PS4 Controller Blinking Yellow: Here’s how to fix it

In this article, we’ll discuss the possible causes of why your PS4 controller may be blinking yellow and provide potential solutions so you can continue playing without interruption. So read on to find out what could be causing your PS4 controller to blink yellow and how you can fix it.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Blinking Yellow:

The solution may vary depending on the cause of your blinking yellow controller. Here are the most common fixes to try.

Method #1 Forget Your Ps4 Controller From Your Devices Bluetooth list

You’ll first want to “forget” your PS4 controller from your console and other previously connected devices’ Bluetooth list. This will ensure that there are no interruptions during the re-connection process.

There are two ways to do this when it comes to the console, you can either use a spare controller (if you own one), or you can use PlayStation’s PS Remote Play app on your phone to control your console.

Here’s how to control PS4 via the PS Remote Play app:

  • On your phone, navigate to the Google Play or App Store
  •  Download and install the PS Remote Play app
  •  Login with the same PlayStation Credientialsas as your PS4 as well as the same network
  •  Open the Remote Play app
  •  Tap the connect to PS4 icon and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to forget your controller from your PS4 console:

  • Navigate to Settings on your PS4 console.
  • Select Devices.
  • Click on Bluetooth Devices.
  • Select your controller and click on the options button.
  • From here, select Forget Device.
  • To reconnect your controller, press the PS & Share buttons simultaneously.
  • The controller should begin to flash, indicating that the controller is now in pairing mode.
  • Select the controller on the Consol’es Bluetooth list, and it should be working.

If the light is still blinking yellow. If so, move on to the next solution.

Method #2: Rapidly Press the PS Button

This method involves rapidly pressing the PS button while the console is booting up:

1. Start with your PS4 turned on, then press and hold the power button on your PS4 for around 7 seconds to turn the console off.

2. Once the PS4 is completely turned off, unplug the power cable from the console.

3. Plug the controller’s charging cable into the PS4’s USB port.

4. On your PS4 controller, press the PS and Share buttons simultaneously (your controller should begin to flash).

5. Plug the power cord back into your PS4 console but do not turn on the console yet.

6. now plug the other end of the controller’s charger into the PS4 controller and turn on your console simultaneously.

7. Rapidly tap on the PS button on your controller as soon as the cable is plugged in and the console is turned on. (tap multiple times until it connects)

Method #3: Power Cycle the PS4 & Hard Reset your Controller

The Next Step involves hard resetting your controller and rebooting your console. A hard reset will revert your controller to its factory settings (How it came out of the box).

  • Press and hold the power button on your PS4 until the system beeps twice and shuts down.
  •  Your controller should also shut down; if it doesn’t, you can also shut down your controller by pressing and holding the PlayStation button for 5-10 seconds.
  •  Now reset your PS4 controller by using a pin or toothpick on the pinhole located on the back of the controller and hold the button down for around 5 seconds.
  •  Now plug the charging cable into your PS4’s USB port and the other end into your controller.
  • Turn on your PS4 console.
  •  Press the PlayStation button on your PS4 controller, and it should be connected.

Method #4: Try a Different DualShock 4 Cable

Cables are prone to wear and tear over time, so it’s possible that the cable is the source of the issue. The easiest way to check this is to borrow a USB Type-A to Micro-USB cable from a family member or friend and test it out. If it works, you will need a new cable, and if it doesn’t, move on to the next step.

Method #5 If Your Router Uses Dual Band Connection Set it to a 2.4GHZ connection or Use a Lan Cable

Another common reason for this to occur comes down to network issues; If you own a router that uses a dual-band connection, then try switching to 2.4GHZ. Alternatively, you can use a LAN Connection instead.

Here’s how to switch your network connection to a 2.4GHZ:

  1. On your PS4, navigate to Settings.
  2.  Select Network.
  3.  Select your Wi-Fi network press the options button, and select “2.4G only.

Method #6 Test to See if the conductive film is Damaged

There is a possibility that there’s an issue with the controller’s conductive film. You can test this by downloading the DS4Windows application and running a few tests. Here’s how to do it:

  • Connect your PS4 controller to your PC using a USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • Navigate to the Control Panel on your PC.
  • Select Devices and Printers.
  • Select Wireless Controller.
  • Click on Game Controller Settings, and select Properties.
  • Press each button one by one, a light indicating that the button isn’t working.

Typically the PS button not working is an indication of an issue with the controller’s conductive film. The PS button is labeled as number 13 in the DS4Windows application test. If this is the case, then the conductive film would need to be replaced; this can be done by a professional.

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