through your TV instead. There are a lot of smart TV creators, including by Roku, but also by LG. However, for a lot of LG TV owners, they have trouble figuring out where the power button is on their LG TV.

While the power button can be located on a lot of spots on a TV (side, bottom, even on the back at times), LG TVs that have power buttons typically place the button on the LG TV right below the LG logo and on the bottom of the TV.

But does the LG TV have just a power button on it? Which LG TVs have a power button? And what do you do if your LG TV is not powering on at all?

Where is the Power Button on My LG TV?

Televisions have often had buttons on them at varying spots, though more recently, buttons have been limited, or sometimes removed altogether. Thus, it may make people wonder whether their LG TV even has a way to power it on with the TV itself. If your LG TV is one of the TVs to have a power button, it will usually be found on the bottom of the television in the middle, below where the LG logo is located.

Unfortunately, this may not always be the case, as some LG TVs may not have a power button at all. In this case, the only thing you can do to power your LG TV on or off would be to use a remote or a digital app. If you cannot find a power button on your LG TV, refer to your TV’s user manual to see if you are just missing it or not.

Does the LG TV have any other buttons on it?

While the power button is arguably the most important button on a TV, it is far from the only one you would expect or want to have. Other common buttons you might want on your television include volume, channel changing, menu, and input. The first two are self-explanatory, while the other two need a little more detail.

The menu has a number of settings, and these settings may vary from television to television. Common settings include brightness, contrast, closed captioning, screen size, and more. Meanwhile, the input function switches between different inputs. That is, things generally (but not exclusively) connected to the TV via HDMI cables.

While newer LG TVs that have a power button typically lack these other buttons, that should not be taken to mean that the TV is unable to perform these functions on its own. Some LG TVs are able to do all of these with just the use of the LG TV’s power button. To do this, while powered on, tapping the power button brings up a menu of options (Power Off, Inputs, Volume Up, Volume Down, Channel Up, and Channel Down). Pressing it again switches to one of these options. Once you get to the option you want, you can select it by holding it.

Why do some TVs not have power buttons?

More than a few people have experienced frustration with not having any buttons on their TVs at all. When you lose your remote, it can be a difficult thing to be able to use your television. But why do TVs do this?

It’s somewhat hard to say, as the manufacturers don’t really go into great detail about why they cut down on features. Some possible reasons, however, may have to do with making the TV look more aesthetically pleasing and streamlined, making them cheaper to produce, and more cynically, justify people buying more remotes to buy them if theirs is lost or broken.

How do I turn off an LG TV without a power button?

One annoyance with an LG TV that has no power button is that, if you do not have any external method of powering off (such as a remote), the only way you can power off the TV altogether would be to unplug it from the power source. Otherwise, your next best bet would be to simply allow the television to go into low-power mode, which is better than wasting more power but still worse than wasting none.

Normally, a person would power their TV off with either the power button on the LG TV itself (where applicable), or on the device they are using to control it. There are three common types of devices that may be used to do this. The first is the remote that the television comes with. With certain televisions, they may have a more simplified remote layout designed especially for that TV (such as Roku with its Roku Remote). Next, you can use an app on your phone or tablet that is meant to link to your TV and control it that way. LG TV is no exception to this, and you can get an app on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Your last option would be to buy a replacement remote, typically a universal remote. This kind of remote confers a lot of advantages, such as being able to be used with multiple TVs and simply having a lot more functionality than many other remotes. All three of these devices can often be used by themselves to offer a complete control experience, though having all three at your disposal couldn’t hurt.

Why isn’t my LG TV powering on?

Some may have found a way to power on their TV, only to find that the TV doesn’t respond. In this case, check that the cable is plugged in at both ends and that the device you are using to power it on has power as well. If you’ve verified that it should be working, consult with LG about a possible repair or replacement.

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