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Can I Return a Nintendo Switch to Walmart?

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best-selling video game systems of all time, trailing only Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Nintendo’s own portable wonder, the Nintendo DS. With more than 872,000 consoles estimated as sold through the end of 2022, the Switch has now even outpaced the lifetime sales of the venerable Gameboy. It’s a true juggernaut.

Even so, it’s understandable if you have second thoughts about your Nintendo Switch purchase. And if that’s the case, you’ll likely be wondering what your return options are if you picked up a Switch at Walmart.

Good news: As one of the world’s largest retailers (revenue topped a jaw-dropping 573 billion U.S. dollars worldwide as of the end of 2021), Walmart can afford to have a reasonable returns and exchanges policy, even for high-priced items like the Nintendo Switch. But you’ll want to act fast — and you’ll be best served if you’ve held onto your receipt.

Returning a Nintendo Switch to Walmart (With Receipt)

If you have your receipt at hand, Walmart makes it extremely easy to return your Nintendo Switch, provided you do so within 30 days of purchase. (If bought online, this is slightly altered to within 30 days of receipt of the product, but more on online sales below). You’ll receive a full refund or exchange inside of this 30-day window, refunded directly to your original method of payment.

For example, if you paid with a debit or credit card, the refund will be placed back on your card, although cash can be provided upon request if you used a debit card. If the card you used isn’t present or is no longer available, Walmart may instead process your refund onto a shopping card or gift card.

Again, since your Switch is categorized under “electronics,” note that you only have 30 days to return it. This differs from Walmart’s typical refund window of 90 days for most other items.

How Do I Return a Nintendo Switch If It Was Bought Online?

Returning a Nintendo Switch you bought online is easier than you may imagine. Despite the fact your Switch was shipped to you, you have the option of taking it to any physical Walmart location to secure your refund, as described above.

Don’t want to drive down to your local brick-and-mortar store? No problem — you can ship your Switch directly back to Walmart and receive a full refund to your original method of payment, provided you do so within 30 days of receiving the product and provided you have your receipt. The process is as follows:

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. Navigate to the “orders” section and then click on “returns.”
  3. Select “return by mail” to print your product return label.
  4. Carefully package your Switch with all its accessories and, ideally, its original packaging.
  5. Drop it off at your local USPS or FedEx location.

Oh, and don’t sweat shipping fees — Walmart return shipping is absolutely free.

Can I Return a Nintendo Switch to Walmart Without a Receipt?

Now, this is a question with a bit of a murkier answer.

Per, if you’ve misplaced your receipt, you’ll need to show a valid (not expired!) government-issued photo ID. Provided the information on your ID matches the information in their store database, Walmart may accept your return — but a full cash refund isn’t in the cards. Instead, you have the following options:

  • Exchange the item for another item
  • Receive a Walmart shopping or gift card for the amount of your refund

An added wrinkle is that no-receipt returns are ultimately subject to the whims of the store manager or the supervisor you deal with. Since the Nintendo Switch is an expensive item, they may not accept your return without proof of purchase.

What If My Nintendo Switch Has Passed the 30-day Return Window?

You’ll likely be out of luck if you’ve gone beyond Walmart’s 30-day limit on electronics returns, but if you’re still within a reasonable timeframe, it is worth it to contact your local store and speak to a manager. They may make an exception if you are within a few days of the 30-day limit.

Can I Return a Nintendo Switch Game to Walmart?

If you’re returning your Nintendo Switch, it’s only logical you’ll want to return any game(s) you may have purchased. If you never opened your game(s), you may return it within the same 30-day window as your console and receive either a full cash refund (with receipt) or potentially a gift card (if you lost your receipt).

Already opened your game(s?) Sorry. Walmart will not accept opened games under any circumstances.

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