Where are Acer Computers Made? 

Computers are made in a wide variety of locations, and by a variety of businesses. Some corporations manufacture their devices in better situations and locations, while others may try to cut corners here and there. People, more than ever, find it important to know exactly where their products are made, as well as the impact of the manufacturing of these products. If you own an Acer computer, then you may be wondering: where are Acer computers made?

Acer, being a Taiwanese corporation, manufactures its products locally, though not exclusively. As the corporation grew, so too did its spread of manufacturing. It has factories in other areas, such as Noida, India, and Chongqing, China.

But how many of Acer’s computers are made in Taiwan? And however many more countries do they manufacture their devices?

Where are Acer Computers Made?

Being located in Taiwan, Acer does at least some of their manufacturing in that country. Their manufacturing began back in 1976 when they were founded, and has only ramped up since, both in and out of the country. The examples below are among the most significant examples, although there are other factories that manufacture Acer technology around the world.


Acer has been established in Australia ever since the early 90s, and currently, it does repairs, assembly, and manufacturing in Sydney.


Acer came into Europe in the late 1990s, with its headquarters located in Lugano, Switzerland. From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, Acer had factories in Europe to manufacture its computers. Specifically, Norway had two factories: one in Den Bosch, and one in Tilburg. Meanwhile, Germany had two factories of its own, one in Ahrensburg and the other in Hamburg. Currently, Acer computer hardware is manufactured in Mingachevir, Azerbaijan, located in Eastern Europe.


Acer Indonesia, a subsidiary of Acer, has a product assembly facility that has been in operation since 2012, with the stated goal being to “meet the diversity of customer demands.”

North America

Acer’s American subsidiary, Acer America, handles manufacturing responsibilities in North America, among other things, specifically in the United States and Canada. Acer America’s headquarters was originally located in Mountain View, California, but in 1986, it was moved to San Jose, California.


Acer India was formed in 1999, and its head office can be found in Bengaluru. In 2021, it was announced that Acer laptops would be manufactured at the Noida factory, in collaboration with Dixon Technologies.


While Acer did not begin making their laptops in China, they did eventually start doing it there. Their first manufacturing location in China was opened in May 2011 in Chongqing. The goal of this move, Acer said, was to tap further into China’s robust market.

Do any other computer manufacturers manufacture in Taiwan?

China may be considered one of, if not the preferred place to manufacture computers and other electronics, but it is not the only place. For example, the United States does manufacture some electronics, and as discussed above, Taiwan is Acer’s preferred manufacturing location. But do other companies use Taiwan to manufacture their products as well?

Despite not being quite the powerhouse of the world economy China is, Taiwan plays host to a lot of major corporations, including Foxconn. Another notable company that manufactures in Taiwan is Asus, which was actually created by former Acer employees, which was founded in 1989. Unlike Acer, however, Asus only has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, Mexico, and the Czech Republic.

When was Acer founded?

The Acer company was originally founded in Hsinchu, Taiwan, all the way back in August 1976, though it was originally known as Multitech until it changed its name to Acer in 1987. It was a project founded by then-CEO Stan Shih and his wife Carolyn Yeh, as well as five others. At the time, it was a distributor of electrical parts, but in time, it entered the PC space itself. It came into its own in the mid 2000s, when notebook computers experienced much of the computer growth, and Acer was well equipped to benefit from that.

Why did Acer become so big?

The biggest thing that precipitated Acer’s explosive success was 2007, when they purchased the American company Gateway and European company Packard Bell. This propelled them to becoming the third biggest and second-biggest provider of computers and notebooks respectively. However, despite the shift, they eventually began to experience poor growth, for the opposite reason why they succeeded: spending habits of Americans had changed, which should come as no surprise, as Americans were met with a historic recession. Despite this, Acer is still considered a viable competitor.

Is Acer a climate-conscious company?

This is an important question for many to ask, considering how the environment is shaping up in recent years. Some corporations are making strides to be more conscious of their impact on the climate, while others have disregarded such consciousness completely. Where does Acer stand in this? Well, the good news is that the outlook for Acer and the climate is a positive one.

Acer has declared an interest in helping curb damage to the climate. This, of course, may come off as empty, so long as there is nothing backing up these claims. However, the data actually does show that Acer has put its money where its mouth is. As of January 2022, Acer has reduced its emission levels by 60 percent worldwide. This is a huge drop for a computer manufacturer, and considering their efforts here, it is believable to us that they may be able to fulfill their promise of using 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2035.

This year may change, of course, depending on certain circumstances. However, at least comparatively, Acer is doing a solid job of reducing its carbon footprint while still creating the same products that have made the company as successful as it has become. Thus, you do not have to worry too much about whether your purchase of an Acer product will make an outsized negative contribution to the climate crisis.

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