Where is L3 on PS4 Controller? 

The PlayStation 4 controller, also known as the DualShock 4, has come a long way since the original PlayStation controller. There are a number of functions built into the PS4 controller, including two control sticks, a d-pad, the touchpad, the share button, four shoulder buttons, and several face buttons. One thing some people are curious about, however, is where the L3 button is located on the PS4 controller.

The L3 button may be hard to locate, primarily because it is part of another of the controller’s functions. In order to use the L3 button, you have to push the left stick in. You will be able to tell that L3 worked if you head a click as the control stick depresses.

But what if the L3 button is not working? And is there an R3 button on the controller?

Where is R3 on ps4 controller
Where is R3 on ps4 controller

Where is L3 on PS4 controller?

The left stick on the PS4 controller has the L3 functionality. In order to use it, you have to push the stick in. To be clear, this means that you have to make the left stick make a “clicking” sound for the L3 function to work. This is as opposed to pushing the stick forward. The L3 button is called L3 for two reasons. The first reason is because it is on the left side of the controller, which makes perfect sense. The second reason, however, is due to the naming convention that Sony has adopted with its buttons.

L1 and L2 are also buttons on the PS4 controller, and are located on the top of the controller as opposed to the front. The L1 button is a clicking button, but the L2 button can be depressed only partially or fully, depending on how much you want to push it.

What is the R3 button on my PS4 controller?

In addition to the L3 button, you can also find an R3 button on the controller. If you can locate the L3 button on the controller, locating the R3 button should be just as easy. The R3 button is located on the right joystick, which is on the opposite side of the left one in the middle of the controller. To push the R3 button, you do the same steps you did with the L3 button. 

What do the L3 and R3 buttons do on my PS4 controller?

Answering this question is a bit tricky, simply due to the fact that a game may do virtually anything (within reason) with the function, or even not use it at all. For example, a common function for L3 is to have the character sprint while the stick is pushed in. This is convenient, because you can activate the sprint function while pushing the stick forward to run. On the other hand, a common function for the R3 button is to orient the camera behind the player. This makes sense, because the right stick is often used to control the camera.

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Why isn’t the L3 button working on my PS4 controller?

While this is not a common situation for users of the PS4 controller, it is possible that L3 will not work. When trying to push the L3 button, make sure that it is clicking. If it does not click, this may mean that there is something wrong with the stick that is preventing the L3 button from working. It may still indicate that something is wrong if it is clicking but nothing is happening. Make sure that whatever game or app you are using ties a function to the L3 button; if there is not, clicking on the left stick will not have any effect. The same principles apply to the R3 button as they do to the L3 button.

What do I do if my PS4 controller is not working properly?

If you cannot make your controller’s L3 button work, or if any other part of the controller is not working right, you may want to have it replaced or repaired. After all, the last thing you want to deal with is your PS4 controller not working in the middle of an intense game. If your PS4 controller stops working while under warranty, you may be able to get it replaced, assuming that the damage is not caused by you. The PS4 controller has a warranty period of one year, whether you buy it as part of the PS4 bundle or if you buy it separately. Additionally, like many other products, you will often be able to get it returned if you decide you don’t want it within the store’s return window.

Why is it called the DualShock controller?

The reason the controller is called the DualShock is because Sony made a new controller for the original PlayStation that added dual sticks. Originally, the PlayStation controller didn’t even have sticks. It also added a rumble pack, which was relatively new for the time. This name stuck, becoming the standard name for the default PlayStation controller.

How has the DualShock controller changed over the years?

Each new DualShock controller adds new functionality to it that the previous controller did not have. The DualShock 2 was lighter, and changed all buttons (except start, select, L3, and R3), to be pressure sensitive. The DualShock 3, also known as the Sixaxis, was even lighter, and had a rechargeable battery and a ‘Home’ button. It also has built-in Bluetooth functionality, which was included to allow it to be used with the PlayStation Portable. One of the biggest features added was motion controls, though this was not as popular compared to the Wii Remote.

The DualShock 4 added the touchpad and share button for sharing clips and screenshots. The touchpad was unique in that it could both be used as multiple buttons, but also mimic a touchscreen. It also adds a speaker. The most recent controller for the PS5, however, is called the DualSense. This controller improves the speaker and adds a microphone.

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